Worst & Best A Touch of Frost Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: UK Sitcom
Series: 15
Episodes: 42
First Transmission: 1992-2010
Channel: ITV

A Touch of Frost is a television detective series initially based on the Frost novels by R. D. Wingfield.

Detective Inspector William Edward “Jack” Frost is an experienced and dedicated detective who frequently clashes with his superiors.

David Jason: DI Jack Frost

Best Episode [ S15 Ep2 ]

If Dogs Run Free Part2: – Frost becomes engaged to Christine Moorehead while trying to put crime kingpin Gerry Berland behind bars and trying to unmask a copycat killer.
5 April 2010



Worst Episode [ S2 Ep1 ]

A Minority of One – While Frost is investigating a series of burglaries in a black area of Denton, one of his informants, a single mother, is murdered as Mullett worries about bad press.
9 January 1994



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Series One

Care and Protection (1992) –
DI Jack Frost has to cope with the impending death of his wife while investigating the disappearance of a young girl.
Not with Kindness (1992) –
Frost investigates a missing paper-girl.
Conclusions (1992) –
Frost copes with an unhappy new partner as he investigates a series of crimes.

Season Two

A Minority of One (1994) –
While investigating a series of burglaries, one of Frost’s informants is murdered.
Widows and Orphans (1994) –
Frost investigates two serial criminals preying on senior women.
Nothing to Hide (1994) –
A young addict is found in a public toilet beaten to death.
Stranger in the House (1994) –
Frost is finding it hard to find a serial rapist.

Season Three

Appropriate Adults (1995) –
When an 8-year-old girl disappears near the local woods, circumstances point to a seemingly harmless 20-year-old with Down’s Syndrome.
Quarry (1995) –
Two animal rights activists are murdered following a protest of a fox hunt.
Dead Male One (1995) –
Frost investigates a body floating in a river and the drug-related death of a footballer who dies after a kick in the head.
No Refuge (1995) –
Although the three armed robbers who held up a glass factory are caught, there is no trace of the 15 thousand pounds they stole.

Season Four

Paying the Price (1996) –
A ruthless kidnapper tests Frost’s talents to the limit.
Unknown Soldiers (1996) –
The Things We Do for Love (1996) –
When a beautiful therapist is found stabbed to death 18 times in a parking lot, Frost suspects one of her clients.
Fun Time for Swingers (1996) –
A woman commits suicide, and Frost later finds her death connected with that of a gigolo.
Deep Waters (1996) –
A sub-postmistress is fatally stabbed in a small-scale robbery and Frost links it with the death of a young girl swimmer two years earlier, in another town.

Season Five

Penny for the Guy (1997) –
A ruthless kidnapper holds a supermarket chain to ransom by threatening the life of a young boy.
House Calls (1997) –
There is a spate of break-ins where the intruder gives the sleeping children injections, which reminds Frost of a similar series a few years earlier. 
True Confessions (1997) –
A man’s church confession gives a pointer to a straightforward murder.
No Other Love (1997) –
Frost investigates the brutal murder of Peter Lawson and unearths some shocking secrets.

Season Six

Appendix Man (1999) –
An unsolved case returns to haunt Frost when a man is found hanged at home.
One Man’s Meat (1999) –
A dismembered arm washes up in the Humber Estuary.
Private Lives (1999) –
A woman is found in a critical condition in a quiet village, a victim of an apparent hit-and-run incident.
Keys to the Car (1999) –
Frost has to investigate a confidence trickster, who has lest behind a trail of satisfied golfing widows, unpaid bar bills and stolen cars.

Season Seven

Line of Fire: Part 1 (1999) –
A local power station worker falls to his death in a mysterious accident and then a young police detective is murdered.
Line of Fire: Part 2 (2000) –
Frost’s pursuit leads to a confrontation high above a power station.

Season Eight

Benefit of the Doubt: Part 1 (2001) –
A woman is found dead by the railroad and then a disliked surgeon goes missing and turns up deceased.
Benefit of the Doubt: Part 2 (2001) –
The railroad murder is solved and now Frost has to solve the death of the surgeon.

Season Nine

Mistaken Identity: Part 1 (2002) –
A body with no identification is found in a local reservoir and the brutal murder of a couple leads to a worker in their home.
Mistaken Identity: Part 2 (2002) –
Frost believes the man they have in custody is not the killer.

Season Ten

Hidden Truth (2003) –
A vital witness to a gangland killing goes missing before she can give evidence in court.
Close Encounters (2003) –
Frost investigates the murder of a security guard at a quarry with an autistic teenager the only witness.
Held in Trust (2003) –
A young boy is reported missing.

Season Eleven

Another Life (2003) –
Frost unravels the mystery of a missing dance partner after a body is found in the canal.
Dancing in the Dark (2004) –
Frost must deal with a corpse found in a recycling dump.

Season Twelve

Near Death Experience (2005) –
A beautiful forensic psychologist is recruited to assist Frost in profiling a serial murderer who targets women at home.

Season Thirteen

Endangered Species (2006) –
When a couple return from holiday, they find a body in their bed.

Season Fourteen

Mind Games (2008) –
Frost has to deal with a desperate mother and solve a 20-year-old missing person case following the discovery of a teenage girl’s remains.
Dead End (2008) –
Frost investigates the kidnapping of two bus drivers and the death of a clown.
In the Public Interest (2008) –
A shallow grave is uncovered and three bodies are discovered. Could this be a ritual killing?

Season Fifteen

If Dogs Run Free: Part 1 (2010) –
A small-time hood who sponsors illegal dogfighting tries to intimidate the RSPCA officer who witnessed a murder committed by his son.
If Dogs Run Free: Part 2 (2010) –
Frost becomes engaged to Christine Moorehead while trying to put crime kingpin Gerry Berland behind bars.