Worst & Best Only Fools and Horses Episodes/List

Title: Only Fools and Horses
Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 9
Episodes: 64
Runtime: 30 min
First Transmission: 1981-2003
Channel: BBC

The show revolves about the adventures of ambitious market trader Derek “Del Boy” Trotter.


Episode Rankings


Best Episode [ S6 Ep7 ]

The Jolly Boys’ Outing – Rodney agrees to go on the annual Jolly Boys Outing to Margate. Rodney gets arrested, and the coach’s dodgy radio – supplied by Del Boy – ignites the fuel line of the bus, causing it to explode. Forced to stay the night, the Trotters stay at a weird bed and breakfast. Rodney and Del go out for a drink to a club, where Del encounters his lost love Raquel, now working as magician’s assistant. Rodney returns home and punches Cassandra’s boss due to a misunderstanding.
25 December 1989

Worst Episode [ S9 Ep1 ]

If They Could See Us Now….! – Del and Rodney lose their riches and are declared bankrupt. They return to Peckham and their Mandela House flat. Del appears on the game show ‘Goldrush’ in a last-ditch attempt to win their fortune back.  Meanwhile, Sid has taken over at the Nag’s Head now that Mike is in prison.
25 December 2001


Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Big Brother (1981) –
Del employs younger brother Rodney as a member of Trotters’ Independent Traders.
#2 Go West Young Man (1981) –
Del and Rodney go into the car trade.
#3 Cash and Curry (1981) –
Del tries to make £4,000 by getting back a priceless heirloom – it all goes wrong!
#4 The Second Time Around (1981) –
Del gets back with one of his exes, but neither Rodney nor Grandad are too keen.
#5 A Slow Bus to Chingford (1981) –
Del sets up a tour bus around London but nobody turns up.
#6 The Russians Are Coming (1981) –
Del buys a grand worth of lead in a deal and then Rodney points out that it is, in fact, a nuclear fall-out shelter.
#7 Christmas Crackers (1981) –
It’s Christmas in the Trotter household and the Yuletide festivities are wearing thin.

Series Two

#8 The Long Legs of the Law (1982) –
Del and Grandad are horrified when Rodney dates a police officer called Sandra.
#9 Ashes to Ashes (1982) –
Trigger is sad after the death of his grandmother, but as usual, Del sees the chance to make some money out of two urns.
#10 A Losing Streak (1982) –
Del hosts a winner takes all poker game against Boycie in his flat.
#11 No Greater Love… (1982) –
Rodney hooks up with Irene, a woman much older than himself and also with a jailbird husband who is just about to be released.
#12 The Yellow Peril (1982) –
Del arranges the job redecorating a Chinese Restaurant with gold paint, and he enlists the help of Rodney and Grandad.
#13 It Never Rains… (1982) –
Trotters Independent Traders is unable to trade because of the torrential rain.
#14 A Touch of Glass (1982) –
Del, Rodney and Grandad go into the chandelier cleaning business.
#15 Diamonds Are for Heather (1982) –
Del falls in love and proposes marriage.

Series Three

#16 Homesick (1983) –
Del tries to get the Trotters a ground floor flat when Grandad starts to struggle with the stairs.
#17 Healthy Competition (1983) –
Rodney decides to leave Trotters Independent Traders and join Mickey Pearce.
#18 Friday the 14th (1983) –
The Trotters take a fishing trip to Cornwall, staying in Boycie’s cottage, but a lunatic is on the loose.
#19 Yesterday Never Comes (1983) –
Del Boy gets into art dealing with Miranda, a glamorous “posh tart,” but Is she for real?
#20 May the Force Be with You (1983) –
Del’s old school enemy Slater, a police officer, is back in town hell-bent on revenge.
#21 Wanted (1983) –
Rodney helps a drunken woman but she cries rape – Del boy has some fun.
#22 Who’s a Pretty Boy? (1983) –
The Trotters paint Denzil’s flat.
#23 Thicker Than Water (1983) –
Del and Rodney’s estranged father turns up and claims that he has a hereditary disease.

Series Four

#24 Happy Returns (1985) –
Del believes that he may have sired a daughter by an old flame.
#25 Strained Relations (1985) –
After Grandad’s funeral we get introduced to Uncle Albert.
#26 Hole in One (1985) –
The Trotters are down on their luck but Uncle Albert comes up with an idea to save the day.
#27 It’s Only Rock and Roll (1985) –
Rodney joins a new band and Del Boy immediately tries to make some money out of it.
#28 Sleeping Dogs Lie (1985) –
The Trotter agree to make some easy money by looking after Boycie’s Great Dane puppy while he is on holiday.
#29 Watching the Girls Go By (1985) –
Del Boy sets up Rodney with a girl, only for Rodney to discover later that she is a stripper.
#30 As One Door Closes (1985) –
Del borrows some money from Denzil for some Louvre doors but finds the doors are now no longer needed.
#31 To Hull and Back (1985) –
Del gets into the diamond smuggling business.

