Worst & Best Peep Show Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 9
Episodes: 54
First Transmission: 2003-2015
Channel: Channel4

Peep Show is a British television and was written by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, with additional material by Mitchell and Webb,

The sitcom follows the lives of Mark Corrigan and Jeremy “Jez” Usborne, two radically different friends who share a flat. Mark is socially awkward, with a cynical outlook on life, while Jeremy is an irresponsible slacker and unemployed musician who lives in Mark’s spare room.

Although it never achieved high viewing figures, the show received critical acclaim and has become a cult classic in recent years.

In 2019, Peep Show was named the 13th greatest British sitcom in a poll by Radio Times.

David Mitchell: Mark
Roger Webb: Jeremy

Best Episode [ S4 Ep6 ]

Wedding – It’s the day of the big wedding and Mark is desperately looking for a way of not going through with it – but he’s determined not to be labeled a jilter. Jeremy still harbors hopes of winning Nancy back, but being Mark’s best man keeps getting in the way.
18 May 2007



Worst Episode [ S1 Ep1 ]

Warring Factions – Mark and Jeremy compete for the attention of their attractive neighbor Toni.
19 September 2003



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Season One

Warring Factions (2003) –
Mark and Jeremy compete for the attentions of their attractive neighbour, Toni.
The Interview (2003) –
Mark wants Jeremy to get a job in his office so that he can pay the rent, but he has second thoughts.
On the Pull (2003) –
Mark and Jeremy go to a party and then a bowling alley.
Mark Makes a Friend (2003) –
Mark forges a partnership with his idol, business guru Alan Johnson, and tries to be more like him.
Dream Job (2003) –
Mark is angry with Sophie when she gets promoted ahead of him.
Funeral (2003) –
Jeremy’s uncle dies, which provides Mark the perfect opportunity to ask Sophie to be his date to the funeral.

Season Two

Dance Class (2004) –
Mark hacks into Sophie’s E-mail account to find out her thoughts on him.
Jeremy Makes It (2004) –
Mark makes a new friend at work who is fairly prejudiced.
Local Zero (2004) –
Jeff goes on a work trip with Sophie to Aberdeen.
University Challenge (2004) –
Mark almost becomes a stalker.
The Man Show (2004) –
Mark becomes depressed about Sophie living with Jeff.
Wedding (2004) –
Jeremy and Nancy get married for visa reasons.

Season Three

Mugging (2005) –
Some muggers steal Mark’s precious BlackBerry.
Sectioning (2005) –
Jeremy considers getting an old friend sectioned.
Shrooming (2005) –
Jeremy plans to throw a secret magic mushroom party in the flat, where he hopes to seduce his ex, Big Suze.
Sistering (2005) –
Mark’s week off work goes out of the window when his sister comes to stay.
Jurying (2005) –
Jeremy is on jury service, where he starts an ill-advised affair with the defendant.
Quantocking (2005) –
Mark feels he must propose to Sophie… and where better than the Quantocks?

Season Four

Sophie’s Parents (2007) –
Mark is having doubts about his engagement to Sophie.
Conference (2007) –
Mark has to give a presentation in front of the entire board.
Gym (2007) –
Mark joins a gym in order to spend as much time away Sophie as possible.
Handyman (2007) –
Jeremy meets his hero and ends up working as his handyman.
Holiday (2007) –
Jeremy has organised a stag weekend for Mark on a canal boat.
Wedding (2007) –
It’s the big day: Mark is getting married to Sophie.

Season Five

Burgling (2008) –
Mark rediscovers single life after his disastrous wedding to Sophie.
Spin War (2008) –
Mark and Sophie return to work.
Jeremy’s Broke (2008) –
Jeremy finally runs out of money.
Jeremy’s Mummy (2008) –
Jeremy’s mother comes to visit for a family funeral with her new boyfriend.
Jeremy’s Manager (2008) –
Jeremy and Super Hans get a band manager and play a Christian rock festival.
Mark’s Women (2008) –
Mark wonders whether Dobby may really be ‘the one.’

Season Six

Jeremy at JLB (2009) –
Mark gets promoted and finds Jeremy a job in the office.
The Test (2009) –
Jerry meets a new love, Elena, and Mark makes a play for Dobby.
Jeremy in Love (2009) –
Jeremy realises that he’s in love with Elena.
The Affair (2009) –
Mark discovers that Jeremy’s girlfriend Elena has a guilty secret.
The Party (2009) –
Mark and Jeremy throw a party.
Das Boot (2009) –
Elena and Gail’s wedding is imminent, but Jeremy is plotting to get rid of Gail.

Season Seven

St Hospitals (2010) –
Mark and Jeremy are at the hospital awaiting the birth of Mark’s baby.
Man Jam (2010) –
Dobby is going out with Simon, but Mark wants to win her over.
A Beautiful Mind (2010) –
Mark is worried that he can’t satisfy Dobby sexually.
Nether Zone (2010) –
It’s christening day for Mark’s baby.
Seasonal Beatings (2010) –
Mark has invited his parents over for Christmas lunch.
New Year’s Eve (2010) –
Jeremy is determined that he and Mark are going to have the night of their lives.

Season Eight

Jeremy Therapised (2012) –
Mark has asked Dobby to move in with him.
Business Secrets of the Pharaohs (2012) –
Mark gets his book accepted by a publisher.
The Love Bunker (2012) –
Simon invites Mark, Dobby, Jeremy and Super Hans to a paintballing weekend.
Big Mad Andy (2012) –
Mark employs a decorator to paint the kitchen.
Chairman Mark (2012) –
Jeremy moves in with Mark’s sister, Sara.
Quantocking II (2012) –
Mark takes Dobby on a weekend in the country.

Season Nine

The William Morris Years (2015) –
Mark and Jeremy are still at loggerheads.
Gregory’s Beard (2015) –
Mark and Jeremy are finally reunited.
Threeism (2015) –
Jeremy’s love life takes a surprising turn.
Mole-Mapping (2015) –
Mark is determined to get the woman of his dreams even though she is married.
Kid Farm (2015) –
Jeremy and Super Hans fight over the rights to a tune they wrote years ago.
Are We Going to Be Alright? (2015) –
Jeremy is turning 40 while Mark makes an audacious attempt to win the woman of his dreams.