Title: Keeping up Appearances
Genre: UK Sitcom
Series: 5
Episodes: 44
First Transmission: 1990-1995

The sitcom follows Hyacinth in her attempts to prove her social superiority and to gain the approval of those she considers upper-class.


Best Episode [ S4 Ep8 ]

Sea Fever – Hyacinth and Richard prepare for their luxury stay on the QE2. They have a disastrous start to their holiday and manage to miss boarding the ship. They finally board the ship by flying to meet it at Copenhagen, Denmark. Once aboard the ship, Hyacinth has reason to believe Onslow and Daisy are also on the luxury liner – as stowaways.
26 December 1993

Worst Episode [ S1 Ep1 ]

Daddy’s Accident – Hyacinth’s “Daddy” is put into an ambulance and taken to hospital, and Hyacinth is shocked when she hears why. After visiting him, Hyacinth returns home and is visited by the electric man. Finally, Hyacinth has to fend off the amorous advances of “The Major” in his greenhouse as she picks up flowers for her latest candlelight supper.
29 October 1990


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Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Daddy’s Accident (1990) –
Hyacinth’s daddy has a very nasty accident with a milk bottle.
#2 The New Vicar (1990) –
Hyacinth has the new vicar round for tea having planned everything to the minutest detail.
#3 The Stately Home (1990) –
Hyacinth visits Carldon Hall, her local stately home but checks Daddy first.
#4 The Charity Shop (1990) –
Hyacinth does her weekly volunteering at the charity shop.
#5 Daisy’s Toyboy (1990) –
To make Onslow jealous, Daisy tries to convince him that she has a “toy boy.”
#6 The Christening (1990) –
It’s a family christening, but unfortunately for Hyacinth, it’s Daisy’s family.

Series Two

#7 A Strange Man (1991) –
Hyacinth spies a new man at Liz’s house.
#8 Driving Mrs Fortescue (1991)
The wealthy Mrs Fortescue phones Hyacinth for a lift into town.
#9 The Candlelight Supper (1991) –
To impress Emmet, Hyacinth arranges one of her legendary candlelight suppers.
#10 Hyacinth Tees Off (1991) –
The Major invites the Buckets to a golfing weekend at The Chesford Grange Hotel.
#11 Problems With Relatives (1991) –
Hyacinth has a horrendous day dealing with her relatives.
#12 Onslow’s Birthday (1991) –
Rose arranges a big limousine to pick up Hyacinth and Richard for Onslow’s birthday.
#13 Singing For Emmet (1991) –
Hyacinth tries to impress Emmet with her singing.
#14 The Toy Store (1991) –
Daddy overspends in the toy department, forcing Hyacinth to intervene.
#15 The Three-Piece Suite (1991) –
Hyacinth is in an excited state as her new three-piece-suite is being delivered.
#16 A Picnic For Daddy (1991) –
Hyacinth arranges a special picnic for Daddy, but an old man decides to drive the car away.
#17 The Father Christmas Suit (1991) –
Hyacinth hires a Father Christmas outfit for Richard to wear when offering gifts to the old people at the Church Hall.

Series Three

#18 Early Retirement (1992) –
Richard becomes worried about his impending retirement as Hyacinth is making plans for him.
#19 Iron Age Remains (1992) –
With Richard retired, Hyacinth decides that they go off to visit some iron age remains in the coutryside.
#20 Violet’s Country Cottage (1992) –
Hyacinth and Richard go to Violet’s cottage for the weekend.
#21 How To Go On Holiday Without Really Trying (1992) –
Hyacinth decides to impress her neighbours by pretending to go on an expensive vacation.
#22 Richard’s New Hobby (1992) –
Richard is bored after his retirement, so Hyacinth encourages him to use the videocamera he was given.
#23 The Art Exhibition (1992) –
Hyacinth gets passionate about art and Daddy joins the foreign legion.
#24 What To Wear When Yachting (1992) –
Hyacinth and Richard head off on a yachting weekend, and discover that their boat small and dilapidated.

Series Four

#25 A Job For Richard (1993) –
Hyacinth’s attempts to find Richard an executive job in Frosticle’s frozen foods.
#26 Country Retreat (1993) –
The Buckets search for a place in the country, but Hyacinth wants something big and impressive.
#27 A Celebrity For The Barbecue (1993) –
Hyacinth decides to host an elaborate indoors-outdoors luxury barbecue and she is determined to get a local celebrity as a guest.
#28 The Commodore (1993) –
Hyacinth volunteers to collect a guest-speaker Commodore from a railway station.
#29 Looking At Properties (1993) –
Hyacinth looks for a “small” weekend home in the country.
#30 Please Mind Your Head (1993) –
The Buckets spend some time at their new country residence.
#31 Let There Be Light (1993) –
Hyacinth volunteers Richard to fix the church-hall electrics in time for the bring-and-buy sale.
#32 Sea Fever (1993) –
Hyacinth and Richard prepare for their luxury stay on the QE2.
#33 Angel Gabriel Blue (1994) –
Hyacinth finds her dream kitchen worktop, 

Series Five

#34 The Old Folks’ Outing (1995) –
Much to the vicar’s dismay, Hyacinth volunteers to look after some senior citizens on a church outing to Great Yarmouth.
#35 The Mayor’s Fancy Dress Ball (1995) –
Hyacinth prepares for the Mayor’s fancy dress ball.
#36 Hyacinth Is Alarmed (1995) –
Richard decides to have an alarm system installed, claiming it is Hyacinth’s “surprise” anniversary present.
#37 A Riverside Picnic (1995) –
Hyacinth conceives of a ‘waterside supper with riparian entertainment, much to the guests’ dismay.
#38 Skis (1995) –
Hyacinth buys Richard skis for his birthday because they “will look good on the car.”
#39 The Country House Sale (1995) –
Richard and Hyacinth attend an estate auction in the country, and Richard tries to spare his cash.
#40 The Boy Friend (1995) –
Hyacinth keeps singing and singing when she discovers Emmet’s latest musical “The Boy Friend” is in production.
#41 A Barbecue At Violet’s (1995) –
Bruce and Violet’s constant arguing threatens Hyacinth’s luxury barbecue, so she has to resort to drastic measures.
#42 The Rolls Royce (1995) –
Hyacinth urges Richard to “borrow” a Rolls Royce from a dealership to impress one of her rivals.
#43 The Hostess (1995) –
Hyacinth puts an advert in the local newspaper to teach people social etiquette,
#44 The Pageant (1995) –
Hyacinth’s plans for a pageant do not quite as anticipated.