Worst & Best Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction Episodes/List

Best Episode [ S3 Ep1 ]

Morning Sickness/The Curse of Hampton Manor/Wax Executioner/Blood Bank/Ring Toss – A teenage girl, believed to be pregnant, gets an unlikely surprise at the hospital; a greedy Realtor pays the price after selling a ritzy house without disclosing a curse associated with it; a guillotine is put on display with unexpected consequences; a mysterious young man causes havoc with hospital staff; a carnival worker, with a history of cheating people, meets his match.

15 May 2000

Imdb Score [7.9]



Worst Episode [ S4 Ep12 ]

Witness to Murder/Roulette Wheel/The Phrenologist’s Head/The Bridge/The Cigar Box – A film crew goes to a haunted house and witnesses some unbelievable paranormal activity; A man’s unlucky streak at a casino is changed by an electric shock in a bathroom; a doctor gets an unlikely sign to recheck a patient’s medical records; a woman is saved from a collapsing bridge by a mysterious woman in a nurse’s uniform; a mother and daughter purchase a cigar box with a mysterious aura.

29 August 2002

Imdb Score – [6.0]


Full Episode List

Key:-  Blue highlighted episodes rated in the top half, brown highlighted episodes rated in the bottom half.


Season One

The Apparition, The Electric Chair, On the Road, Number One With a Bullet & Dream House (1997)

The Viewing, The Subway, Kid in the Closet, Justice is Served & The Tractor (1997)

The Prophecy, Couch Potato, Love Over the Counter, Imaginary Friend & Last Man on Earth (1997)

E-Mail, Cup of Joe, Secret of the Family Tomb, Wheezer & The Unknown Patient (1997)

Needle Point, Toy to the Rescue, Mystery Lock, The House on Baker Street & The Train (1997)

The Candlestick; The Diner; From the Agency; The Magic Rose Garden; The Jeep (1997)


Season Two

The Plane, The Gun, The Portrait, The Pass & The Caller (1998)

Firestation 32, The Computer, The Girl Next Door, The Wallet & The Woods (1998)

The Wall, The Chalkboard, The Getaway, The Prescription & Summer Camp (1998)

The Wrestler; The Escape; Dead Friday; Ghost Visitor; The Lady in a Black Dress (1998)

The Land, Titan, The Diary, Town of Remembrance & The House on Barry Avenue (1998)

Bright Light, Magic Mighty Man, The Student, Scribbles & Count Mystery (1998)

The Mummy, The Perfect Record, Grave Sitting, Murder on the Second Floor & They Towed My Car (1998)

Kirby, Dust, Malibu Cop, A Joyful Noise & The Hooded Chair (1998)

Rock and Roll Ears, The Bucket, The Bridesmaid, Voice from the Grave & The Chess Game (1998)

The Motorcycle, Blind Man’s Dog, Deer Hunters, Tribal Curse & The Card Game (1998)

Bon Voyage, The Man in the Model T, The Scoop, Angel on Board & Buenos Dias (1998)

Merry-Go-Round; Red-Eyed Creature; Used Car Salesman; Surveillance Camera; Graffiti (1998)

The Warning; Bus Stop; The Cure; The Guardian; The Gift (1998)

Season Three

Morning Sickness; The Curse of Hampton Manor; Wax Executioner; Blood Bank; Ring Toss (2000)

One for the Road, The Music Box, Two to One, Damsel & The Horn (2000)

The Find, The Golden Cue, The FBI Story, The Gravedigger’s Nemesis & Last Rites (2000)

E-Mail, Blood Donor, Epitaph, Stitches in Time & The Soldier (2000)

The Nightmare, The Stalker, The Impossible Car Dream, The Dresser & The Burial (2000)

Red Line, Two Sisters, Eclipse, The Ice Box & The Gathering (2000)

Connie, Positive I.D., Trucker, Cook-Out & The New House (2000)

Creepy Comics, Louie the Dip, The Wailing, The Landlady & Curse (2000)

For the Record, Halloween, Precious, Get Your Kicks at Motel 66 & Phantom Drifter (2000)

Devil’s Tattoo; Static Man; The Bloody Hand; Where Have All the Heroes Gone; War  Surplus (2000)

Deadbeat Dad, Ghost Town, The Sewing Machine, The Sleepwalker & Money Laundry (2000)

The Handyman, Anatole, Makeup Magic, Screwdriver & Charlie (2000)

The Dealer, Gratuity, The Cake, 1st Time Offender & The Mirror of Truth (2000)


Season Four

The Devil’s Autograph; Mail Order Degree; The News Stand; The Murder of Roy Hennessey; Mysterious Strangers (2002)

Writer’s Agent; Crypt Ghost; The Doll; Hubert’s Curse; Shared Vision (2002)

Out of Service; When I Was Big; The Greedy Investor; Seven Hours of Bad Luck; The Secret of the Coins (2002)

Second Sight; The Fine Line; The Wrong Turn; Who Was I; You Are Next (2002)

House of Shadows; One Hand in the Till; Teasdale’s Motor Car; The Vision; The Grave (2002)

The Dorm; The Child Artist; The Weatherman; Sit-Down Comic; Room 245 (2002)

The Wreath, Terror Night, Tants, The Candidate; The Ring (2002)

Caitlin’s Candle; The Flower Jury; The Mentor; The Old Bike; The Music Teacher (2002)

The Wealthy Widow; The Witness; The Accident; Bad Dreams; Mental (2002)

Moonstruck Beach, Healing Hands, Aspen Sunny Side, Night Walker; Hot Car (2002)

The Mystery of Douglas Hibbard; Wheelchair Man; The Vigil; The Mandarin’s Bowl; Ghost Writer (2002)

Witness to Murder; Roulette Wheel; The Phrenologist’s Head; The Bridge; The Cigar Box (2002)

The Hand; The Battered Doll; Poker Justice; Above the Clouds; Screen Saver (2002)