Title: Open All Hours
Genre: UK Sitcom
Series: 4
Episodes: 25
First Transmission: 1976-1985

Arkwright is a tight-fisted shop owner.


Best Episode [ S2 Ep2 ]

The Reluctant Traveller – Arkwright decides to whisk Nurse Gladys off to a hotel. This leaves Granville in a position to woo the milk round lady, but Arkwright has booked himself and Nurse Gladys into a hotel just around the corner.


Worst Episode [ S3 Ep 3 ]

Duet for Solo Bicycle – When a smartly-dressed man comes to the shop asking for directions, Arkwright is concerned that the love of his life is seeing someone else. Granville’s love life is also suffering. His bike has a squeak and unfortunately, it is the only thing that he can impress Wendy with.



Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Full Of Mysterious Promise (1976) –
Arkwright buys some damaged tins of food for cheap. but all the labels are missing.
#2 A Mattress On Wheels (1976) –
Granville buys a second-hand van.
#3 A Nice Cosy Little Disease (1976) –
Arkwright feigns a disease to make Nurse Gladys give him more attention.
#4 Beware Of The Dog (1976) –
Arkwright borrows a dog to guard against a local crime wave.
#5 Well Catered Funeral (1976) –
Arkwright goes with Nurse Gladys to the funeral of his friend, Parsloe.
#6 Apples and Self Service (1976) –
Arkwright has bought too many apples and needs to sell them.

Series Two

#7 Laundry Blues (1981) –
Nurse Gladys feels sorry for Granville, struggling to do the laundry by hand, and suggests to Arkwright that he buys a washing machine.
#8 The Reluctant Traveller (1981) –
Arkwright whisks Nurse Gladys off to a hotel.
#9 Fig Biscuits and Inspirational Toilet Rolls (1981) –
Arkwright tries to shift some over-stocked items.
#10 The New Suit (1981) –
Arkwright has to buy a new suit because Nurse Gladys is fed up of his old shabby one
#11 Arkwright’s Mobile Store (1981) –
Arkwright expands the business by buying an old ice-cream van.
#12 Shedding At The Wedding (1981) –
Arkwright is taking Nurse Gladys to a wedding.
#13 St. Albert’s Day (1981) –
Arkwright has always told Granville his father was a Hungarian but then a real Hungarian comes into the shop. 

Series Three

#14 An Errand Boy By The Ear (1982) –
Arkwright’s customers get upset by the way he treats Granville.
#15 The Ginger Men (1982) –
Why is Arkwright forcing his ginger cake upon Nurse Gladys?
#16 Duet For Solo Bicycle (1982) –
Granville’s bike has a squeak.
#17 How To Ignite Your Errand Boy (1982) –
Arkwright gets Granville to make some fire-lighters for his customers.
#18 The Man From Down Under (1982) –
The old flame of Nurse Gladys is coming home from Australia and Arkwright is worried.
#19 The Cool Cocoa Tin Lid (1982) –
Granville decides to change his image.

Series Four

#20 Soulmate Wanted (1985) –
Granville places an advertisement in a lonely hearts column.
#21 Horse-Trading (1985) –
Arkwright has a rival corner shop owner – Mr Gupta.
#22 The Housekeeper Caper (1985) –
Arkwright advertises for a live-in housekeeper to make Nurse Gladys jealous.
#23 The Errand Boy Executive (1985) –
Granville tries to impress Stephanie, a young girl from the boutique.
#24 Happy Birthday Arkwright (1985) –
Granville and Nurse Gladys play a trick on Arkwright.
#25 The Mystical Boudoir Of Nurse Gladys Emmanuel (1985) –
Arkwright desperately wants to get himself into Nurse Gladys Emmanuel’s bedroom.