Worst & Best Vicar of Dibley Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: UK Sitcom
Series: 3
Episodes: 20
First Transmission: 1994-2007
Channel: BBC

When the ancient vicar of Dibley dies suddenly, the parishioners are surprised to find that the Bishop has appointed a woman as their new vicar.

Geraldine Grainger, the new vicar, is aided by the verger, Alice Tinker and opposed at practically every turn by David Horton.

In 2004, it placed third in a BBC poll of Britain’s Best Sitcom.

Dawn French: Geraldine Grainger
Gary Waldhorn: David Horton
Emma Chambers:
Alice Tinker
James Fleet:
Hugo Horton
Roger Lloyd Pack:
Owen Newitt
John Bluthal:
Frank Pickle
Trevor Peacock:
Jim Trott
Liz Smith:
Letitia Cropley


Best Episode [ S3 Ep7 ]

The Handsome Stranger – Geraldine is depressed. as she has conducted a hundred weddings but is still single herself. An attractive young couple arrives to take up a weekend cottage – Harry and Rosie Kennedy. Geraldine is smitten by Harry and is relieved when she finds out that Rosie is his sister, not his wife.

25 December 2006

Imdb Score [9.1]


Worst Episode [ S3 Ep6 ]

Happy New Year – It’s the vicar’s fortieth birthday and the villagers club together to buy her a present – an evening at a speed-dating session. Most of the other male participants are all council members. Geraldine is cheered, however, when the parish council all agree to back her support for the Make Poverty History campaign after watching a moving film about orphans in Africa.

1 January 2005

Imdb Score – [7.7]



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Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

The Arrival (1994) –
When the 102-year-old vicar of Dibley’s St. Barnabas dies, the are shocked to discover that his replacement is a woman.
Songs Of Praise (1994) –
The Songs of Praise team come to Dibley to film in St. Barnabas’ Church.
Community Spirit (1994) –
Dibley has a fete and Geraldine is determined to earn more than the £270 taken the previous year.
The Window And The Weather (1994) –
A storm hits the village, smashing one of the church’s stained glass windows.
Election (1994) –
David stands for re-election to the local council, but faces some competition when the villagers declare that they want the vicar to run.
Animals (1994) –
Geraldine plans a special service for all the animals of the village, to be held in the church.
The Easter Bunny (1996) –
Easter comes to the village and each council member gives up something for Lent.
The Christmas Lunch Incident (1996) –
Geraldine is invited to four separate Christmas dinners and ends up going to all four. 

Series Two

Engagement (1997) –
Geraldine plays cupid with Alice and Hugo, but David threatens to disinherit him.
Dibley Live (1998) –
It’s the 650th anniversary of St. Barnabus’s Church, so the villagers set up a radio station for a week.
Celebrity Vicar (1998) –
Geraldine is invited to appear on the television, but the fame eventually goes to her head.
Love And Marriage (1998) –
Alice and Hugo are married.

Series Three

Autumn (1999) –
Hugo and Alice return from their honeymoon with Alice pregnant and Simon and Geraldine start seeing each other.
Winter (1999) –
Geraldine holds a Christmas show and Alice gives birth during it.
Spring (1999) –
The Bishop of Mulberry officiates at the christening of Alice and Hugo’s baby.
Summer (2000) –
Dibley is in drought, so the water company tries to solve the problem by turning the village into a reservoir.
Merry Christmas (2004) –
It is Geraldine’s 10th Christmas at Dibley, and to celebrate a competition is held to see who can write the best Christmas carol.
Happy New Year (2005) –
The villagers celebrate Geraldine’s 40th birthday, by buying her a ticket to a speed-dating evening.
The Handsome Stranger (2006) –
Geraldine goes round to see Harry Kennedy, who has just moved into Dibley and instantly falls for him.
The Vicar In White (2006) –
Geraldine and Harry are married and she flies up into the sky as a sign of happiness.