Title: Dad’s Army
Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 9
Episodes: 80
First Transmission: 1968-1977

The misadventures of the Home Guard during WW2.


Best Episode #54

The Deadly attachmentThe platoon is ordered to guard the crew of a sunken U-boat until the escort arrives. (1973)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
This episode has become famous and stars Philip Madoc as the captured U-boat captain. Considered by some to be one of the best episodes in television history and features the exchange:- “Your Name will also go on the list, what is it?” “Don’t tell him Pike.”


Worst Episode #2

Museum Piece Mainwaring attempts to requisition much-needed weapons from the local Peabody Museum of Historic Army Weapons. (1968)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
A very early (the second episode) episode of the series filmed in black & white. The show is still in its early form and even Pike is a sensible boy.



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Series One

#1 The Man and the Hour (1968) –
After hearing of the formation of the Home Guard, bank manager George Mainwaring decides to form a platoon in Walmington-on-Sea and declare himself Captain.
#2 Museum Piece (1968) –
Mainwaring attempts to requisition much-needed weapons from the local Peabody Museum of Historic Army Weapons.
#3 Command Decision (1968) –
Mainwaring hands over command to Colonel Square for weapons, but the weapons are muskets and he wants the platoon to fight on horseback.
#4 The Enemy Within the Gates (1968) –
Mainwaring’s men capture a couple of German airmen.
#5 The Showing Up of Corporal Jones (1968) –
Corporal Jones has to complete an assault course in fifteen minutes or he will be removed from the platoon.
36 Shooting Pains (1968) –
The platoon has to compete with another to win the chance to provide the Guard of Honour for the Prime Minister.

Series Two

#7 Operation Kilt (1969) –
The platoon participates in an invasion exercise with Captain Ogilvie and a Highland regiment.
#8 The Battle of Godfrey’s Cottage (1969) –
The platoon mistakenly believes an invasion is in progress.
#9 The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker (1969) –
Walker is called up into the army.
#10 Sergeant Wilson’s Little Secret (1969) –
Wilson mistakenly believes that Private Pike’s mother is pregnant.
#11 A Stripe for Frazer (1969) –
Mainwaring promotes Private Frazer to lance corporal – it does not go well.
#12 Under Fire (1969) –
Frazer spots what he believes to be a German spy signalling planes.

Series Three

#13 The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones (1969) –
Jones’ butcher van is converted into an armoured car for the platoon.
#14 Battle School (1969) –
The Platoon go to a training facility, where they are challenged to capture an officer.
#15 The Lion Has Phones (1969) –
Mainwaring teaches the men to use the public telephone system as emergency communication.
#16 The Bullet Is Not for Firing (1969) –
The platoon’s supply of ammunition becomes extinguished.
#17 Something Nasty in the Vault (1969) –
Mainwaring and Wilson become stuck in a vault with an unexploded bomb.
#18 Room at the Bottom (1969) –
Mainwaring is demoted to Private.
#19 Big Guns (1969) –
The platoon is given a heavy naval artillery piece.
#20 The Day the Balloon Went Up (1969) –
A barrage balloon runs amok.
#21 War Dance (1969) –
Mainwaring announces that a dance will be held to raise morale.
#22 Menace from the Deep (1969) –
The platoon mans a machine gun post at the end of the pier.
#23 Branded (1969) –
Private Godfrey admits to having been a conscientious objector during the Great War and is sent home in disgrace.
#24 Man Hunt (1969) –
Mainwaring uses Walker’s new tracking dog to locate a discarded parachute.
#25 No Spring for Frazer (1969) –
Frazer loses the spring of his gun, possibly in a soon to be buried coffin.
#26 Sons of the Sea (1969) –
The platoon gets lost in what they think is the English Channel.

Series Four

#27 The Big Parade (1970) –
The platoon joins the Spitfire Week parade, but they need a mascot.
#28 Don’t Forget the Diver (1970) –
The platoon takes part in an exercise with Captain Square’s men.
#29 Boots, Boots, Boots (1970) –
The platoon is put through a foot-toughening regime.
330 Sgt – Save My Boy! (1970) –
Pike is caught in barbed wire in the middle of a minefield on the beach.
#31 Don’t Fence Me In (1970) –
Mainwaring wonders if Walker is a fifth columnist.
#32 Absent Friends (1970) –
The platoon foregoes parade to compete in a darts match against the ARP wardens.
#33 Put That Light Out (1970) –
The platoon mans a local lighthouse as defence against a seaborne assault.
#34 The Two and a Half Feathers (1970) –
A new platoon member who once served with Jones accuses him of cowardice.
#35 Mum’s Army (1970) –
Mainwaring allows women into his platoon but there are rumours.
#36 The Test (1970) –
The ARP wardens challenge the Home Guard to a game of cricket.
#37 A. Wilson (Manager) (1970) –
Mainwaring discovers that Wilson has been made manager of the Eastgate branch of the bank and commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant of the Eastgate platoon.
#38 Uninvited Guests (1970) –
After the ARP headquarters is bombed, the platoon is forced to share the church hall with the wardens.
#39 Fallen Idol (1970) –
Mainwaring gets drunk and seeks to repair his image.
#40 Battle of the Giants (1971) –
The platoon is challenged to a test by the Eastgate platoon.

