Title: Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense
Genre: British/United States Horror/Mystery/Suspense series
Series: 1
Episodes: 13
First Transmission: 1984

A series of chilling tales with a twist.

Best Episode #3

Child’s Play – A family awakens to find themselves trapped in their own home. All of the windows and doors are sealed by impenetrable walls. They desperately try to escape but everything fails. Then the wife notices a bizarre pattern. (1984)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
The whole episode unfolds inside the rooms of one house. A bizarre and creepy episode, the premise of which has been used in other stories. At the time, the ending was very unexpected.

Fans Comments:
The one that everyone remembers!
Bizarre, creepy and thoroughly enjoyable !
Cheesy, inventive and bizarre.


Worst Episode #11

The Sweet Scent of Death – An overworked American ambassador intends to spend more time with his wife by visiting a countryside mansion. Soon, the trip turns into a nightmare with his wife haunted by a stalker from her past. (1984)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
An average mystery episode.

Fans Comments:
Red roses build the tension effectively to a passionate climax.



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Series One

#1 Mark of the Devil (1984) [70min]-
A murderer develops a black spot on his chest which starts to grow.
#2 Last Video and Testament (1984)[70min] –
A cheated on man leaves behind a videotaped will to his wife.
#3 Child’s Play (1984) [70min]-
A family awakens to find themselves totally sealed inside their house.
#4 The Corvini Inheritance (1984)[70min] –
A security expert becomes obsessed with a stalked woman.
#5 In Possession (1984) [70min]-
A couple become trapped in a replay of a sinister event from their past.
#6 Paint Me a Murder (1984) [70min]-
A painter fakes his own death to sell more paintings.
#7 A Distant Scream (1984) [70min]-
A dying man gets a chance to go back in time.
#8 Black Carrion (1984) [70min]-
A search for an old rock band leads to more than two journalists bargained for.
#9 The Late Nancy Irving (1984) [70min]-
A woman realises that she is trapped in a hospital when she sees a report on her death.
#10 Czech Mate (1984) [70min]-
A woman on a visit to Prague with her husband finds herself a pawn in a web of espionage.
#11 The Sweet Scent of Death (1984)[70min] –
A woman is haunted by a stalker from her past at a countryside mansion.
#12 And the Wall Came Tumbling Down (1985)[70min] –
Workmen digging in a building discover the remains of a 300-year-old devil cult.
#13 Tennis Court (1985) [70min]-
A tennis court exerts a deadly force over its owners.