Worst & Best Ripping Yarns Episodes

Title: Ripping Yarns
Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Series: 2
Episodes: 9
First Transmission: 1976-1979

A series of yarns starring Michael Palin.


Episode Rankings

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*The Standard Deviation (SD) of the ratings is a measure of how much spread there is in the numbers. The median represents the middle value of the ratings

SD for Ripping Yarns = 0.39

Average Rating for Ripping Yarns = 8.24

Median value of the ratings = 8.4

The top-rated episode differs from the mean-rated episode by 1.41 standard deviations.

The bottom-rated episode differs from the mean-rated episode by 1.38 standard deviations.


Top-Rated Episode:

#4 Murder at Moorstones Manor (1977)

Bottom-Rated Episode:

#5 Across the Andes by Frog (1977)



Full Episode List

# Episode Year
1 Tomkinson’s Schooldays 1976
2 The Testing of Eric Olthwaite 1977
3 Escape from Stalag Luft 112 B 1977
4 Murder at Moorstones Manor 1977
5 Across the Andes by Frog 1977
6 The Curse of the Claw 1977
7 Whinfrey’s Last Case 1979
8 Golden Gordon 1979
9 Roger of the Raj 1979