Worst & Best Monty Python’s Flying Circus Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: British Surreal Comedy Series
Series: 4
Episodes: 46
First Transmission: 1969-1974
Channel: BBC

Monty Python’s Flying Circus was created by the Monty Python Comedy group, the members of which are shown below.

The series stands out for its use of surreal and absurd situations, mixed with risqué and innuendo-laden humour, sight gags and observational sketches without punchlines. These sketches are considered to be years ahead of their time when first broadcast. Live action segments were broken up with animations by group member Terry Gilliam, often merging with the live action to form segues.

Graham Chapman
John Cleese
Eric Idle
Terry Jones
Michael Palin
Terry Gilliam


Best Episode ( S2 Ep2 )

The Spanish Inquisition – An offbeat look at the Spanish Inquisition; an unconventional version of “Wuthering Heights.” Also: a jury plays charades while delivering its verdict; a man attempts to find one nontaxable pleasure.

22 September 1970

Imdb Score [9.1]



Worst Episode ( S4 Ep1 )

The Golden Age of Ballooning – The Montgolfier brothers prepare for the first balloon flight.

31 October 1974

Imdb Score – [7.5]



Full Episode List

Key:-  Blue highlighted episodes rated in the top half, brown highlighted episodes rated in the bottom half.


Season One

Whither Canada? (1969)

Sex and Violence (1969)

How to Recognise Different Types of Trees from Quite a Long Way Away (1969)

Owl-Stretching Time (1969)

Man’s Crisis of Identity in the Latter Half of the Twentieth Century (1969)

It’s the Arts (1969)

You’re No Fun Anymore (1969)

Full Frontal Nudity (1969)

The Ant, an Introduction (1969)

Untitled (1969)

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Goes to the Bathroom (1969)

The Naked Ant (1970)

Intermission (1970)


Season Two

Dinsdale (1970)

The Spanish Inquisition (1970)

Déjà Vu (1970)

The Buzz Aldrin Show (1970)

Live from the Grill-o-mat (1970)

It’s a Living (1970)

The Attila the Hun Show (1970)

Archaeology Today (1970)

How to Recognize Different Parts of the Body (1970)

Scott of the Antarctic (1970)

How Not to Be Seen (1970)

Spam (1970)

Royal (1970)


Season Three

Whicker’s World (1972)

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Norris’ Ford Popular (1972)

The Money Programme (1972)

Blood, Devastation, Death, War and Horror (1972)

The All-England Summarize Proust Competition (1972)

The War Against Pornography (1972)

Salad Days (1972)

The Cycling Tour (1972)

The Nude Organist (1972)

E. Henry Thripshaw’s Disease (1972)

Dennis Moore (1973)

A Book at Bedtime (1973)

Grandstand (1973)


Season Four

The Golden Age of Ballooning (1974)

Michael Ellis (1974)

Light Entertainment War (1974)

Hamlet (1974)

Mr. Neutron (1974)

Party Political Broadcast (1974)