Title: UFO
Genre: UK Sci-Fi Series
Series: 1
Episodes: 26
First Transmission: 1970-1973

SHADO is an organisation which defends Earth from extra-terrestrial threats.


Episode Rankings

Best Episode #18

Timelash – Cmdr Ed Straker and Col Virginia Lake disappear and are discovered unconscious near the dead body of a Shado operative. Col Foster and others try to understand what has happened. Straker picks up Lake at night, and as the pair drive they observe a UFO, which is following them, The UFO attacks them and pushes them off the road and they are hit with some beam. When they arrive back at the studio gate, it’s mid-day, with a bright sun. (1971)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
Excellent Sci-fi mindbender in the MEMENTO backwards told tradition. The episode begins with a riddle and then we go back in time to solve it. This involves a half-hour non-stop chase sequence which is amazingly energetic, at times confusing, but ultimately very satisfying. People just love time-travel stories!


Worst Episode #6

ESP – John Croxley is a man with ESP, which enables him to read the minds of other people. One day, following a fight with a UFO craft, the UFO crashes into and destroys Croxley’s house, killing his wife. Holding Foster responsible for his bereavement, Croxley uses his powers to read Foster’s mind and find out all about SHADO, which he intends to destroy. (1970)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
The cheapest looking episode of the series – special effects were not handled well, and a pretty boring plot.



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Series One

#1 Identified (1970) –
SHADO – an acronym for Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organization – is located beneath a supposed film studio in the English countryside and run by Commander Straker.
#2 Exposed (1970) –
Paul Foster’s plane is shot down by a UFO but nobody will believe him.
#3 The Cat with Ten Lives (1970) –
Jim Reagan, a SHADO operative, is abducted by aliens and ultimately controlled by a cat.
#4 Conflict (1970) –
General James Henderson, the chief of the International Astro-Physical Commission, believes that SHADO should be disbanded.
#5 A Question of Priorities (1970) –
Colonel Straker has to choose between saving his son or saving the Earth from damage.
#6 E.S.P. (1970) –
John Croxley uses his powers of E.S.P to find out all about SHADO, which he intends to destroy.
#7 Kill Straker! (1970) –
Paul Foster and his co-pilot Frank Craig are hypnotised by aliens to kill Colonel Straker.
#8 Sub-Smash (1970) –
Straker has to overcome his claustrophobia when his submarine is stranded on a ledge.
#9 Destruction (1970) –
Straker suspects a cover-up when a naval ship shoots down a UFO.
#10 The Square Triangle (1970) –
An alien is killed by an adultering couple as they thought it was the woman’s husband – Straker investigates.
#11 Close Up (1970) –
An immensely powerful telescope has taken pictures of the aliens’ homeland – what will they reveal?
#12 The Psychobombs (1970) –
Aliens capture three civilians and imbue them with superpowers. SHADO is then threatened with destruction.
#13 Survival (1971) –
A stranded astronaut and alien have to work together in a bizarre alliance in order to survive.
#14 Mindbender (1971) –
An alien crystal causes Lieutenant Andy Conroy, Straker and other SHADO operatives to hallucinate.
#15 Flight Path (1971) –
Paul Roper is being blackmailed by the aliens to give them computer coordinates for an attack on the moonbase.
#16 The Man Who Came Back (1971) –
Craig Collins crash-landed in the jungle with two months unaccounted for – and he is different.
#17 The Dalotek Affair (1971) –
Communications problems at Moonbase are traced to a  mining operation called Dalotek.
#18 Timelash (1971) –
Time stands still at the film studio for everyone but Straker, Colonel Lake and a mysterious enemy and Straker needs to unfreeze time.
#19 Ordeal (1971) –
Colonel Foster is abducted by aliens and fitted with a helmet containing alien breathing liquid.
#20 Court Martial (1971) –
Foster is sentenced to death for treason but Straker thinks that he may have been framed.
#21 Computer Affair (1971) –
A SHADO investigation finds that romance may be affecting moonbase operations.
#22 Confetti Check A-O.K. (1971) –
How Straker’s marriage failed, shown in flashback.
#23 The Sound of Silence (1971) –
A showjumper is abducted by aliens.
#24 Reflections in the Water (1971) –
Straker and Foster investigate a domed undersea alien base.
#25 The Responsibility Seat (1973) –
Straker becomes emotionally involved with a leaking reporter.
#26 The Long Sleep (1973) –
A woman awakens from a decade long coma to warn of an alien bomb.