Title: Father Ted
Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 3
Episodes: 25
First Transmission: 1995-1998

Three misfit priests and their housekeeper live on Craggy Island, and oh what adventures they have.


Best Episode #20

Speed 3  – A local randy milkman seeks revenge after Father Ted gets him fired. Father Dougal has to take over his milk round and ends up getting his milk float rigged with a bomb set to detonate if his speed should go below a certain point. Father Ted saves the day! (1998)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
This episode contains great interplay between Ted and Dougal, Mrs Doyle, three priests and also a randy milkman. Considered a classic episode and hilarious from start to finish with many great moments.

Fans Comments:
Total and utter comedy brilliance. This episode is perfect from start to finish.



Worst Episode #6

And God Created Woman – Father Ted has the hots for a lady visitor to the parish. His ardour is cooled somewhat when he discovers that she is not interested in him but more interested in becoming a nun and joining the nunnery. (1995)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
Depicts Father Ted’s discomfort as he tries “get off” with an authoress. Father Dougal has little to do in this episode and that is perhaps why it is the lowest rating. Just a fun episode.

Fans Comments:
Ted’s extreme discomfort throughout leads to the usual fun.



Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Good Luck, Father Ted (1995) [24m]-
Father Ted tries to get his face on the television.
#2 Entertaining Father Stone (1995) [24m]-
Father Stone, the most boring priest in the world, comes to stay.
#3 The Passion Of St. Tibulus (1995) [24m]-
Bishop Brennan orders Father Ted and Father Dougal to protest against a blasphemous film.
#4 Competition Time (1995) [24m]-
Father Ted, Dougal and Jack enter a talent competition.
#5 And God Created Woman (1995) [24m]-
Father Ted has a crush on a lady author.
#6 Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest (1995) [24m]-
Father Jack “dies” leaving Ted and Dougal an inheritance.

Series Two

#7 Hell (1996) [24m]-
The three fathers take a holiday in a caravan.
#8 Think Fast, Father Ted (1996) [24m]-
Father Ted fixes a raffle to raise money for the leaky roof.
#9 Tentacles Of Doom (1996) [24m]-
Three bishops visit to upgrade a local relic.
#10 Old Grey Whistle Theft (1996) [24m]-
There’s a crime wave on Craggy island – a whistle is stolen.
#11 A Song For Europe (1996) [24m]-
Father Ted and Dougal enter the Euro Song ’96 contest.
#12 The Plague (1996) [24m]-
Bishop Brennan arrives during a rabbit infestation.
#13 Rock-a-Hula Ted (1996) [24m]-
A visiting feminist causes trouble.
#14 Cigarettes And Alcohol And Rollerblading (1996) [24m]-
Vices are given up for Lent.
#15 New Jack City (1996) [24m]-
Father Jack’s replacement is even worse.
#16 Flight Into Terror (1996) [24m]-
Father Ted saves the day when his plane has problems.
#17 A Christmassy Ted (1996) [55m]-
Father Ted wins the “Golden Cleric” award for saving the day in a lingerie department.

Series Three

#18 Are You Right There, Father Ted? (1998) [24m]-
Father Ted gets into trouble with the local Chinese community.
#19 Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep (1998) [24m]-
Father Ted solves the mystery of “The Beast Of Craggy Island.”
#20 Speed 3 (1998) [24m]-
A philandering milkman takes revenge on Father Ted.
#21 The Mainland (1998) [24m]-
Father Ted annoys the “One Foot in the Grave” star and Jack and Mrs Doyle are arrested.
#22 Escape From Victory (1998) [24m]-
Father Ted’s scheme to win a football match backfires.
#23 Kicking Bishop Brennan Up The Arse (1998) [24m]-
Father Ted has to kick Bishop Brennan up the arse after losing his bet with Father Dick Byrne.
#24 Night Of The Nearly Dead (1998) [24m]-
A visiting music star becomes engulfed by his crazed fans.
#25 Going To America (1998) [24m]-
After saving a priest from suicide, Father Ted is invited to work in America.