About the Series

Genre: British Sci-Fi Series
Series: 1
Episodes: 17
First Transmission: 1967-1968
Channel: ITV

The Prisoner is a 1967 British science fiction-allegorical television series created by Patrick McGoohan and George Markstein.

The series follows an unnamed British man who, after abruptly and angrily resigning from his government security job, prepares to make a hurried departure from the country. He is rendered unconscious by knockout gas piped into his flat whilst packing his luggage. When he wakes, he finds himself in a re-creation of his apartment, located in a mysterious isolated seaside “village” within which he is held captive. The show explored science-fiction and surrealistic themes.

It has become a cult classic in recent years.

Patrick McGoohan: Nuber Six
Angelo Muscat:  The Butler


Best Episode ( S1 Ep9 )

Hammer into Anvil – Number Six vows revenge on a sadistic Number Two after he drives a fellow Village resident to her death.

10 December 1967

Imdb Score [8.8]



Worst Episode ( S1 Ep12 )

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling – After his mind has been transferred to another body, Number Six wakes up in his London flat but none of his colleagues believe his story. He goes to Austria to find the one man who can help him, but Number Two wants him to be found.

7 January 1968

Imdb Score – [7.3]