Worst & Best Colin’s Sandwich Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 2
Episodes: 12
First Transmission: 1988-1990
Channel: BBC

Colin’s Sandwich was written by Paul Smith¬†and¬†Terry Kyan.

The central character, Colin Watkins, is a neurotic man in his mid-thirties who works in a dead-end job for British Rail in their complaints department. He has a girlfriend, Jenny, and a best friend called Des. In his spare time, he writes horror fiction and dreams one day of being a top horror author.

Colin’s depressive attitude to life brings him into contact with many moral dilemmas and angst-ridden situations.

Mel Smith: Colin Watkins
Louisa Rix: Jenny

Best Episode [ S1 Ep3 ]

Enough – Colin’s told to cut back on excesses for a fortnight after a health scare, the agony of it all isn’t helped by a leaving party and Chinese takeaway, and an appointment with old acquaintances only prolongs the agony.

1 November 1988

Imdb Score [9.0]



Worst Episode [ S2 Ep2 ]

A Piece of Cake – Colin tries to hold in his inner child when he attends a boring wedding, Trevor’s announcement that he’s getting married comes with a surprise request, and attempts to inject some originality don’t quite hit the mark.

19 January 1990

Imdb Score – [7.2]



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Season One

Flaunt It (1988) –
Colin’s told that he’s the only man for a huge photocopying job.
Time Out (1988) –
A decision needs to be made about who is entitled to a period of leave.
Enough (1988) –
Colin gets a health scare and is told to cut back on excesses.
Pussyfooting (1988) –
Colin’s offered a chance to be published in the Langley Book of Horror.
Back from Bengal (1988) –
Colin worries about his story making it to John Langley’s office.
Night on the Town (1988) –
Colin gets good news from John Langley and then has a fit of cowardice on the underground.

Season Two

A Bit Wiffy (1990) –
Colin gets much praise with the launch of the Langley Book of Horror.
A Piece of Cake (1990) –
Colin attends a wedding.
Zanzibar (1990) –
A hijacked train provides inspiration for a story for a TV series.
Night Thoughts (1990) –
The demands of writing a screenplay and holding down a job begin to take their toll on Colin.
Frank (1990) –
Colin receives some bad news about his father.
Out to Lunch (1990) –
Colin tries to keep himself as busy as possible.