Title: Allo Allo
Genre: UK Sitcom
Series: 9
Episodes: 85
First Transmission: 1982-1992

René Artois runs a small café in France during World War II, but the resistance wants him to help them out.


Best Episode #15

The Gateau from the Chateau – The General plans a party at the chateau to celebrate the Kaiser’s birthday. The Resistance, see this as the ideal situation to assassinate the General. The Gestapo discover the Resistance are plotting to blow up the chateau, so the party moves to the cafe, leaving René much less keen on the Resistance’s plans. (1985)

Worst Episode #62

A Quiet Honeymoon – Madame Fanny and Ernest Leclerc are arrested after stealing a motorbike and smashing through a roadblock. General Von Flockenstuffen announces that he is replacing General Von Klinkerhoffen because of the latter’s nervous breakdown. (1991)



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Series One

#1 The British Are Coming (1982) –
Rene Artois, the owner of the Cafe Rene in the French village of Nouvion, is ‘persuaded’ by the Resistance to hide two escaping British airmen.
#2 The British ‘Ave Come (1984) –
Flick is trying to trace a valuable painting called “The Fallen Madonna.”
#3 Pigeon Post (1984) –
The British Airmen are captured by the Communist Resistance, having escaped in the German officers’ uniforms.
#4 Saville Row To The Rescue (1984) –
René waits for the plane to drop the German uniforms, but when it lands, a tailor is on board.
#5 The Execution (1984) –
While on a sabotage mission, Rene is captured by German troops.
#6 The Funeral (1984) –
René begins posing as his own twin brother, as his “funeral” is arranged.
#7 Red Nick’s Colonel (1984) –
Von Strohm and Captain Geering are captured by the Communist Resistance.
#8 The Dance Of The Hitler Youth (1984) –
Rene and Edith disguise themselves to get into Gestapo headquarters.

Series Two

#9 Six Big Boobies (1985) –
Edith is now a rich widow after Rene’s presumed demise.
#10 The Wooing Of Widow Artois (1985) –
Edith continues to gallivant around the village.
#11 The Policeman Cometh (1985) –
While Rene believes he is finally getting rid of the British airmen, another agent is dropped by parachute, disguised as a French policeman.
#12 Swiftly And With Style (1985) –
René and the Captain are captured by the Résistance, only to be rescued by Herr Flick.
#13 The Duel (1985) –
Rene and Alfonse duel over the hand of Edith.
#14 Herr Flick’s Revenge (1985) –
The Colonel, the Captain and Rene are taken to the dungeons of the chateau.
#15 The Gateau From The Chateau (1985) –
Nearly everyone has a plan to kill General Von Klinkerhoffen.

Series Three

#16 The Nicked Knockwurst (1986) –
Rene is ordered to steal a vintage plane.
#17 Gruber Does Some Mincing (1986) –
René talks Gruber into making yet another copy of the painting.
#18 The Sausage In The Wardrobe (1986) –
Maria and the Fallen Madonna have been caught by Von Klinkerhoffen, and now they need to be rescued.
#19Flight Of Fancy (1986) –
In order to get the airmen back to England, Rene and others disguise themselves as roadworkers.
#20Pretty Maids All In A Row (1987) –
Rene believes that his hiding place for the Fallen Madonna may have been rumbled.
#21 The Great Un-Escape (1987) –
Rene finds himself in a tunnel as part of his quest to find uniforms for the British airmen.

Series Four

#22 Prisoners Of War (1987) –
A plan is hatched to enable an escape from a Prisoner of War camp.
#23 Camp Dance (1987) –
Rene and his fellow prisoners dress as girls from the Folies Bergere to escape from the POW camp.
#24 Good Staff Are Hard To Find (1987) –
The Resistance supplies a new waitress for Cafe Rene.
#25 The Flying Nun (1987) –
The Resistance’s radio signal is being jammed by the Gestapo, which leads to Mimi hanging off the line of a kite while disguised as a nun.
#26 The Sausage In The Trousers (1987) –
Without batteries to power the radio in the attic bedroom, René and Yvette must generate it using pedal power.
#27 The Jet-Propelled Mother-In-Law (1987) –
General Von Klinkerhoffen has commandeered Monsieur Alfonse’s vineyard.