Series Five

#32 From Prussia with Love (1986) –
The Trotters try to help a Fraulein in distress.
#33 The Miracle of Peckham (1986) –
Del helps the local church raise some money.
#34 The Longest Night (1986) –
The Trotters become involved in a hold-up at a local supermarket.
#35 Tea for Three (1986) –
Del and Rodney fall for the same girl but it’s Del who is left in the air!
#36 Video Nasty (1986) –
Rodney is in charge of making a film for his art class.
#37 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (1986) –
Del Boy’s old pal Jumbo Mills is back with tales of his booming business in Australia, and he wants Del to be his partner in the enterprise.
#38 A Royal Flush (1986) –
Rodney meets a pretty girl in the market with royal connections.
#39 The Frog’s Legacy (1987) –
At the wedding of Trigger’s niece, Del hears the tale of Freddy the Frog, a bank robber who left everything in his will to their mum, including the stolen gold bullion.
#40 Dates (1988) –
Del and Rodney both go on dates, and Albert’s strip-o-gram seems very familiar.

Series Six

#41 Yuppy Love (1989) –
Del has seen “Wall Street” for the fourth time and reinvents himself as a Yuppy.
#42 Danger UXD (1989) –
Del unwittingly buys 50 explosive inflatable sex dolls.
#43 Chain Gang (1989) –
Del buys 250 18-carat gold chains from a retired jeweller.
#44 The Unlucky Winner Is…(1989) –
Rodney wins a prize in a competition he didn’t even know he’d entered, and he and Cassandra go to Spain – but there is a catch!
#45 Sickness and Wealth (1989) –
To raise money, Del organises a series of séances run by Albert’s psychic friend Elsie, who correctly predicts Marlene’s pregnancy.
#46 Little Problems (1989) –
Rodney’s wedding day is approaching, and Del promises him £2000 as a present.
#47 The Jolly Boys’ Outing (1989) –
The Nag’s Head regulars head to the seaside town of Margate.
#48 Rodney Come Home (1990) –
Rodney is settling into married life but there are some problems.

Series Seven

#49 The Sky’s the Limit (1990) –
Rodney’s marriage is in trouble.
#50 The Chance of a Lunchtime (1991) –
Del has a stock of doorbells that play various National Anthems to sell.
#51 Stage Fright (1991) –
Del becomes a showbiz manager, and one of his clients is his pregnant girlfriend Raquel. But will things go to plan?
#52 The Class of ’62 (1991) –
Del goes to a school reunion where an old schoolfriend turns out to be not so friendly.
#53 He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Uncle (1991) –
Del takes the law into his own hands when Albert is the victim of crime.
#54 Three Men, a Woman and a Baby (1991) –
The birth of Del’s son is imminent.
#55 Miami Twice – The American Dream (1) (1991) –
The Trotters become transatlantic people.
#56 Miami Twice – Oh to Be in England (2) (1991) –
Del and Rodney’s holiday goes awry when their van is stolen.
#57 Mother Nature’s Son (1992) –
Del sells tap water and labels it as Peckham Spring water.
#58 Fatal Extraction (1993) –
Del goes back to his old ways – drinking, gambling and staying out late.
#59 Heroes and Villains (1996) –
Del is in a bad mood because his home-improvement grant has been turned down. Later they thwart some muggers dressed as Batman and Robin.
#60 Modern Men (1996) –
Del elects to have a vasectomy now he is a “modern man” but backs out when he finds that the doctor is still angry about the faulty paint he sold him.
#61 Time on Our Hands (1996) –
Del’s prospects take a step up in the shape of an antique watch. Is Del’s vision of becoming millionaire finally going to come to pass?
#62 If They Could See Us Now…! (2001) –
Due to some bad investments and the Central American stock market crash the Trotters lose all their money.
#63 Strangers on the Shore…! (2002) –
The Trotters go to France to scatter the late Uncle Albert’s ashes near the village where he spent part of the war.
#64 Sleepless in Peckham…! (2003) –
Marlene vanishes and Boycie is secretive about her disappearance leading people to believe that he has killed her.