Worst & Best Red Dwarf Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: British Sci-Fi Comedy Series
Series: 12
Episodes: 73
First Transmission: 1988-
Channel: BBC/DAVE

Red Dwarf is a British comedy franchise created by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor.

The series follows the fortunes of Dave Lister who is stranded three million years in the future after his bunkmate Rimmer accidentally blows up the Red Dwarf mining ship by doing a faulty repair. Rimmer is brought back as a hologram by the ship’s computer, Holly to keep him company. Later, a creature known only as Cat joins them along with a mechanoid called Kryten, who they encounter in Series III. In Series VI the Red Dwarf ship is stolen from the crew, forcing them to travel in the smaller Starbug craft for two series.

An episode from the sixth series, “Gunmen of the Apocalypse”, won an International Emmy Award in the Popular Arts category.

The series is well established as a cult classic.

Craig Charles: Lister
Chris Barrie: Rimmer
Danny John-Jules: Cat
Rober Llewellyn: Kryten
Norman Lovett: Holly
Hatty Hayridge: Holly 2

Best Episode ( S5 Ep6 )

Back to Reality – The Red Dwarf investigates an ocean ship, The Esperanto, where they find the ship’s crew have all committed suicide. Later, they are attacked by a sea monster called The Despair Squid. Soon, they all wake up to find that they have been playing an artificial reality computer game for four years and that their time on the Red Dwarf has all been an illusion – or has it?

26 March 1992

Imdb Score [9.3]



Worst Episode ( S9 Ep1 )

Back to Earth: Part One – Lister’s busy day of annoying Rimmer is interrupted by the discovery of something in the ship’s mile-deep water tank.

10 April 2009

Imdb Score – [6.5]



Full Episode List

Key:-  Blue highlighted episodes rated in the top half, brown highlighted episodes rated in the bottom half.


Season One

The End (1988)

Future Echoes (1988)

Balance of Power (1988)

Waiting for God (1988)

Confidence and Paranoia (1988)

Me² (1988)


Season Two

Kryten (1988)

Better Than Life (1988)

Thanks for the Memory (1988)

Stasis Leak (1988)

Queeg (1988)

Parallel Universe (1988)


Season Three

Backwards (1989)

Marooned (1989)

Polymorph (1989)

Bodyswap (1989)

Timeslides (1989)

The Last Day (1989)


Season Four

Camille (1991)

D.N.A. (1991)

Justice (1991)

White Hole (1991)

Dimension Jump (1991)

Meltdown (1991)


Season Five

Holoship (1992)

The Inquisitor (1992)

Terrorform (1992)

Quarantine (1992)

Demons & Angels (1992)

Back to Reality (1992)


Season Six

Psirens (1993)

Legion (1993)

Gunmen of the Apocalypse (1993)

Emohawk – Polymorph II (1993)

Rimmerworld (1993)

Out of Time (1993)


Season seven

Tikka to Ride (1997)

Stoke Me a Clipper (1997)

Ouroboros (1997)

Duct Soup (1997)

Blue (1997)

Beyond a Joke (1997)

Epideme (1997)

Nanarchy (1997)


Season Eight

Back in the Red, Part 1 (1999)

Back in the Red, Part 2 (1999)

Back in the Red, Part 3 (1999)

Cassandra (1999)

Krytie TV (1999)

Pete, Part 1 (1999)

Pete, Part 2 (1999)

Only the Good… (1999)


Season Nine

Back to Earth, Part 1 (2009)

Back to Earth, Part 2 (2009)

Back to Earth, Part 3 (2009)


Season Ten

Trojan (2012)

Fathers and Suns (2012)

Lemons (2012)

Entangled (2012)

Dear Dave (2012)

The Beginning (2012)


Season Eleven

Twentica (2016)

Samsara (2016)

Give & Take (2016)

Officer Rimmer (2016)

Krysis (2016)

Can of Worms (2016)


Season Twelve

Cured (2017)

Siliconia (2017)

Timewave (2017)

Mechocracy (2017)

M-Corp (2017)

Skipper (2017)