Best Episode 

A Double Wedding? – Diana has a raucous hen night with male strippers whilst Tom’s stag night is a very drab affair. Dennis Sparrow is to conduct the two wedding ceremonies separately but due to a double-booking, he can perform a double wedding after all. Jane becomes Mrs. Harvey Baines, but Tom and Diana happily agree not to marry after all but to live in sin.

Imdb Score [8.2]

Worst Episode

The Partition РTom is depressed because he is missing his late wife.  Marion and Geoffrey, though, are not too keen to have him home. He turns his attentions to Diana and suggests that they shack up together. A much offended Diana has a partition built between their two rooms. Her mood is further lowered by the arrival of new resident Daisy, with whom she soon clashes, although Tom gets on well with her.

Imdb Score – [6.5]