Title: I’m Alan Partridge
Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 2
Episodes: 12
First Transmission: 1997-2002

Failed television presenter Alan Partridge now presents a programme on local radio in Norwich and desperately tries to revive his broadcasting career.


Best Episode [ S1 Ep5 ]

To Kill a Mocking Alan – Alan hosts an Afternoon With – session at the hotel, hoping to win a contract from two visiting Irish television executives. Also present is Jed Maxwell, Alan’s biggest fan, and Alan takes the Irishmen back to Jed’s place to give them the impression that he has a permanent home. Alan’s ignorant view of Irish history cuts no ice and he soon finds himself alone with the very strange Jed, who has not only made a room in his home a shrine to his hero, but had his face tattooed on his chest. Alan flees in terror.
1 December 1997

Worst Episode [ S2 Ep5 ]

I Know What Alan Did Last summer – After telling his Ukrainian girlfriend that he is a good friend of U2’s singer, Bono, she insists on meeting him. Meanwhile, two tax inspectors come to see Alan and he’s rather nervous.
9 December 2002



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Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 A Room with an Alan (1997) [29m]-
Alan’s wife Carol has kicked him out and now he is living at Linton Travel Tavern, a hotel near the A11.
#2 Alan Attraction (1997) [29m]-
Alan fires the staff at his production company as he has not secured a second series of his programme.
#3 Watership Alan (1997) [29m]-
Alan becomes an object of hatred for local farmers when he makes various unsympathetic comments about farming on his radio show.
#4 Basic Alan (1997) [29m]-
Alan is now the only guest at the hotel as it is closed for refurbishments.
#5 To Kill a Mocking Alan (1997) [29m]-
Alan hosts “An Afternoon with Alan Partridge” at the hotel which is attended by his self-confessed “biggest fan”, Jed Maxwell, who is also a raving mentalist.
#6 Towering Alan (1997) [29m]-
Alan is delighted to discover that Tony has died and his successor, Chris Feather, always liked him and might give him a second series.

Series Two

#7 The Talented Mr Alan (2002) [29m]-
Five years have passed and Alan is back on local radio following a nervous breakdown and being fired by the BBC. Now he lives in a caravan with his Ukrainian girlfriend, Sonja, while his dream house is being built, 
#8 The Colour of Alan (2002) [29m]-
Alan is asked to host a sales conference for a firm making coal-effect fires and then later pierces his foot on a spiked fence.
#9 Brave alan (2002) [29m]-
Through his new friend Dan Moody, who owns Kitchen Planet, Alan is invited to make a presentation at the Colmans Mustard Bravery Awards.
#10 Never Say Alan Again (2002) [29m]-
Alan decides to have a marathon James Bond watching session.
#11 I Know What Alan Did Last Summer (2002) [29m]-
Alan has a nervous meeting with some tax inspectors.
#12 Alan Wide Shut (2002) [29m]-
Alan’s house is finally ready and he gives the builders each a present – a copy of his poorly-selling book, ‘Bouncing Back.’