Worst & Best IT Crowd Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 4
Episodes: 25
First Transmission: 2006-2013
Channel: Channel4

The IT Crowd is a British sitcom written by Graham Linehan.

The programme is set in the offices of the fictional Reynholm Industries. The plots are centred around the exploits of the three staff members of its IT  department: programming wizard, Maurice Moss, work-shy Roy Trenneman, and Jen Barber, the department head who is completely ignorant about IT. The programme also focuses on the bosses of Reynholm Industries.

The show was critically acclaimed and has become a cult classic.

Chris O’ Dowd: Roy Trenneman
Richard Ayoade: Maurice Moss
Katherine Parkinson: Jen Barber
Matt Berry: Douglas

Best Episode [ S2 Ep1 ]

The Work Outing – Jen’s new boyfriend invites Roy, Moss and Jen to a controversial theatre play. The misunderstandings that ensue have unintended consequences of epic proportions.
24 August 2007



Worst Episode [ S4 Ep3 ]

Something happened – Douglas falls for a crazy mystic, and Jen falls for a geeky keyboard player. Moss finds it all most entertaining and worthy of popcorn. Meanwhile, Roy is forced to sue his masseur for sexual harassment.
9 July 2010


Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Season One

Yesterday’s Jam (2006) –
Jen is appointed head of the IT department, but it becomes apparent that she knows nothing about computers.
Calamity Jen (2006) –
Reynholm Industries wages  a ‘war on stress’.
Fifty-Fifty (2006) –
Jen has a new admirer and  Roy decides to improve his love life.
The Red Door (2006) –
What lies behind the mysterious red door in the IT department?
The Haunting of Bill Crouse (2006) –
Moss goes to extraordinary lengths to help Jen escape the unwanted attention of  Bill Crouse.
Aunt Irma Visits (2006) –
Jen has powerful mood swings around a certain time every month.

Season Two

The Work Outing (2007) –
Jen’s hopes of finding love are dashed.
Return of the Golden Child (2007) –
Denholm’s death means trouble.
Moss and the German (2007) –
Moss answers an online ad for a cookery course.
The Dinner Party (2007) –
Jen’s hopes for a sophisticated dinner party are dashed when she has to invite the rest of the crowd.
Smoke and Mirrors (2007) –
A bad bra makes Jen lose concentration in a board meeting.
Men Without Women (2007) –
Jen becomes Douglas’s new PA.

Season Three

From Hell (2008) –
Jen deals with the builder from hell.
Are We Not Men? (2008) –
Roy and Moss to pass as ‘proper’ men for a momentous couple of days thanks to a new football website.
Tramps Like Us (2008) –
Jen seeks pastures new, and Roy ends up out in the cold.
The Speech (2008) –
Jen asserts herself as manager and makes powerful enemies.
Friendface (2008) –
Roy and Moss use a new social networking website.
Calendar Geeks (2008) –
Reynholm Industries introduces a new nude calendar.

Season Four

Jen the Fredo (2010) –
Jen becomes Entertainment Manager.
The Final Countdown (2010) –
Moss becomes a celebrity by beating all records on a Countdown.
Something Happened (2010) –
Douglas becomes a Spaceologist, Roy’s life is changed by a bad back, and Jen gets involved with a rock band.
Italian for Beginners (2010) –
Jen tells a whopper, and Roy gets obsessed with his girlfriend’s sad history.
Bad Boys (2010) –
Roy and Moss become “bad boys” for the day.
Reynholm vs Reynholm (2010) –
Douglas likes marriage – but only for two weeks.
The Internet is Coming (2013) –
Reynholm Industries’ reputation is at risk when an incident involving spilled coffee and a homeless person ends up on the internet.