Title: Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads
Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 2
Episodes: 27
First Transmission: 1973-1974

Terry and Bob continue their lives after Terry arrives home from serving in the Army.


Episode Rankings

Best Episode #7

No Hiding place – The Lads try to avoid learning the result of an England football match, the highlights of which are to be shown that evening. Flint bets them £10 that they won’t get through the day without learning the result. After a tumultuous day, they turn the Tv on to discover that the match has been postponed due to a waterlogged pitch. Ice skating is on in its place. (1973)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
The central theme of this episode is how important football is in Terry and Bob’s lives. Many funny moments include the look on the face of the one-legged news vendor as he sees a car with no driver speed past!


Worst Episode #14

Absent Friends – Thelma and Bob are on honeymoon in Norway but Bob has not told her that he gave Terry a key to the house. Terry makes several unsuccessful calls but finally gets through and tells Bob not to worry. In returning the call Bob learns that Terry and Thelma’s sister Susan are in the house together. Thelma is not pleased. (1974)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
This is the first episode in the second series. It’s low rating may be due to the minimal interplay between Terry and Bob.



Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Strangers On A Train (1973) –
Bob is now married to Thelma and he accidentally meets Terry on a train ride from London.
#2 Home Is The Hero (1973) –
Terry stays at Bob’s house and accidentally ends up in bed with Thelma.
#3 Cold Feet (1973) –
Bob gets cold feet about marrying Thelma.
#4 Moving On (1973) –
Terry gets a job in Berwick but soon comes back home.
#5 I’ll Never Forget Whatshername (1973) –
Terry gets his little black book out to hook up with some of his old flames.
#6 Birthday Boy (1973) –
Terry has a surprise birthday party and then insults everybody.
#7 No Hiding Place (1973) –
Terry and Bob try to avoid hearing the England football score.
#8 Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? (1973) –
Bob invites Terry to a trendy dinner party.
#9 Storm In A Tea Chest (1973) –
Bob’s old belongings cause much confusion and strife.
#10 The Old Magic (1973) –
Bob and Terry go out and test whether their old pulling powers are still there.
#11 Countdown (1973) –
Preparations for Bob and Thelma’s wedding are in full swing.
#12 Boys Night In (1973) –
Bob and Terry plan to spend a quiet night in before the wedding.
#13 End Of An Era (1973) –
Bob’s wedding day dawns and Terry is the best man.

Series Two

#14 Absent Friends (1974) –
Bob and Thelma are on honeymoon and Terry is housesitting.
#15 Heart To Heart (1974) –
Back from honeymoon, Thelma is horrified to hear that Terry is seeing her sister, Susan.
#16 The Ant And The Grasshopper (1974) –
Bob reflects on his carefree bachelor days.
#17 One For The Road (1974) –
Bob is arrested for drink-driving and Terry for fighting – then they hatch a plan.
#18 The Great Race (1974) –
Bob challenges Terry to a bicycle race to Berwick.
#19 Some Day We’ll Laugh About This (1974) –
Whilst he and Thelma are on holiday, Bob lets Terry stay at their house in exchange for doing some work on the house.
#20 In Harms Way (1974) –
Bob visits casualty and bumps into Terry.
#21 Affairs And Relations (1974) –
Bob and Terry visit a hotel on a fishing trip and bump into Thelma’s father with his bit on the side.
#22 The Expert (1974) –
Thelma leaves Bob and Terry advises him on how to win her back.
#23 Between Ourselves (1974) –
Thelma is still absent and Bob is determined to keep it from the badminton club.
#24 The Go-Between (1974) –
Terry moves in with Bob and tries to reconcile him with Thelma.
#25 Conduct Unbecoming (1974) –
Terry goes before the magistrate for fighting and subsequently so does Bob.
#26 The Shape Of Things To Come (1974) –
Terry’s uncle Jacob dies.
#27 Christmas Crackers (1974) –
Terry passes his test and becomes a mini-cab driver.