Title: Stingray
Genre: Supermarionation Series
Series: 1
Episodes: 39
First Transmission: 1964-1965

The show follows the exploits of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP), a military organisation responsible for policing the Earth’s oceans. 


Best Episode #21

Invisible Enemy – Troy and Phones rescue a comatose man and take him back to Marineville for treatment. (1965)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
One of the odder Stingray episodes – this involves aliens – and a very creepy and atmospheric one.


Worst Episode #39

Aquanaut of the Year– After receiving the ‘Aquanaut of the Year’ award, Troy finds himself part of a ‘This is Your Life’ programme and he reminisces about some of his greatest adventures. (1965)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
This episode is a compilation of previous episodes and these are generally unpopular.



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Series One

#1 Stingray (1964) –
Troy and Phones are captured by an enemy submarine in the form of a gigantic fish, which takes them to the underwater city Titanica.
#2 Emergency Marineville (1964) –
A series of unsuccessful missile attacks against Marineville leads to the Stingray crew needing to sabotage the culprits’ attempt to evade WASP’s interceptor rockets.
#3 The Ghost Ship (1964) –
Shore and Phones are taken prisoner by Idotee who uses an old Spanish galleon to attack ships.
#4 Subterranean Sea (1964) –
The Stingray crew brave the perils of a newly discovered underground sea when their vacation leave is cancelled.
#5 Loch Ness Monster (1964) –
Troy, Phones and Atlanta are sent to Scotland to solve the mystery of Nessie once and for all.
#6 Set Sail for Adventure (1964) –
A storm injures an admiral on his sailing vessel, causing him to lose his memory and turn his cannons on Stingray.
#7 The Man from the Navy (1964) –
Troy locks horns with the boastful Naval Captain who arrives in Marineville to demonstrate a new missile.
#8 An Echo of Danger (1964) –
Agent X-2-Zero plots to damage Phones’s reliability by creating false underwater soundings.
#9 Raptures of the Deep (1964) –
Troy’s dwindling air supply causes him to fall unconscious while on a rescue mission. Delirious, he dreams about life in a fantasy world where his friends are his loyal servants.
#10 Titan Goes Pop (1964) –
Agent X-2-Zero kidnaps a pop star visiting Marineville and brings him before Titan as hostage.
#11 In Search of the Tajmanon (1964) –
Troy and Phones encounter an old enemy after investigating the submerged temple of Tajmanon in Africa.
#12 A Christmas to Remember (1964) –
Troy attempts to brighten the Christmas of the orphaned son of an ex-WASP Aquanaut.
#13 Tune of Danger (1964) –
X20 has planted a bomb in the fiddle of a jazz group giving a concert at the undersea city of Aphony – Troy uncovers the plot but is trapped in a burning shack!
#14 The Ghost of the Sea (1965) –
Commander Shore keeps having nightmares.
#15 Rescue from the Skies (1965) –
Troy is air-dropped into the sea in an attempt to remove a bomb from Stingray’s hull before it explodes during a training exercise.
#16 The Lighthouse Dwellers (1965) –
The light from a disused lighthouse comes on, confusing the pilot and causing him to crash.
#17 The Big Gun (1965) –
The Solistan’s want to take over the world by destroying the west coast of the USA with their attack sub.
#18 The Cool Caveman (1965) –
Troy falls asleep and has an adventure.
#19 Deep Heat (1965) –
After a robot probe inexplicably disappears, the Stingray crew investigates.
#20 Star of the East (1965) –
An Eastern dictator arrives in Marineville wishing to become a member of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol.
#21 Invisible Enemy (1965) –
Troy and Phones rescue a comatose man and take him back to Marineville for treatment.
#22 Tom Thumb Tempest (1965) –
While waiting for the call to action in the Stand-By Lounge, Troy falls asleep.
#23 Eastern Eclipse (1965) –
Ali Khali, arrives in Marineville.
#24 Treasure Down Below (1965) –
The Stingray crew go on shore leave in Casablanca.
#25 Stand by for Action (1965) –
A film crew arrives at Marineville to make a film about Stingray.
#26 Pink Ice (1965) –
Reports come in from all over the world about pink ice.
#27 The Disappearing Ships (1965) –
Three disused freighters mysteriously vanish.
#28 Secret of the Giant Oyster (1965) –
Two explorers are captured by Troy.
#29 The Invaders (1965) –
The Stingray crew falls into a trap set by aliens at a weather station.
#30 A Nut for Marineville (1965) –
Professor Burgoyne is called in to help develop a new super missile.
#31 Trapped in the Depths (1965) –
Professor Cordo kidnaps Atlanta.
#32 Count Down (1965) –
Agent X20 tries to destroy Marineville.
#33 Sea of Oil (1965) –
The Stingray crew investigate the mysterious destruction of oilrigs.
#34 Plant of Doom (1965) –
Titan plots to kill the Stingray crew with a deadly plant that gives off toxic fumes.
#35 The Master Plan (1965) –
An Aquaphibian poisons Troy with some purple liquid.
#36 The Golden Sea (1965) –
Professor Darren and his team, who have developed a method for making gold from minerals taken from the sea bed.
#37 Hostages of the Deep (1965) –
An undersea alien named Gadus kidnaps World Navy Admiral Carson – Stingray goes on a rescue mission.
#38 Marineville Traitor (1965) –
It appears that Commander Shore is a traitor.
#39 Aquanaut of the Year (1965) –
After receiving the ‘Aquanaut of the Year’ award, Troy finds himself part of a ‘This is Your Life’