Worst & Best Seinfeld Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: US Sitcom
Series: 9
Episodes: 180
First Transmission: 1990-1998
Channel: NBC

Seinfeld is an American sitcom created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld.

The show stars Seinfeld as a fictionalized version of himself. It focuses mostly on his personal life with a handful of friends and acquaintances, including best friend George Costanza, former girlfriend Elaine Benes, and the neighbour across the hall Cosmo Kramer. It is set predominantly in an apartment building in Manhattan’s Upper West Side in New York City.

Seinfeld is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential sitcoms of all time.

Jerry Seinfeld: Jerry Seinfeld
Jason Alexander: George Costanza
Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Elaine Benes
Michael Richards: Cosmo Krmaer

Best Episode [ S7 Ep6 ]

The Soup Nazi – A soup stand owner obsesses about his customers’ ordering procedure, but his soup is so good that people line up down the block for it anyway.
2 November 1995



Worst Episode [ S3 Ep4 ]

The Dog – Circumstances lead to Jerry looking after the disobedient dog of a man he met on a plane.
9 October 1991



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Brown episodes rated below par.

Season One

Good News, Bad News (1990) –
Jerry and George argue whether an overnight visitor has romantic intentions.
The Stakeout (1990) –
Jerry and George hold a stakeout to get the phone number of a woman Jerry met at a party.
The Robbery (1990) –
After a robbery at Jerry’s apartment, the guys scramble over new apartments.
Male Unbonding (1990) –
Jerry tries to get out of meeting an old friend.
The Stock Tip (1990) –
Jerry and George get a stock tip, but the tipper is in hospital as the price starts to fall.

Season Two

The Ex-Girlfriend (1991) –
Jerry tries to see George’s ex-girlfriend.
The Pony Remark (1991) –
Jerry fears an inappropriate comment caused his relative’s death.
The Jacket (1991) –
Jerry’s refusal to wear an expensive jacket in a snowfall causes an argument.
The Phone Message (1991) –
George tries to steal his girlfriend’s answerphone tape after leaving some awkward messages.
The Apartment (1991) –
Jerry gets Elaine an apartment in his building and then regrets it.
The Statue (1991) –
George covets Jerry’s statue, but it is stolen.
The Revenge (1991) –
George takes revenge on his boss for not hiring him back after he quit and Jerry gets revenge of his own.
The Heart Attack (1991) –
George believes he has suffered a heart attack, but it is only inflamed tonsils.
The Deal (1991) –
Jerry and Elaine believe that they have found a foolproof way to start having sex again yet still remain just friends.
The Baby Shower (1991) –
Elaine holds a baby shower for a former girlfriend of George.
The Chinese Restaurant (1991) –
Jerry, Elaine, and George stop for a quick Chinese dinner before seeing a movie but circumstances cause them to miss it.
The Busboy (1991) –
George gets a busboy fired after making a comment – he then tries to apologise.

Season Three

The Note (1991)

The Truth (1991) –
A bad breakup between George and his girlfriend leads to tax troubles for Jerry.
The Pen (1991) –
Jerry gets into an argument with a neighbor of his parents over an “astronaut pen.”
The Dog (1991) –
Jerry is forced to care for the troublesome dog of a man he met on a plane.
The Library (1991) –
A library cop takes Jerry to task for an unreturned book from 1971.
The Parking Garage (1991) –
All the guys get stuck in a parking garage for hours when they forget where they parked.
The Cafe (1991) –
George asks Elaine to take an IQ test for him.
The Tape (1991) –
Jerry is mesmerized by a dirty message left on a tape recorder from his last performance.
The Nose Job (1991) –
George dates a woman with a large nose, who decides to get a nose job after a careless comment from Kramer.
The Stranded (1991) –

The Alternate Side (1991) –

The Red Dot (1991) –
George gets a job at Elaine’s office and gets involved with the cleaning woman.
The Subway (1992) –
Everyone has a weird experience while going their separate ways on the subway.
The Pez Dispenser (1992) –
Jerry’s Pez dispenser makes Elaine laugh during George’s girlfriend’s piano recital and puts their relationship in jeopardy.
The Suicide (1992) –

The Fix-Up (1992) –

The New Friend (1992) –
Jerry meets a new friend, baseball player, Keith Hernandez.
The Boyfriend (1992) –
Jerry becomes increasingly jealous of Elaine’s relationship with Keith Hernandez.
The Limo (1992) –
Jerry and George use fake identities to get a limo drive.
The Good Samaritan (1992) –

The Letter (1992) –

The Parking Space (1992) –

The Keys (1992) –
Jerry is fed up with Kramer coming into his apartment any time he feels like it and asks him to return his spare set of keys.

