Title: Masters of Horror
Genre: US Horror Series
Series: 2
Episodes: 26
First Transmission: 2005-2007

Masters of Horror is an American anthology television series created by director Mick Garris.


Best Episode [ S1 Ep8 ]

Cigarette Burns – A movie theatre owner with a torrid past is hired to search for the only existing print of a film so notorious that its single screening caused the viewers to become homicidally insane.
16 December 2005



Worst Episode [ S1 Ep5 ]

ChocolateJamie becomes psychically connected to a beautiful woman.
25 November 2005



Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Incident On and Off a Mountain Road (2005) –
A woman is abducted by a deranged monster-like man, but then fights back.
#2 Dreams in the Witch House (2006) –
A student rents an old boarding room in which an evil presence still roams.
#3 Dance of the Dead (2006) –
A seventeen-year-old girl visits the Doom room where the dead are revived.
#4 Jenifer (2006) –
A detective crosses paths with Jenifer, a human beast.
#5 Chocolate (2006) –
Jamie becomes psychically connected to a beautiful woman.
#6 Homecoming (2006) –
A speechwriter contends with soldiers from beyond the grave.
#7 Deer Woman (2006) –
A cop reckons a series of murders is connected to a native folklore legend.
#8 Cigarette Burns (2006) –
A theatre owner searches for a print of a notorious film.
#9 Fair Haired Child (2006) –
A couple search for a teenage girl to sacrifice to an evil entity.
#10 Sick Girl (2006) –
An evil bug has the ability to change people’s behaviours.
#11 Pick Me Up (2006) –
A woman gets caught in a war between serial killers.
#12 Haeckel’s Tale (2006) –
A widower seeks the help of a necromancer.
#13 Imprint (2006) –
An American returning to Japan learns of the horror a prostitute suffered after he left her.

Series Two

#14 The Damned Thing (2006) –
A sheriff battles an evil force hell-bent on decimating the village.
#15 Family (2006) –
Harold is a murderous psychopath and he eyes the couple across the street.
#16 The V Word (2006) –
Two teenage boys are stalked by a vampire.
#17 Sounds Like (2006) –
An office worker develops an uncanny sense of hearing.
#18 Pro-Life (2006) –
A religious fanatic tries to “rescue” his daughter from an abortion clinic.
#19 Pelts (2006) –
A fur trader gets his hands on some cursed pelts.
#20 The Screwfly Solution (2006) –
A virus makes males kill all females – almost!
#21 Valerie on the Stairs (2006) –
A novelist discovers that there are fates worse than literary anonymity.
#22 Right to Die (2007) –
When a man pulls the plug on his comatose wife, her spirit turns vengeful.
#23 We All Scream for Ice Cream (2007) –
A disastrous childhood prank kills a man and years later his bloodthirsty spirit seeks vengeance.
#24 The Black Cat (2007) –
Edgar Allan Poe is tormented by his wife’s black cat.
#25 The Washingtonians (2007) –
A man unearths a letter that suggests George Washington was a cannibal.
#26 Dream Cruise (2007) –
A lawyer goes on a cruise but a grim situation awaits.