Title: Tales from the Darkside
Genre: US Horror/Fantasy Series
Series: 4
Episodes: 90
Runtime: 30 min
First Transmission: 1983-1988
Channel: Tribune

Tales from the Darkside is a 1980s American anthology horror TV series created by George A. Romero.


Best Episode [ S3 Ep11 ]

Seasons of Belief – On Christmas Eve, to relieve their boredom, a father tells his two sons the story about a fearsome beast known as the Grither.
29 December 1986


Worst Episode [ S4 Ep19 ]

Barter – Harried housewife Ruthie receives a visit from bizarre salesman Klaatzu, whose mechanical device may help her shut out the sound of her son Nicky’s constant drum-playing in a way that Ruthie never imagined.
17 July 1988



Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Trick or Treat (1983) –
A town miser gets his comeuppance on Halloween night.
#2 The New Man (1984) –
A reformed alcoholic is visited by his young son.
#3 I’ll Give You a Million (1984) –
Jack is offered one million dollars for his mortal soul.
#4 Pain Killer (1984) –
Harvey Turman suffers back pain caused by his wife.
#5 The Odds (1984) –
Lacy bets that bookie Vale will die of natural causes by 8 am tomorrow.
#6 Mookie and Pookie (1984) –
Mookie and Pookie are connected beyond the grave.
#7 Slippage (1984) –
Rich Hall finds that he is slowly ceasing to exist.
#8 Inside the Closet (1984) –
Something is scurrying around in the upstairs room that Gail Aynsley is renting.
#9 The Word Processor of the Gods (1984) –
A struggling writer gets a computer upgrade.
#10 A Case of the Stubborns (1984) –
Jodie and his mum are grief-stricken by the passing away of Jodie’s grandfather.
#11 Djinn, No Chaser (1985) –
A mental patient tells the story of how a genie came into his life.
#12 All a Clone by the Telephone (1985) –
A Tv screenwriter’s life is taken over by a voice from his answering machine.
#13 In the Cards (1985) –
Catherine makes a living as a tarot card reader.
#14 Anniversary Dinner (1985) –
An elderly couple take in a girl escaping from her boyfriend, just in time for their rather disgusting 25th-anniversary dinner.
#15 Snip, Snip (1985) –
Two hairdressers do battle over a winning lottery ticket.
#16 Answer Me (1985) –
Actress Joan Matlin is constantly annoyed by the sound of a ringing phone coming from the apartment next door.
#17 The Tear Collector (1985) –
A young woman who can’t stop crying meets a mysterious man who collects tears.
#18 Madness Room (1985) –
A Ouija board leads a wealthy couple to an extra room in their house.
#19 If the Shoes Fit… (1985) –
Bo Gumbs believes that politics is nothing more than entertainment.
#20 Levitation (1985) –
Two hecklers goad a magician into performing the levitation act that went horribly wrong years ago.
#21 It All Comes Out in the Wash (1985) –
A real estate developer pays a Chinese man to wash away his sins.
#22 Bigalow’s Last Smoke (1985) –
A chain smoker is forced to give up smoking.
#23 Grandma’s Last Wish (1985) –
A Grandma is given one last wish before she moves into her retirement home.
#24 The False Prophet (1985) –
A young woman depends on an astrology machine to help her make all her decisions.

Series Two

#25 The Impressionist (1985) –
A nightclub impressionist helps the government establish contact with a hostile alien.
#26 Lifebomb (1985) –
A CEO working himself to death gets a special offer.
#27 Ring Around the Redhead (1985) –
A death row inmate tells of Keena who popped out of a time portal and sealed his fate.
#28 Parlour Floor Front (1985) –
Strange things happen when a tenant is asked to move out.
#29 Halloween Candy (1985) –
Mr Killup taunts kids on Halloween. This year he’s about to get a surprise.
#30 The Satanic Piano (1985) –
A composer is contacted by a man with a synthesiser that can read minds.
#31 The Devil’s Advocate (1985) –
A hate-filled host of a radio call-in shows discovers where his anger and cynicism leads.
#32 Distant Signals (1985) –
A cult follower of an old failed TV show wants to recreate it.
#33 The Trouble with Mary Jane (1985) –
A $50,000 reward is offered to whoever can rid young Mary Jane of the demons possessing her.
#34 Ursa Minor (1985) –
Richard and Joan buy their daughter, Susie,  a large stuffed teddy bear for her birthday.
#35 Effect and Cause (1985) –
An artist discovers that she has the power to alter reality.
#36 Monsters in My Room (1985) –
Timmy finds monsters in his bedroom.
#37 Comet Watch (1985) –
An amateur astronomer makes a surprising discovery about Halley’s Comet after a young woman falls out of his telescope.
#38 Dream Girl (1986) –
A theactrical director and her colleagues find themselves trapped in a dreamlike world.
#39 A New Lease On Life (1986) –
Archie Fenton moves into a very strange apartment.
#40 Printer’s Devil (1986) –
A writer uses animal sacrifices to become successful.
#41 The Shrine (1986) –
A woman competes against a little girl for the affections of her own mother.
#42 The Old Soft Shoe (1986) –
A traveling salesman has a ghostly date with an attractive woman in a motel.
#43 The Last Car (1986) –
A young woman rides the last car on a train journey home and discovers some strange passengers.
#44 A Choice of Dreams (1986) –
A mob boss with a terminal illness is offered the chance to experience his dreams after death.
#45 Strange Love (1986) –
A doctor makes a house call and finds that his patients are vampires.
#46 The Unhappy Medium (1986) –
A deceased preacher leaves a video-taped will which informs his family that he will send them a sign.
#47 Fear of Floating (1986) –
A man who levitates whenever he lies tries to enlist in the Army.
#48 The Casavin Curse (1986) –
Gina Casavin seems to be under a curse as everyone with whom she falls in love, dies mysteriously.

