Title: Blake’s 7
Genre: UK Sci-Fi Series
Series: 4
Episodes: 52
First Transmission: 1978-1981

A group of convicts and outcasts fight a war against the totalitarian Terran Federation.


Best Episode [ S4 Ep13 ]

Blake – Orac has pinpointed Blake’s location and reveals to Avon and the crew of Scorpio that he is on the lawless planet Gauda Prime, where Blake has given up fighting against the Federation and is now a bounty hunter. However, the Scorpio crew suspect that Blake has betrayed them and has sold out to the Federation.
21 December 1981


Worst Episode [ S4 Ep5 ]

Animals – Dayna meets an old friend, Justin, to seek help with synthesizing an antidote to the Federation pacification drug. Servalan learns of Scorpio’s visit to Justin’s planet and of the genetic research he is performing there.
26 October 1981



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Series One

#1 The Way Back (1978) –
Ex resistance leader Roj Blake witnesses a massacre and is subsequently framed for a series of fabricated crimes by the totalitarian Federation.
#2 Space Fall (1978) –
Blake, Jenna and Avon investigate an abandoned alien spaceship, where Blake decides to take to control of the ship and escape.
#3 Cygnus Alpha (1978) –
In the alien spaceship which they have named Liberator, Blake, Jenna and Avon plan to free the prisoners held on Cygnus Alpha.
#4 Time Squad (1978) –
Blake accidentally allows three dangerous aliens aboard the Liberator.
#5 The Web (1978) –
The Liberator goes off course and becomes ensnared by an organic web surrounding a remote planet.
#6 Seek-Locate-Destroy (1978) –
Supreme Commander Servalan assigns Federation military officer Space Commander Travis to eliminate Blake and the crew of the Liberator.
#7 Mission to Destiny (1978) –
Kendall offers Blake the location to Destiny if he helps him find the killer on-board the ship.
#8 Duel (1978)  –
Two powerful aliens force Blake and Travis to fight each other to the death so that their ships will survive.
#9 Project Avalon (1978) –
The Liberator’s crew launch a rescue mission for Avalon who has been captured by the Federation.
#10 Breakdown (1978) –
The implant in Gan’s brain that limits aggressive impulses, malfunctions.
#11 Bounty (1978) –
Blake and Cally try to rescue President Sarkoff, a prisoner of the Federation.
#12 Deliverance (1978) –
The crew of the Liberator looks for survivors when a spaceship crashes on the planet Cephlon.
#13 Orac (1978) –
What is the mysterious Orac? The Federation wants it, but Blake must get to it first.

Series Two

#14 Redemption (1979) –
Orac confirms the prediction that the Liberator will be destroyed but refuses to say when it will happen – but it will happen soon.
#15 Shadow (1979) –
A  mysterious force threatens Cally.
#16 Weapon (1979) –
A secret weapon is stolen from the Weapons Development Base of the Federation and Blake sets out to find it before Servalan.
#17 Horizon (1979) –
After teleporting down to the planet Horizon, the crew is captured by Federation guards.
#18 Pressure Point (1979) –
The Liberator returns to Earth, and Blake wants to capture Federation Control.
#19 Trial (1979) –
Travis is put on trial and court-martialled for the deaths of civilians.
#20 Killer (1979) –
The Liberator crew journey to a planet where a friend of Avon’s works, in order to get TP crystals.
#21 Hostage (1979) –
The Liberator is ambushed by several Federation ships.
#22 Countdown (1979) –
The crew travels to the planet Albian for information on the Federation computer system Star One.
#23 Voice from the Past (1979) –
A “time bomb” planted in Blake’s memory by the Federation has been stimulated.
#24 Gambit (1979) –
Blake believes Docholli knows the location of Star One and has traced him to Freedom City, a gambler’s paradise.
#25 The Keeper (1979) –
The crew continues their quest for Star One.
#26 Star One (1979) –
Blake plots the destruction of Star One and is seriously injured.

Series Three

#27 Aftermath (1980) –
Severely damaged by combat in the Galactic War, the Liberator disperses its crew.
#28 Powerplay (1980) –
The crew slowly returns to the Liberator.
#29 Volcano (1980) –
The crew finds a new home base on the planet Obsidian.
#30 Dawn of the Gods (1980) –
Orac steers Liberator off course to investigate a black hole.
#31 The Harvest of Kairos (1980) –
A mysterious death awaits anyone who remains on the planet Kairos after the harvest week.
#32 City at the Edge of the World (1980) –
The crew needs crystals for Liberator’s weapon systems.
#33 Children of Auron (1980) –
Servalan introduces a plague to the people of Auron as a plan to get hold of the Liberator.
#34 Rumours of Death (1980) –
Avon wants to hunt down the Federation inquisitor, Shrinker, who killed his former girlfriend.
#35 Sarcophagus (1980) –
The crew finds a drifting ship with strange effects.
#36 Ultraworld (1980) –
The crew goes to the planet Ultraworld, only to discover it is a mental reprocessing plant.
#37 Moloch (1980) –
The crew of Liberator discovers the planet Sardos after nearly crashing into it.
#38 Death-Watch (1980) –
The crew visits the Teal and Vandor systems, currently at war.
#39 Terminal (1980) –
Avon reaches the planetoid Terminal, where he believes Blake is residing.

Series Four

#40 Rescue (1981) –
Dorian, the owner of the spaceship Scorpio, rescues the crew from Terminal.
#41 Power (1981) –
Avon completes the Scorpio teleport system with the help of Orac.
#42 Traitor (1981) –
Avon needs to know why the Federation is suddenly making such easy gains.
#43 Stardrive (1981) –
The Scorpio collides with an asteroid.
#44 Animals (1981) –
Dayna finds a horrifying experiment.
#45 Headhunter (1981) –
The crew rescues a protege of Ensor’s who instead turns out to be his android creation seeking to unite with Orac.
#46 Assassin (1981) –
Avon and his companions become targets for murder.
#47 Games (1981) –
The planet Mecron is the only source of Feldon, a rare and extremely valuable crystal.
#48 Sand (1981) –
The Federation’s interest in a long lost expedition to the planet Vim makes Avon curious.
#49 Gold (1981) –
Avon wants to steal a gold shipment.
#50 Orbit (1981) –
A renegade Federation scientist offers Avon the ultimate weapon in exchange for Orac.
#51 Warlord (1981) –
Is a mysterious man who hunts people for money really Blake?
#52 Blake (1981) –
The crew thinks that they are going to be able to run away from the Federation, but Avon has other ideas and sets off to find Blake.