Worst & Best Good Life Episodes/List

Best Episode ( S3 Ep5 )

The Wind-Break War – Tom becomes concerned when he hears that Margo is planning to build a windbreak. He can see a major problem with the further growth of his fruit crop

8 October 1976

Imdb Score [8.8]



Worst Episode ( S1 Ep2 )

Say Little Hen – Barbara converts the greenhouse into a chicken shed. Jerry tries to get Tom his old job back, but Tom declines. Tom and Barbara then decide to prove to Margo they are a success by making a lavish dinner.

11 April 1975

Imdb Score – [7.5]



Full Episode List

Key:-  Blue highlighted episodes rated in the top half, brown highlighted episodes rated in the bottom half.


Season One

Plough Your Own Furrow (1975)

Say Little Hen… (1975)

The Weaker Sex? (1975)

Pig’s Lib (1975)

The Thing in the Cellar (1975)

The Pagan Rite (1975)

Backs to the Wall (1975)

Season Two

Just My Bill (1975)

The Guru of Surbiton (1975)

Mr Fix-It (1975)

The Day Peace Broke Out (1976)

Mutiny (1976)

Home Sweet Home (1976)

Going to Pot? (1976)

Season Three

The Early Birds (1976)

The Happy Event (1976)

A Tug of the Forelock (1976)

I Talk to the Trees (1976)

The Wind-Break War (1976)

Whose Fleas Are These? (1976)

The Last Posh Frock (1976)


Season Four

Away from It All (1977)

The Green Door (1977)

Our Speaker Today (1977)

The Weaver’s Tale (1977)

Suit Yourself (1977)

Sweet and Sour Charity (1977)

Anniversary (1977)

Silly, But it’s Fun (1977)

When I’m 65 (1978)