Series Three

#49 The Circus (1986) –
A journalist debunks charlatans, and now it’s the turn of Dr Nis.
#50 I Can’t Help Saying Goodbye (1986) –
Karen appears to be able to make people die by touching their faces and saying goodbye.
#51 The Bitterest Pill (1986) –
A man develops a miraculous pill which improves brainpower and memory.
#52 Florence Bravo (1986) –
Emily is visited by the spectre of Florence Bravo who murdered her own husband.
#53 The Geezenstacks (1986) –
What befalls the dolls in a dolls house also befalls the residents of a house.
#54 Black Widows (1986) –
On her wedding night, a young bride learns a secret about the women in her family.
#55 Heretic (1986) –
A wealthy art collector regrets the purchase of a painting when he sees the world it depicts.
#56 A Serpent’s Tooth (1986) –
A controlling mother is given a serpent’s tooth by a friend, causing her warnings to come true.
#57 Baker’s Dozen (1986) –
A voodoo witch opens a bakery and sells magic cookies.
#58 Deliver Us from Goodness (1986) –
A saintly woman tires of her goodness and seeks a fall from grace.
#59 Seasons of Belief (1986) –
On Christmas Eve a man relates the story of a fearsome beast called the Grither.
#60 Miss May Dusa (1987) –
An amnesiac woman befriends a saxophone player and slowly uncovers the truth behind the deaths she’s accidentally caused.
#61 The Milkman Cometh (1987) –
A milkman who can grant wishes sometimes mixes them up, much to the distress of one man.
#62 My Ghostwriter – The Vampire (1987) –
A horror writer discovers a real vampire in the coffin he bought to inspire his work and makes a deal with him to provide material for his novels.
#63 My Own Place (1987) –
A young man gets a great deal on a New York apartment, then discovers he has a mysterious roommate.
#64 Red Leader (1987) –
The Devil offers a corrupt businessman a top position in Hell.
#65 Everybody Needs a Little Love (1987) –
A divorced man dotes upon a mannequin.
#66 Auld Acquaintances (1987) –
Two ancient witches fight over an amulet yet.
#67 The Social Climber (1987) –
A shoemaker’s assistant discovers that he can experience other people’s lives by simply putting on their shoes.
#68 The Swap (1987) –
A woman decides to murder her wealthy husband for his money but her plans go horribly wrong.
#69 Let the Games Begin (1987) –
An angel and a devil to battle each other for possession of a man’s soul.
#70 The Enormous Radio (1987) –
A new radio lets a couple overhear their neighbors’ conversations.

Series Four

#71 Beetles (1988) –
An archaeologist is warned of a curse that befalls those whose touch the artifacts from a museum.
#72 Mary, Mary (1988) –
A lonely single woman hides behind a mannequin.
#73 The Spirit Photographer (1988) –
A man invents a camera that can make spirits disappear.
#74 The Moth (1988) –
Sybil uses her last hours on Earth to curse her enemies and plan for the afterlife.
#75 No Strings (1988) –
Don Paulie, newly murdered by a mobster, becomes a ghoulish puppet.
#76 The Grave Robber (1988) –
Two grave robbers are forced to play strip poker with an angry mummy that protects the tomb they broke into.
#77 The Yattering and Jack (1988) –
Jack Polo receives a yuletide visit from the 3.5-foot-tall Yattering, a snarling horned demon that wants to claim Jack’s soul.
#78 Seymourlama (1988) –
A spoiled young boy is proclaimed the religious leader of a nation, but his parents want to know what the catch is.
#79 Sorry, Right Number (1988) –
A woman is troubled by a mysterious phone call and tries desperately to help the person on the other end of the line.
#80 Payment Overdue (1988) –
A heartless debt collection agent is harassed by a client from beyond the grave.
#81 Love Hungry (1988) –
Desperate to lose weight in order to impress an old boyfriend from high school, Betsy Cowland uses mysterious products that she receives in the mail.
#82 The Deal (1988) –
Screenwriter Tom Dash would give anything to sell a script in Hollywood. His acquaintance Donald helps out.
#83 The Apprentice (1988) –
Sarah McBride accepts a job at Colonial Village, a tourist attraction that recreates Puritan life in 1692 Salem, but things aren’t quite what they seem.
#84 The Cutty Black Sow (1988) –
Young Jamie receives a deathbed warning from his great grandmother to guard against the legendary Cutty Black Sow.
#85 Do Not Open This Box (1988) –
A couple receives a misdirected box saying “Do Not Open This Box”. Then the postman comes looking for it and says there will be Hell to pay if he doesn’t get it back.
#86 Family Reunion (1988) –
Janice Perry claims that her husband Robert has kidnapped their son, but Robert maintains that the boy needs to be cured of an illness.
#87 Going Native (1988) –
An alien on Earth who is studying humans wants to be one.
#88 Hush (1988) –
A boy invents a “noise eater”, which — in reality — sucks the life out of its victims!
#89 Barter (1988) –
A housewife uses a mechanical device to shut out the sound of her son’s drum playing.
#90 Basher Malone (1988) –
Wrestler Basher Malone fights a demon called Trog.