Title: Land of the Giants
Genre: US Sci-fi Series
Series: 2
Episodes: 51
First Transmission: 1968-1970

The series tells the tale of the crew and passengers of a transport ship named Spindrift that lands on a mysterious planet where everything is twelve times larger than on Earth.


Best Episode [ S2 Ep24 ]

Wild JourneySteve and Dan meet a pair of time travellers and go back to the day the Spindthrift crashed.
8 March 1970


Worst Episode [ S2 Ep25 ]

Graveyard of Fools – Two Twin evil brothers plan to use an alien device they have found to gain control of the planet.  They need the little people to perform some critical repairs on the device.
22 March 1970



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Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 The Crash (1968) –
In 1983,  a sub-orbital passenger vehicle (The Spindrift), on its way from Los Angeles to London, encounters a bizarre storm and is forced to make a crash landing,
#2 Ghost Town (1968) –
The crew encounter an abandoned town built to human scale.
#3 Framed (1968) –
Two members of the crew witness a murder.
#4 Underground (1968) –
The leader of an underground political movement agrees to help the little people back to Earth if they help him.
#5 Terror-Go-Round (1968) –
Barry and Fitzhugh are captured by a carnival owner.
#6 The Flight Plan (1968) –
The Earthlings encounter a man called Joe, of their own size, who is being pursued by the giants.
#7 Manhunt (1968) –
A man makes off with the Spindthrift and sinks into quicksand.
#8 The Trap (1968) –
Giant scientists set up apparatus to detect the little people.
#9 The Creed (1968) –
Barry has appendicitis and Steve need medical equipment.
#10 Double-Cross (1968) –
Fitzhugh is captured by criminals to help them in their next job.
#11 The Weird World (1968) –
The Earthlings find a miniaturized tape recorder that leads to a crazed human astronaut named Major Kagen.
#12 The Golden Cage (1969) –
Mark finds a beautiful human woman trapped inside a jar and becomes obsessed with saving her – but is it a trap?
#13 The Lost Ones (1969) –
The crew encounter four teenage Earth delinquents.
#14 Brainwash (1969) –
Steve and Fitzhugh find a room full of electronic equipment on a human scale.
#15 The Bounty Hunter (1969) –
The Earthlings are on high alert when the giants begin combing the forest for little people
#16 On a Clear Day You Can See Earth (1969) –
The giants invent infrared goggles to help see the Earhlings more clearly.
#17 Deadly Lodestone (1969) –
The Earthlings can now be tracking by detecting a metal that is unique to the Earth.
#18 Night of Thrombeldinbar (1969) –
Fitzhugh is captured by two orphan boys who believe he is “Thrombeldinbar” – a magical elf
#19 Seven Little Indians (1969) –
Inspector Kobick captures Barry’s dog, Chipper.
#20 Target: Earth (1969) –
Steve, Mark and Dan discover a lab where a giant scientist is working on a guidance system which could get a spacecraft to Earth.
#21 Genius at Work (1969) –
Barry and Fitzhugh encounter a boy genius named Jodar, who has developed a super-growth serum.
#22 Return of Inidu (1969) –
The crew befriend a giant magician named Inidu after he saves them from the giants.
#23 Rescue (1969) –
The Earthling try to help two giant children who have fallen into a well.
#24 Sabotage (1969) –
A fanatical plot is developing to turn the giants against little people.
#25 Shell Game (1969) –
Down at the waterfront looking for shrimp, Steve, Valerie and Betty hide in a shell from a deaf boy named Dal, but he eventually finds them.
#26 The Chase (1969) –
Betty is held captive by Inspector Kobick who does a deal with Steve to locate a counterfeiting ring in exchange for her release.

Series Two

#27 The Mechanical Man (1969) –
The Earthlings witness a giant who goes berserk and then learn that the man is really a malfunctioning android, created by a scientist named Gorn.
#28 Six Hours to Live (1969) –
A giant awaits execution for a crime he did not commit.
#29 The Inside Rail (1969) –
Fitzhugh gets a case of gambling fever at the racetrack.
#30 Deadly Pawn (1969) –
The little people are forced to compete in a life-and-death chess game with a Giant chess expert.
#31 The Unsuspected (1969) –
Steve goes crazy when exposed to mushroom spores.
#32 Giants and All That Jazz (1969) –
The crew teaches a down on his luck trumpet player Earth jazz in exchange for their freedom.
#33 Collector’s Item (1969) –
Valerie becomes the figure in a music box triggered to explode.
#34 Every Dog Needs a Boy (1969) –
Chipper the dog is injured and needs to be taken to a vet’s.
#35 Chamber of Fear (1969) –
Fitzhugh is captured by a wax sculptor named Deenar who is a partner to a jewel thief.
#36 The Clones (1969) –
A giant scientist abducts some of the Earth people and begins making clones of them who then try to sabotage the ship.
#37 Comeback (1969) –
Steve, Mark, Valerie and Fitzhugh talk a washed-up movie star out of suicide, but he repays them by trying to sell them to a movie studio.
#38 A Place Called Earth (1969) –
Two humans travel from the year 5477 to observe Earth in the past, but they accidentally arrive on the giants’ planet.
#39 Land of the Lost (1969) –
Steve, Mark, Valerie and Barry become caught up in a toy balloon and are pulled by a strange force thousands of miles across a violent ocean to a land ruled by a ruthless dictator
#40 Home Sweet Home (1969) –
The little people discover a space pod left behind by the time-traveling visitors from the year 5477.
#41 Our Man O’Reilly (1969) –
A bumbling giant named O’Reilly believes the little people are leprechauns.
#42 Nightmare (1969) –
The little people become invisible to the giants after testing a new power source.
#43 Pay the Piper (1970) –
A mysterious flute player lures four of the crew into a cage with his hypnotic music.
#44 The Secret City of Limbo (1970) –
Mark and Valerie find a teleportation device that takes them to an underground place called Limbo, populated by giants.
#45 Panic (1970) –
Betty and Fitzhugh come across a professor capable of transporting them back to Earth.
#46 The Deadly Dart (1970) –
A giant journalist pursues the Earthlings.
#47 Doomsday (1970) –
The crew become embroiled in a plot to cause a terrorist outrage.
#48 A Small War (1970) –
The little people are attacked by a giant boy with his army of deadly military toys.
#49 The Marionettes (1970) –
The Earthlings help a friendly puppeteer when he is injured during a performance.
#50 Wild Journey (1970) –
Steve and Dan meet a pair of time travellers and go back to the day the Spindthrift crashed.
#51 Graveyard of Fools (1970) –
Twin evil brothers plan to use an alien device they have found to gain control of the planet.