Title: One Foot in the Grave
Genre: UK Sitcom
Series: 6
Episodes: 42
First Transmission: 1990-2000

Victor Meldrew is a retiree who draws bad luck like a sponge draws water. 


Best Episode [ S4 Ep3 ]

Hearts of Darkness – The Meldrews, Mrs Warboys and Mr Swainey take a trip to the countryside and find themselves where they end up stranded in a river playing Trivial Pursuit. Victor and Mrs. Warboys later end up with their feet in a concrete block. While searching for help, Victor stumbles across an old-people’s home where the residents are being abused by the staff, and hatches a plan to liberate them.
14 February 1993

Worst Episode [ S5 Ep4 ]

Rearranging the Dust – While sitting in a solicitor’s office, Victor and Margaret muse about life.
15 January 1995



Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Alive And Buried (1990) [30m]-
Sixty-year-old Victor Meldrew copes with life after retiring from his job as a security guard.
#2 The Big Sleep (1990) [30m]-
A young female window cleaner wrongly accuses Victor of flashing and then the day becomes full of death.
#3 The Valley Of Fear (1990) [30m]-
Victor is mugged and graffiti sprayed on his house, so he convenes a Neighbourhood Watch meeting.
#4 I’ll Retire To Bedlam (1990) [30m]-
Victor is trapped in his shed for three hours thanks to a swarm of bees.
#5 The Eternal Quadrangle (1990) [30m]-
Victor takes up painting nudes, but Margaret thinks that he is having an affair.
#6 The Return Of The Speckled Band (1990) [30m]-
The Meldrew’s go to the airport for their Athen’s holiday, but Victor unwittingly has a python in his suitcase.

Series Two

#7 In Luton Airport, No-One Can Hear You Scream (1990) [30m]-
The Meldrews return from their holiday to find that their luggage has been lost and then are shocked to see that their house has been demolished.
#8 We Have Put Her Living In The Tomb (1990) [30m]-
Victor accidentally manages to burn his goddaughter’s tortoise.
#9 Dramatic Fever (1990) [30m]-
Victor writes a script for a new sitcom, but nobody else finds it funny. Also, Margaret joins an amateur dramatics society.
#10 Who Will Buy? (1990) [30m]-
Victor and Margaret get worried when an unknown couple named Patrick and Pippa seemingly come to their new house.
#11 Love And Death (1990) [30m]-
The Meldrews go on holiday staying with old friends Vince and April. Coincidences lead each person to think the others have been unfaithful.
#12 Timeless Time (1990) [30m]-
Neither Victor nor Margaret can sleep, so they open last year’s Christmas presents from Ronnie and Mildred.
#13 Who’s Listening? (1990) [60m]-
Victor is mistakenly sent 263 garden gnomes.
#14 The Man In The Long Black Coat (1991) [50m]-
Victor’s feud with Patrick continues and discovers that the manure he bought is radioactive.

Series Three

#15 Monday Morning Will Be Fine (1992) [30m]-
The Meldrews head to the local pub after their TV set is stolen.
#16 Dreamland (1992) [30m]-
Mrs Warboys recounts the recurring murderous dream had by Margaret.
#17 The Broken Reflection (1992) –
Victor’s brother comes to stay from New Zealand and the Meldrews look after Patrick and Pippa’s house while they are away.
#18 The Beast In The Cage (1992) [30m]-
Margaret, Victor and Mrs Warboys get stuck in the Bank Holiday traffic.
#19 Beware The Trickster On The Roof (1992) [30m]-
The Meldrews receive a bad luck scorpion paperweight from Mr Swainey.
#20 The Worst Horror Of All (1992) [30m]-
The Meldrews attend the filming of a TV sitcom and Victor starts his new job as a hotel doorman.

Series Four

#21 The Pit & The Pendulum (1993) [30m]-
Victor believes that Patrick’s cherry tree is the cause of his garden being dry, so he hires a hairy gardener to cultivate the stray roots.
#22 Descent Into The Maelstrom (1993) [30m]-
Margaret collapses from nervous exhaustion but goes back to work after a few days under Victor’s care.
#23 Hearts Of Darkness (1993) [30m]-
The Meldrews, Mrs Warboys and Mr Swainey take a trip into the countryside, where they end up stranded in a river playing Trivial Pursuit. The rest of the day descends even further into the mire.
#24 Warm Champagne (1993) [30m]-
Margaret is so annoyed by Victor’s constant grumbling that she considers having an affair.
#25 The Trial (1993) [30m]-
Victor spends a whole day home alone while waiting in for a jury service call.
#26 Secret Of The Seven Sorcerers (1993) [30m]-
The Meldrews have Patrick and Pippa round for tea, but Patrick has a hideous sense of foreboding.
#27 One Foot In The Algarve (1993) [90m]-
The Meldrews and Mrs Warboys embark upon a nightmarish holiday to Portugal.

Series Five

#28 The Man Who Blew Away (1994) [40m]-
The Meldrews get a surprise visit from Mr Foskett, a man they stayed with in the same guest house 17 years ago.
#29 Only A Story (1995) [30m]-
Mrs Warboys and her budgie stay with the Meldrews because her flat is flooded.
#30 The Affair Of The Hollow Lady (1995) [30m]-
A local greengrocer takes a fancy to Victor and attempts to lure him to her house when he misses a football match.
#31 Rearranging The Dust (1995) [30m]-
In their solicitor’s waiting room, Victor and Margaret muse about life and reminisce about the past.
#32 Hole In The Sky (1995) [30m]-
Pippa and Margaret send Victor and Patrick to an Armenian restaurant to try to sort things out;
#33 The Exterminating Angel (1995) [30m]-
Victor takes a new job as a chauffeur, only to decimate his employer’s beloved fleet of expensive cars.
#34 The Wisdom Of The Witch (1995) [60m]-
A witch predicts an untimely end for Victor and Patrick and Pippa prepare to move far away from the Meldrews.
#35 Starbound (1996) [60m]-
The Meldrews find a drug-dealer living in their shed.
#36 Endgame (1997) [70m]-
The Meldrews meet their pleasant new neighbours and Victor buys a haunted caravan.

Series Six

#37 The Executioner’s Song (2000) [35m]-
Victor has a new job as a window cleaner and a visit to a Chinese restaurant results in him accidentally visiting a brothel and in Pippa having an affair.
#38 Tales Of Terror (2000) [30m]-
Victor is annoyed at the bad job builders have made of his new crazy paving and he also has a health scare.
#39 The Futility Of The Fly (2000) [30m]-
A large plastic fly is delivered and Victor hires an attractive young cleaner.
#40 Threatening Weather (2000) [30m]-
After a power-cut on the hottest day of the year, the Meldrews play host to an incontinent visitor.
#41 The Dawn Of Man (2000) [30m]-
A visit from Patrick’s gay twin brother leaves Pippa mentally and physically exhausted.
#42 Things Aren’t Simple Anymore (2000) [40m]-
Margeret finds it hard to cope after the death of Victor, but then comes face to face with his killer.