Season Four

The Trip (1) (1992) –
Jerry is asked to appear on The Tonight Show in Los Angeles.
The Trip (2) (1992) –
Kramer is arrested when he is mistaken for a serial killer.
The Pitch (1992) –
NBC executives ask Jerry to come up with an idea for a TV series.
The Ticket (1992) –

The Wallet (1992) –

The Watch  (1992) –

The Bubble Boy (1992) –

The Cheever Letters (1992) –

The Opera (1992) –

The Virgin (1992) –
Jerry finds out his girlfriend is still a virgin.
The Contest (1992) –
The gang partakes in a contest of self-denial.
The Airport (1992) –

The Pick (1992) –

The Movie (1993)

The Visa (1993)

The Shoes (1993)

The Outing (1993)

The Old Man (1993)

The Implant (1993)

The Junior Mint (1993)

The Smelly Car (1993)

The Handicap Spot (1993)

The Pilot (1) (1993)

The Pilot (2) (1993)


Season Five

The Mango (1993)

The Puffy Shirt (1993)

The Glasses (1993)

The Sniffing Accountant (1993)

The Bris (1993)

The Lip Reader (1993)

The Non-Fat Yogurt (1993)

The Barber (1993)

The Masseuse (1993)

The Cigar Store Indian (1993)

The Conversion (1993)

The Stall (1994)

The Dinner Party (1994)

The Marine Biologist (1994)

The Pie (1994)

The Stand-In (1994)

The Wife (1994)

The Raincoats (1) (1994)

The Raincoats (2) (1994)

The Fire (1994)

The Hamptons (1994)

The Opposite (1994)


Season Six

The Chaperone (1994)

The Big Salad (1994)

The Pledge Drive (1994)

The Chinese Woman (1994)

The Couch (1994)

The Gymnast (1994)

The Soup (1994)

The Mom & Pop Store (1994)

The Secretary (1994)

The Race (1994)

The Switch (1995)

The Label Maker (1995)

The Scofflaw (1995)

Highlights of a Hundred (1) (1995)

Highlights of a Hundred (2) (1995)

The Beard (1995)

The Kiss Hello (1995)

The Doorman (1995)

The Jimmy (1995)

The Doodle (1995)

The Fusilli Jerry (1995)

The Diplomat’s Club (1995)

The Face Painter (1995)

The Understudy (1995)


Season Seven

The Engagement (1995)

The Postponement (1995)

The Maestro (1995)

The Wink (1995)

The Hot Tub (1995)

The Soup Nazi (1995)

The Secret Code (1995)

The Pool Guy (1995)

The Sponge (1995)

The Gum (1995)

The Rye (1996)

The Caddy (1996)

The Seven (1996)

The Cadillac (1) (1996)

The Cadillac (2) (1996)

The Shower Head (1996)

The Doll (1996)

The Friars Club (1996)

The Wig Master (1996)

The Calzone (1996)

The Bottle Deposit (1) (1996)

The Bottle Deposit (2) (1996)

The Wait Out (1996)

The Invitations (1996)


Season Eight

The Foundation (1996)

The Soul Mate (1996)

The Bizarro Jerry (1996)

The Little Kicks (1996)

The Package (1996)

The Fatigues (1996)

The Checks (1996)

The Chicken Roaster (1996)

The Abstinence (1996)

 The Andrea Doria (1996)

The Little Jerry (1997)

The Money (1997)

The Comeback (1997)

 The Van Buren Boys (1997)

The Susie (1997)

The Pothole (1997)

The English Patient (1997)

The Nap (1997)

The Yada Yada (1997)

The Millennium (1997)

The Muffin Tops (1997)

 The Summer of George (1997)


Season Nine

The Butter Shave (1997)

The Voice (1997)

The Serenity Now (1997)

The Blood (1997)

The Junk Mail (1997)

The Merv Griffin Show (1997)

The Slicer (1997)

The Betrayal (1997)

The Apology (1997)

 The Strike (1997)

The Dealership (1998)

The Reverse Peephole (1998)

The Cartoon (1998)

The Strongbox (1998)

The Wizard (1998)

The Burning (1998)

The Bookstore (1998)

The Frogger (1998)

The Maid (1998)

 The Puerto Rican Day (1998)

The Clip Show (1) (a.k.a. The Chronicle (1)) (1998)

The Clip Show (2) (a.k.a. The Chronicle (2)) (1998)

The Finale (1) (1998) 

The Finale (2) (1998)