About the Series

Genre: US Sci-Fi Series
Series: 2
Episodes: 43
First Transmission: 1967-1968
Channel: ABC

The Invaders is an American science fiction television program created by Larry Cohen.

David Vincent accidentally learns of a secret alien invasion of Earth which is already underway. Travelling all over America, he tries to foil the aliens’ plots. He must warn a sceptical population of the invasion and as the series progresses he does manage to garner a small number of people to try to thwart the plan.

Roy Thinnes: David Vincent


Best Episode ( S2 Ep4)

Valley of the Shadow – An alien gets arrested after killing a doctor. The entire town sees him go up in red flames when his rescue is bungled. The aliens are desperate to keep that knowledge from spreading. David Vincent must try to stop them from obliterating the whole town with water!

26 September 1967

Imdb Score [8.5]



Worst Episode ( S2 Ep11 )

The Prophet – Brother Avery preaches that heavenly beings are coming to bring peace. David Vincent knows that he is an alien but must prove it with the help of magazine writer, Bill Shay, but can he trust him with the truth?

14 November 1967

Imdb Score – [7.2]




Full Episode List

Key:-  Blue highlighted episodes rated in the top half, brown highlighted episodes rated in the bottom half.


Season One

Beachhead (1967)

The Experiment (1967)

The Mutation (1967)

The Leeches (1967)

Genesis (1967)

Vikor (1967)

Nightmare (1967)

Doomsday Minus One (1967)

Quantity: Unknown (1967)

The Innocent (1967)

The Ivy Curtain (1967)

The Betrayed (1967)

Storm (1967)

Panic (1967)

Moonshot (1967)

Wall of Crystal (1967)

The Condemned (1967)


Season Two

Condition: Red (1967)

The Saucer (1967)

The Watchers (1967)

Valley of the Shadow (1967)

The Enemy (1967)

The Trial (1967)

The Spores (1967)

Dark Outpost (1967)

Summit Meeting (1) (1967)

Summit Meeting (2) (1967)

The Prophet (1967)

Labyrinth (1967)

The Captive (1967)

The Believers (1967)

The Ransom (1967)

Task Force (1967)

The Possessed (1967)

Counter-attack (1968)

The Pit (1968)

The Organization (1968)

The Peacemaker (1968)

The Vise (1968)

The Miracle (1968)

The Life Seekers (1968)

The Pursued (1968)

Inquisition (1968)