About the Series

Genre: U.S. Sitcom
Series: 11
Episodes: 263
First Transmission: 1993-2004
Channel: NBC

Frasier Crane: Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane:  Eddie Hitler

Best Episode ( S5 Ep14 )

The Ski Lodge – Roz wins a weekend at a ski lodge, and trades with Frasier. Daphne invites along her friend Annie, a swimsuit model. Frasier is taken with her, but she is interested in Niles. Added to the mix is their very handsome French ski instructor, Guy. Daphne is taken with him, but he is interested in Niles. That night, confusion runs rampant.

Imdb Score [9.6]


Worst Episode ( S11 Ep14 )

Freudian sleep – The Cranes are plagued by bizarre nightmares on a trip to the mountains.

Imdb Score – [7.1]