Title: The Outer Limits
Genre: US Sci-Fi Series
Series: 2
Episodes: 49
First Transmission: 1963-1965
Fansite: Innermind.com

The Outer Limits is an anthology of self-contained sci-fi based episodes, often with a plot twist at the end.


Best Episode [ S2 Ep4 ]

Demon with a Glass Hand – Alien invaders have come to conquer the Earth, but billions of people have strangely disappeared. The only man who can help is Trent, a man with a talking glass hand that directs him in his battle against the aliens. He must stop the invasion and also discover where all the humans have gone.
17 October 1964

Worst Episode [ S1 Ep13 ]

Tourist AttractionA team of explorers search for a legendary creature in a South American lake.
23 December 1963



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Series One

#1 The Galaxy Being (1963) –
Allan Maxwell inadvertently makes contact with an alien from the Andromeda Galaxy on his 3D television.
#2 The Hundred Days of the Dragon (1963) –
An East Asian government plans to take over America by replacing White House officials and leading corporate executives with duplicate agents.
#3 The Architects of Fear (1963) –
To stop a nuclear armageddon, scientists try to unite the superpowers against a common enemy.
#4 The Man with the Power (1963) –
Harold Finley has the power of telekinesis after the implantation of a device in his brain – but it soon goes out of control.
#5 The Sixth Finger (1963) –
A Welsh miner is a guinea pig in an experiment to accelerate evolutionary change.
#6 The Man Who Was Never Born (1963) –
Andro comes back in time from a world ravaged by bio-warfare and tries to track the man who originated the work that led to it.
#7 O.B.I.T. (1963) –
O.B.I.T is a spying device.
#8 The Human Factor (1963) –
Major Brothers loses contact with reality and wants to nuke a Greenland outpost.
#9 Corpus Earthling (1963) –
Parasitic aliens, with a plan to take over the human race, lie in wait in a geologist’s laboratory disguised as rocks.
#10 Nightmare (1963) –
Some astronauts are captured by alien beings and taken to the planet Ebon as prisoners.
#11 It Crawled Out of the Woodwork (1963) –
At the Norco Energy Research Commission, a strange black mass consumes everything it touches and grows ever more powerful.
#12 The Borderland (1963) –
A scientist convinces a rich man to finance his experiments with the possibility of contacting his dead son.
#13 Tourist Attraction (1963) –
A team of explorers search for a legendary creature in a South American lake.
#14 The Zanti Misfits (1963) –
A spaceship lands containing the planet Zanti’s undesirables. Unfortunately, there is a jailbreak!
#15 The Mice (1964) –
The Chromites want to see if the Earth is fit for a mass invasion.
#16 Controlled Experiment (1964) –
Two Martians examine a passion crime in a hotel lobby.
#17 Don’t Open Till Doomsday (1964) –
To free his daughter a man must release a creature that wants to “annihilate the universe.”
#18 ZZZZZ (1964) –
An entomologist develops a machine to communicate with bees.
#19 The Invisibles (1964) –
A secret organisation called “the invisibles” want to take over society.
#20 The Bellero Shield (1964) –
A scientist catches an “alien” with his laser.
#21 The Children of Spider County (1964) –
A government agent seizes young supermen who are all originally from the same county in Maryland.
#22 Specimen: Unknown (1964) –
Some astronauts find deadly spores on a satellite. Can the astronauts be brought back?
#23 Second Chance (1964) –
An alien kidnaps a group of outcasts to help stop an asteroid from colliding with his home planet.
#24 Moonstone (1964) –
Researchers on a moonbase discover a mysterious spherical stone – it is an alien spacecraft!
#25 The Mutant (1964) –
Reese Fowler is acting very oddly on an alien planet.
#26 The Guests (1964) –
A man discovers a house that is the dominion of an alien.
#27 Fun and Games (1964) –
Two people can save the Earth if they provide entertainment for an extraterrestrial audience.
#28 The Special One (1964) –
A gifted child is enlisted in a government enrichment program by the mysterious Mr Zeno.
#29 A Feasibility Study (1964) –
The inhabitants of the suburb of a city awake to discover that they have been relocated to another planet by an alien race.
#30 Production and Decay of Strange Particles (1964)
Some physicists unwittingly open the door to another dimension.
#31 The Chameleon (1964) –
Louis Mace is transformed into an alien using genetic engineering to infiltrate an alien craft.
#32 The Forms of Things Unknown (1964) –
Two women chance upon a house with an inventor who has built a device that can resurrect the dead.

Series Two

#33 Soldier (1964) –
Qarlo, a soldier, has been sent back in time, but so has his mortal enemy.
#34 Cold Hands, Warm Heart (1964) –
After Jeff Barton comes home from Venus, his body starts to change dramatically.
#35 Behold Eck! (1964) –
Eck is a two-dimensional alien who has become trapped in our world.
#36 Expanding Human (1964) –
Roy Clinton experiments with a mind-expanding drug, but it also gives him a lust for murder.
#37 Demon with a Glass Hand (1964) –
Billions of people have strangely disappeared, and the only one who can help is a man with a talking glass hand.
#38 Cry of Silence (1964) –
A couple’s drive to Wild Canyon turns into a nightmare due to an alien presence.
#39 The Invisible Enemy (1964) –
On Mars, a strange invisible force is sucking astronauts into the sand.
#40 Wolf 359 (1964) –
Professor Jonathan Wragg creates a miniature planet and also a violent organism.
#41 I, Robot (1964) –
Robot Adam Link is accused of killing the scientist who created him and condemned to be destroyed but an attorney believes he should receive a fair trial.
#42 The Inheritors (1) (1964) –
A head wound from a meteorite shoots a man’s IQ to over 200.
#43 The Inheritors (2) (1964) –
Other men have received the same powers and aliens are responsible.
#44 Keeper of the Purple Twilight (1964) –
Plummer gives away his emotions for a magnetic disintegrator.
#45 The Duplicate Man (1964) –
Henderson James, a space anthropologist, clones a copy of himself to track down a megasoid, a lethal alien.
#46 Counterweight (1964) –
Six astronauts have to pass a series of tests before they can embark on a mission to the planet Antheon.
#47 The Brain of Colonel Barham (1965) –
Colonel Alex Barham donates his living brain to a computer that is part of a space exploration program.
#48 The Premonition (1965) –
A test pilot crashes and finds the world frozen in time.
#49 The Probe (1965) –
After a plane crashes into a hurricane, the crew awakes to find themselves in antiseptic chambers.