Worst & Best Good Life Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: UK Sitcom
Series: 4
Episodes: 30
First Transmission: 1975-1978
Channel: BBC

The Good Life is a British sitcom and was written by Bob Larbey and John Esmonde.

Tom Good is having a mid-life crisis and decides to give up his job and with his wife, Barbara, become totally “self-sufficient.”

Richard Briers: Tom Good
Felicity Kendal: Barbara Good
Penelope Keith: Margo Leadbetter
Paul Eddington: Jeremy Leadbetter


Best Episode [ S3 Ep5 ]

The Wind-Break War – Tom becomes concerned when he hears that Margo is planning to build a windbreak. He can see a major problem with the further growth of his fruit crop.
8 October 1976



Worst Episode [ S1 Ep2 ]

Say Little Hen – Barbara converts the greenhouse into a chicken shed. Jerry tries to get Tom his old job back, but Tom declines. Tom and Barbara then decide to prove to Margo they are a success by making a lavish dinner.
11 April 1975



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Season One

Plough Your Own Furrow (1975) –
Tom Good decides to quit the rat-race.
Say Little Hen… (1975) –
Barbara converts the greenhouse into a chicken shed.
The Weaker Sex? (1975) –
Tom tries to invent something to scare the birds.
Pig’s Lib (1975) –
Margo is horrified when Tom and Barbara buy two pigs.
The Thing in the Cellar (1975) –
Tom builds his own generator, run by the methane from his animals’ manure.
The Pagan Rite (1975) –
Tom does some freelance work so that he and Barbara can stay the night at a luxury hotel.
Backs to the Wall (1975) –
Tom hurts his back and a storm then ruins the garden.

Season Two

Just My Bill (1975) –
Having gathered their harvest, Tom and Barbara need to sell their surplus produce.
The Guru of Surbiton (1975) –
Tom and Barbara recruit two University students to help out in the garden.
Mr Fix-It (1975) –
A journalist writes an article on the Goods lifestyle.
The Day Peace Broke Out (1976) –
Tom discovers that leeks have been stolen from his front garden and stays up all night to catch the culprit.
Mutiny (1976) –
Barbara does all she can to improve Margo’s confidence as the leading lady in ‘The Sound of Music’
Home Sweet Home (1976) –
Margo is delighted with the new neighbours.
Going to Pot? (1976) –
Tom and Barbara decide to enrol in evening classes.

Season Three

The Early Birds (1976) –
Tom and Barbara decide to change their sleeping patterns.
The Happy Event (1976) –
Pinky the pig is expecting.
A Tug of the Forelock (1976) –
Tom and Barbara become Margo’s domestics.
I Talk to the Trees (1976) –
Tom decides to start talking to his plants to help make them grow.
The Wind-Break War (1976) –
Tom gets worried when he hears Margo is planning to build a windbreak.
Whose Fleas Are These? (1976) –
Tom and Barbara get fleas.
The Last Posh Frock (1976) –
Barbara feels she has lost her femininity.

Season Four

Away from It All (1977) –
Tom and Barbara are depressed when their latest crop is a letdown, so they take a weekend break.
The Green Door (1977) –
Tom and Barbara are in desperate need of manure.
Our Speaker Today (1977) –
Barbara to give a talk on self-sufficiency to the Townswomen’s Guild in front of Lady Truscott.
The Weaver’s Tale (1977) –
Tom buys a loom with which to make their clothes.
Suit Yourself (1977) –
Using his new loom, Tom makes himself a suit and dyes it green from boiled nettles.
Sweet and Sour Charity (1977) –
Margo turns down the lead role of Sweet Charity in her local music group’s production as she objects to playing a lady of easy virtue.
Anniversary (1977) –
It’s the second anniversary of the Goods experiment in self-sufficency.
Silly, But it’s Fun (1977) –
It’s Christmas Eve, and in the Goods’ house Tom and Barbara are, of course, making home-made decorations.
When I’m 65 (1978) –
Tom and Jerry have a race to prove who is the fitter.