Title: The Hammer House of Horror
Genre: British Horror Anthology Series
: 1
Episodes: 13
First Transmission: 1980
Channel: ITV
Dedicated Fansite: HammerHouseofHorrorGuide.co.uk

Thirteen standalone episodes of blood-curdling horror, created by the legendary Hammer Films Production company.

Best Episode #7

The Silent Scream –  Safecracker Chuck Spillers is released from prison, and immediately visits an elderly pet shop owner who visited him in prison and gave him money as he knew what it was like to be locked up. Unfortunately for Chuck, the pet shop owner is secretly a former Nazi concentration camp guard and is intent on continuing his experiments in advanced human conditioning techniques. His plan is to create prisons with no bars, for which he captures Chuck and his wife. (1980)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
A non-supernatural story in the anthology series. Stars the stalwart of Hammer studios, Peter Cushing. One that stands out in the series as being very original. A dark and twisted, claustrophobic tale.

Fans Comments:
A Claustrophobic and Sadistic Tale.
Old-fashioned Hammer Greatness!
Cushing’s last great performance for Hammer.


Worst Episode #4

Growing Pains – After their son, William, dies, the Mortons adopt Jamie from the  Nesbit children’s home.  Soon, the Mortons are beset with a series of odd events and disasters which have a devastating effect on his adopted father’s research.  Could William Morton’s spirit be responsible for the seemingly inexplicable events unfolding in the household? (1980)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
A supernatural story in the anthology series with an Omen-type story. Considered to be badly acted throughout and badly edited.

Fans Comments:
A Weak “Omen”-type Story.

Two Planks Of Wood Adopt A Demonic Twig.
Worst acting ever seen!



Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Witching Time (1980) –
A seventeenth-century witch transports herself through time and appears at a farm.
#2 The Thirteenth Reunion (1980) –
A journalist investigates some strange events at a diet clinic.
#3 Rude Awakening (1980) –
A man is trapped inside a recurring nightmare.
#4 Growing Pains (1980) –
A boy gains vengeance from the grave.
#5 The House that Bled to Death (1980) –
A house’s new occupants are engulfed by a series of frightening events.
#6 Charlie Boy (1980) –
An African fetish doll brings doom.
#7 The Silent Scream (1980) –
An ex-jailbird and his wife are put through a terrifying ordeal.
#8 Children of the Full Moon (1980) –
A couple’s car crash brings them to a werewolf riven mansion.
#9 Carpathian Eagle (1980) –
A female serial killer is on the prowl!
#10 Guardian of the Abyss (1980) –
A secret society wants to wake Chorozon from his slumbers.
#11 Visitor from the Grave (1980) –
After killing an intruder, a woman sights him everywhere.
#12 The Two Faces of Evil (1980) –
A strange hitchhiker turns a family’s world upside down.
#13 The Mark of Satan (1980) –
An obsession with the number 9 turns a man insane.