Series Five

#41 Asleep in the Deep (1972) –
Godfrey and Walker are trapped when a bomb falls on the local pumping station.
#42 Keep Young and Beautiful (1972) –
Members of the platoon use Frazer’s embalming equipment to keep themselves looking young and avoiding transfer to the ARP.
#43 A Soldier’s Farewell (1972) –
Mainwaring dreams he is Napoleon after eating too much toasted cheese.
#44 Getting the Bird (1972) –
Walker acquires 250 pigeons for Jones to sell as off-the-ration meat.
#45 The Desperate Drive of Corporal Jones (1972) –
After mixing up some coordinates the platoon ends up in a barn marked for target practice.
#46 If the Cap Fits… (1972) –
Mainwaring allows Frazer to act as captain for a couple of days, but Frazer soon starts to abuse his power.
#47 The King Was in His Counting House (1972) –
During a party, a bomb hits the bank.
#48 All Is Safely Gathered In (1972) –
Mainwaring, citing the harvest as vital to the war effort, offers the assistance of the platoon to gather it in.
#49 When Did You Last See Your Money? (1972) –
Jones arrives at the bank to deposit £500 and realises that his packet contains half a pound of sausages instead of money.
#50 Brain Versus Brawn (1972) –
The platoon is challenged to plant a dummy bomb in the officer commanding’s office.
#51 A Brush with the Law (1972) –
Mainwaring is charged with showing a light and taken to court by a gleeful Hodges.
#52 Round and Round Went the Great Big Wheel (1972) –
The platoon is chosen for testing the War Office’s new, radio-controlled explosive wheel.
#53 Time on My Hands (1972) –
The platoon must rescue an enemy pilot trapped on the town hall clock. 

Series Six

#54 The Deadly Attachment (1973) –
The platoon is ordered to guard the crew of a sunken U-boat until the escort arrives.
#55 My British Buddy (1973) –
A group of American soldiers arrives at Walmington-on-Sea.
#56 The Royal Train (1973) –
The platoon tries to provide a guard of honour for George VI but bungles it badly.
#57 We Know Our Onions (1973) –
The platoon takes an efficiency test that could promote the platoon to twelve stars.
#58 The Honourable Man (1973) –
Wilson inherits a title.
#59 Things That Go Bump in the Night (1973) –
The platoon runs out of petrol and spends the night in a haunted house.
#60 The Recruit (1973) –
Mainwaring takes leave due to an ingrown toenail, so Wilson takes charge.

Series Seven

#61 Everybody’s Trucking (1974) –
A steam engine blocking the road causes trouble for the platoon.
#62 Man of Action (1974) –
Mainwaring declares martial law after a series of disasters.
#63 Gorilla Warfare (1974) –
The platoon must trust no one for GHQ has sent out counter agents to catch them.
#64 The Godiva Affair (1974) –
Just who is going to play Lady Godiva in the parade?
#65 The Captain’s Car (1974) –
Wilson and Pike mistakenly paint the wrong Rolls Royce for camouflage.
#66 Turkey Dinner (1974) –
Jones accidentally shoots a turkey, providing a dinner for the town’s senior citizens.

Series Eight

#67 Ring Dem Bells (1975) –
The platoon is mistaken for real Germans after playing them in a training film.
#68 When You’ve Got to Go (1975) –
Pike amazingly passes the medical exam and is set to join the Royal Air Force.
#69 Is There Honey Still for Tea? (1975) –
Godfrey’s cottage is under threat from the building of a new aerodrome, but Frazer blackmails the minister in charge to save it.
#70 Come In, Your Time Is Up (1975) –
The platoon goes camping and discovers three German airmen in a dinghy on the reservoir.
#71 High Finance (1975) –
Mainwaring stops Jones from cashing any more cheques. Investigations reveal a trail of debtors ending at the orphanage.
#72 The Face on the Poster (1975) –
Mainwaring sets about planning a recruiting campaign to triple their manpower.
#73 My Brother and I (1975) –
Mainwaring’s drunken brother Barry arrives in Walmington-on-Sea.
#74 The Love of Three Oranges (1975) –
Mainwaring is determined to buy a scarce orange for his wife at a bazaar.

Series Nine

#75 Wake-Up Walmington (1977) –
Mainwaring believes that the townspeople are becoming lax, so he orders Operation Wake-Up.
#76 The Making of Private Pike (1977) –
Pike borrows Mainwaring’s recently acquired staff car to drive his new girlfriend to Eastgate.
#77 Knights of Madness (1977) –
The platoon decides to stage a reenactment of the battle between Saint George and the Dragon.
#78 The Miser’s Hoard (1977) –
Frazer keeps his savings in the form of gold sovereigns, but Mainwaring believes his hoard would be better in the bank.
#79 Number Engaged (1977) –
Mainwaring spots an unexploded bomb caught in the telephone wires.
#80 Never Too Old (1977) –
Jones finally marries Mrs Fox, but the service is interrupted by an invasion warning.