Title: Blackadder
Genre: UK Sitcom
Series: 4
Episodes: 25
First Transmission: 1982-1989

Lord Edmund Blackadder and his adventures through the ages.


Episode Rankings

Best Episode #25

Goodbyeee – Blackadder pretends that he’s insane to avoid certain death carrying out the General’s order for the “big push”. He sticks two pencils up his nose, put his underpants on his head and says “wibble” a lot. (1989)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
The very last episode and probably the most memorable of all. Holds its place as the best Blackadder episode due to its very poignant and, you could say, rather downbeat ending.


Worst Episode #2

Born to be King – When Edmund’s Scottish lands are given to the King’s Supreme Commander, Douglas McAngus, he plots revenge. Baldrick comes up with the cunning plan of blowing his head off in a tragic cannon accident. (1983)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
The worst episode of the first series and the worst overall was written by Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson. It still has many amusing moments.



Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 The Foretelling (1983) [30m]-
Prince Edmund arrives late to the Battle of Bosworth Field, accidentally killing King Richard III.
#2 Born To Be King (1983) [30m]-
Prince Edmund plots revenge when his Scottish lands are given away.
#3 The Archbishop (1983) [30m]-
Archbishops are being assassinated, then the King makes Edmund one.
#4 The Queen Of Spain’s Beard (1983) [30m]-
For political reasons, King Richard arranges a marriage between his son Edmund and the Spanish Infanta.
#5 Witchsmeller Pursuivant (1983) [30m]-
Edmund fails a “witch test” and is sentenced to death.
#6 The Black Seal (1983) [30m]-
When Edmund loses his title of Duke of Edinburgh, he fires Baldrick and Percy and hires some of the most cruel men in England to help him take over the kingdom.

Series Two

#7 Bells (1986) [30m]-
Edmund develops feelings for a woman posing as his male servant.
#8 Head (1986) [30m]-
Edmund is awarded the post of Lord High Executioner.
#9 Potato (1986) [30m]-
Edmund tries to impress the Queen by embarking on his own voyage of discovery to the New World.
#10 Money (1986) [30m]-
A Black Monk calls on Blackadder to collect a large debt.
#11 Beer (1986) [30m]-
Blackadder’s puritan relatives arrive, but he is hosting a drinking competition.
#12 Chains (1986) [30m]-
Blackadder and Melchett are kidnapped by a neurotic German spy.

Series Three

#13 Dish And Dishonesty (1987) [30m]-
Blackadder enters politics in an attempt to avoid Pitt the Younger from striking the Prince off the Civil List.
#14 Ink And Incapability (1987) [30m]-
Baldrick burns Samuel Johnson’s diary – the only copy!
#15 Nob And Nobility (1987) [30m]-
Blackadder seeks to prove that he is just as capable of rescuing aristocrats from France as The Scarlet Pimpernel.
#16 Sense And Senility (1987) [30m]-
After a failed assassination attempt, the Prince Regent hires two affected actors to tutor him in public speaking.
#17 Amy And Amiability (1987) [30m]-
When Blackadder discovers that the Prince Regent is completely broke, he devises a plan to restore his fortunes through marriage.
#18 Duel And Duality (1987) [30m]-
The Duke of Wellington promises to kill the Prince Regent in a duel after the Prince seduces some of his relatives.
#19 Blackadder’s Christmas Carol (1988) [45m]-
Blackadder is good-natured, kind and charitable and then he is visited by three ghosts.

Series Four

#20 Captain Cook (1989) [30m]-
A painting competition gives Blackadder a way to escape the trenches.
#21 Corporal Punishment (1989) [30m]-
Blackadder eats General Melchett’s pigeon to avoid starvation.
#22 Major Star (1989) [30m]-
Blackadder sees a chance to escape the trenches by putting on a variety show.
#23 Private Plane (1989) [30m]-
Blackadder joins the Air Corps, believing it to be better than the trenches.
#24 General Hospital (1989) [30m]-
General Melchett asks Blackadder to find a spy in the hospital.
#25 Goodbyeee (1989) [30m]-
Blackadder pretends that he is insane to avoid certain death in “the big push.”