Series Five

#28 Desperate Doings In The Dungeon (1988) –
Rene has to masquerade as Heinrich Himmler himself in an attempt to rescue ‘Frau Von Kinkenrotten’ from prison.
#29 The Camera In The Potato (1988) –
Armed with a potato camera, Rene has to get into the chateau so he can photograph plans for the German invasion of Britain.
#30 Dinner With The General (1988) –
Leclerc and Rene plan to blow the safe in Lt Gruber’s bedroom.
#31 The Dreaded Circular Saw (1988) –
Rene and Leclerc are surprised by the contents of Lt Gruber’s safe.
#32 Otherwise Engaged (1988) –
The leader of the Communist Resistance recognises Rene as her childhood sweetheart and vows to marry him.
#33 A Marriage Of Inconvenience (1988) –
Rene’s friends try to save him from his impending marriage to the leader of the Communist Resistance.
#34 No Hiding Place (1988) –
Rene disguises himself as his father in order to escape the wrath of Denise Laroque.
#35 The Arrival Of The Homing Duck (1988) –
Rene and the Resistance find another way to return the airmen to England.
#36 Watch The Birdie (1988) –
Rene and his staff prepare the long-distance duck for its vital flight to England.
#37 Rene Under An Assumed Nose (1988) –
Rene tries to escape arrest using a unique disguise.
#38 The Confusion Of The Generals (1988) –
Rene is in even more trouble as the generals gather round at the chateau.
#39 Who’s For The Vatican (1988) –
Colonel Von Strohm and Gruber tell René to steal the paintings from the headquarters of the Communist Resistance.
#40 Ribbing The Bonk (1988) –
Rene and the others are forced to rob a bank.
#41 The Reluctant Millionaires (1988) –
The money that René and the gang have robbed turns out to be Herr Flick’s.
#42 A Duck For Launch (1988) –
Herr Flick tries to find his stolen money.
#43 The Exploding Bedpan (1988) –
Monsieur Alphonse is in the hands of the Gestapo, so the colonel and Gruber want him dead.
#44 Going Like A Bomb (1988) –
When Helga tells Von Strohm the stolen money was forged, he thinks up a plan to get rid of the money and captain Bertorelli.
#45 Money To Burn (1988) –
Herr Flick lets it be known that monsieur Leclerc will be shot if the stolen Gestapo money isn’t returned.
#46 Puddings Can Go Off (1989) –
1,000 kilo of explosives is brought to René, disguised as 500 Christmas puddings.
#47 Landmines For London (1989) –
Herr Flick uses land mines to arrest resistance members when they pick the mines up.
#48 Flight To Geneva (1989) –
René has had it and plans to take the train to Switzerland with Yvette and the paintings.
#49 Train of Events (1989) –
There are many mishaps on the Geneva Express.
#50 An Enigma Variation (1989) –
René and his personnel have to impersonate the Excelsior Quartet at the château.
#51 Wedding Bloss (1989) –
René decides to marry Edith for practical purposes.
#52 Down The Drain (1989) –
René has to get the Enigma machine to the British.
#53 All In Disgeese (1989) –
The Resistance has failed to get the Enigma machine to England.

Series Six

#54 Desperate Doings In The Graveyard (1989) –
The Resistance is building a communication center in the empty grave of René’s twin brother.
#55 The Gestapo For The High Jump (1989) –
The Gestapo wants to find the headquarters of the Resistance.
#56 The Nouvion Oars (1989) –
Von Klinkerhoffen orders Helga to marry Herr Flick so she can keep an eye on him.
#57 The Nicked Airmen (1989) –
The British airmen have been captured by the Germans.
#58 The Airmen De-Nicked (1989) –
The Resistance plans to infiltrate the chateau to get the airmen out.
#59 The Crooked Fences (1989) –
Herr Flick wants the painting to sell for money to flee.
#60 Crabtree’s Podgeon Pist (1989) –
A wedding is staged to get the British airmen to England by barrage balloon.
#61 Rising To The Occasion (1989) –
A mad General Von Klinkerhoffen, who wants to blow up the town.

Series Seven

#62 A Quiet Honeymoon (1991) –
Madame Fanny and Ernest Leclerc are being arrested after smashing through a roadblock.
#63 An Almighty Bang (1991) –
Fanny and LeClerc get stuck in a folding bed in the wall upstairs at the cafe, so Alphonse decides to use dynamite to shift it.
#64 Fleeing Monks (1991) –
General Von Klinkerhoffen wants to give René a collaboration medal.
#65 Up The Crick Without A Piddle (1991) –
In England, René and Edith see Captain Hans Geering again.
#66 The Gestapo Ruins A Picnic (1991) –
General Von Klinkerhoffen wants to restart the local newspaper for Nazi propaganda.
#67 The Spirit Of Nouvion (1991) –
The gang plans to steal the painting from Herr Flick.
#68 Leg It To Spain! (1991) –
The barrels which are to be used in the latest escape plan are hidden in the cellar of Café René.
#69 Prior Engagements (1991) –
The airmen end up stuck in a sewer underneath the town centre.
#70 Soup And Sausage (1991) –
René’s old ice cream truck is used to rescue the airmen from the sewer.
#71 Rene Of The Gypsies (1991) –
The ice cream truck plan has failed, so Michelle suggests holding a gypsy fair to rescue the airmen.

Series Eight

#72 A Bun In The Oven (1991) –
September 1943: Hitler is losing and Yvette is pregnant.
#73 Arousing Suspicions (1992) –
Radio parts for Rene fall down one of the chateau’s chimneys.
#74 A Woman Never Lies (1992) –
Herr Flick gives Helga a truth serum.
#75 Hitler’s Last Heil (1992) –
Michelle plans to blow up Hitler and Göring
#76 Awful Wedded Wife (1992) –
Rene has organised a secret wedding with Yvette.
#77 Firing Squashed (1992) –
Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen face the firing squad for robbing the pay truck.
#78 A Fishful Of Francs (1992) –
Gruber and Colonel Von Strohm to dress up as Hitler and Göring to catch members of the Resistance.
#79 Swan Song (1992) –
The colonel and Gruber plan to flee to Spain.

Series Nine

#80 Gone With The Windmill (1992) –
The Colonel and Gruber’s escape plan went awry.
#81 A Tour De France (1992) –
Rene is presumed dead.
#82 Dead Man Marching (1992) –
The Germans still think Rene is dead.
#83 Tarts And Flickers (1992) –
Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen plan to kidnap Yvette and Mimi, use their clothes, dress up like them and go to the café to search for the painting.
#84 A Fishy Sendoff (1992) –
René and the gang make the final preparations for the parade.
#85 A Winkle In Time (1992) –
Rene and the cafe staff prepare to welcome the invading Brits.