Title: Black Books
Genre: UK Sitcom
Series: 3
Episodes: 18
First Transmission: 2000-2004

Bernard Black owns a small bookshop called Black Books.


Best Episode [ S1 Ep3 ]

Grapes of Wrath – After Manny calls a cleaner to the shop, he and Bernard must vacate it. Luckily they are asked to house sit for a friend. Meanwhile, Fran goes on an ill-fated date.
13 October 2000


Worst Episode [ S3 Ep5 ]

Travel Writer – Fran & Manny become enamored with a dashing travel writer giving a talk at the shop, while Bernard contends with a most unorthodox new landlord.
8 April 2004

Full Episode Guide

Blue stories rated above par.
Brown stories rated below par.

Series One

#1 Cooking the Books (2000) –
Bernard is faced with the daunting prospect of doing his own taxes when the accountant flees.
#2 Manny’s First Day (2000) –
Bernard wakes up from a boozy night to discover that he has accidentally given Manny a job at the bookshop.
#3 Grapes of Wrath (2000) –
Manny calls a creepy cleaner because of the sheer filth of the bookshop.
#4 The Blackout (2000) –
Manny celebrates his birthday with an all-night “Sweeney” marathon and ends up down the local police station.
#5 The Big Lock-Out (2000) –
Manny gets locked inside the bookshop after forgetting the alarm code.
#6 He’s Leaving Home (2000) –
Manny finally gets fed up with Bernard’s constant abuse and demands on him so he leaves for a better life. 

Series Two

#7 The Entertainer (2002) –
Fran decides to take up piano lessons.
#8 Fever (2002) –
It is a very hot day, so Manny tries to maintain his body temperature so it doesn’t go over 88 degrees.
#9 The Fixer (2002) –
Bernard and Manny deal with a gangster turned writer.
#10 Blood (2002) –
Manny and Bernard try to keep up with modern book shops.
#11 Hello Sun (2002) –
Fran cleans up her life and Bernard and Manny get into Freud.
#12 A Nice Change (2002) –
Construction work starts next door to the shop, 

Series Three

#13 Manny Come Home (2004) –
Manny defects to Goliath Books after an “incident” with Bernard.
#14 Elephants and Hens (2004) –
Bernard holds a children’s themed book day in the shop.
#15 Moo-Ma and Moo-Pa (2004) –
Manny’s parents come to the shop for the weekend.
#16 A Little Flutter (2004) –
Bernard gets the gambling bug.
#17 Travel Writer (2004) –
Fran and Manny become enthralled by a trave writer.
#18 Party (2004) –
Manny and Fran take Bernard to a party, but drunkenness dredges up secrets and bitterness.