Worst & Best Twilight Zone 1959 Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: Us Fantasy/Horror/Mystery Series
Series: 5
Episodes: 156
First Transmission: 1959-1964
Channel: CBS

The Twilight Zone is a sci-fi, horror, mystery series, the majority of which were written by Rod Serling, the show’s creator and executive producer.

A typical Twilight Zone episode consists of some strange glitch in the normal run of events befalling its protagonist and then showing how they deal with the situation and try to resolve it.  

The show had its second revival in 1985 with a new colour series.


Best Episode [ S5 Ep3 ]

Nightmare at 20,000 Feet – Mr. Robert Wilson has spent the last six months in a sanitarium recovering from a nervous breakdown. Flying home, his nerves are about to be shattered once more when he believes he can see a creature on the wing destroying the engine.

11 October 1963

Imdb Score [9.2]



Worst Episode [ S3 Ep36 ]

Cavender is Coming – Agnes Grep, down on her luck and behind on her rent, is sent a guardian angel, Cavender, to make her happy in twenty-four hours and earn his wings.

25 May 1962

Imdb Score – [5.9]



Full Episode Guide

Key:-  Blue highlighted episodes rated in the top half, brown highlighted episodes rated in the bottom half.


Series One

Where is Everybody? (1959) –
Mike Ferris is alone in a small town and has no idea who he is or where he is.
One for the Angels (1959) –
A pitchman is visited by “Death.”
Mr. Denton on Doomsday (1959) –
A drunk in an old-west town meets his past.
The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine (1959) –
A faded film star needs help when she becomes obsessed with watching her old movies.
Walking Distance (1959) –
A man travels back in time to his childhood town.
Escape Clause (1959) –
A man sells his soul to the devil in exchange for immortality.
The Lonely (1959) –
A convict exiled to an asteroid is sent a robot-woman for company.
Time Enough at Last (1959) –
A henpecked book lover finds himself alone with his books after a nuclear war -what could go wrong?
Perchance to Dream (1959) –
A fatigued man tries to keep himself awake as he will die if he falls asleep.
Judgment Night (1959) –
It’s 1942 and a confused man is on a ship knowing that it will be hit by a German U-boat.
And When the Sky Was Opened (1959) –
Three astronauts return home and slowly fade from existence.
What You Need (1959) –
A crook tries to exploit a street peddler who has the knack of selling people just what they need.
The Four of Us Are Dying (1960) –
A man who can change his face to look like other people plans to use it for gain.
Third From the Sun (1960) –
Two families plan to steal a spaceship to escape a nuclear war.
I Shot an Arrow Into the Air (1960) –
A crashing rocketship leaves three desperate people with limited resources.
The Hitch-Hiker (1960) –
A young woman on a cross country drive keeps passing the same hitch-hiker.
The Fever (1960) –
A middle-aged man catches a bad case of gambling fever.
The Last Flight (1960) –
A World War I British fighter pilot lands at an American air force base in France 42 years in the future.
The Purple Testament (1960) –
A U.S. Army lieutenant serving in the Philippines during WWII has a disturbing talent of telling who will die next.
Elegy (1960) –
Three astronauts landing on an asteroid find that every inhabitant is frozen in time.
Mirror Image (1960) –
Waiting at a bust stop, Millicent Barnes has a weird sense that she has a doppelganger.
The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street (1960) –
On a peaceful suburban street, weird occurrences send usually tranquil people paranoid.
A World of Difference (1960) –
A businessman discovers that his whole life is a sham.
Long Live Walter Jameson (1960) –
A father discovers that his soon to be son-in-law is really thousands of years old.
People Are Alike All Over (1960) –
The lone survivor of a crash-landing on Mars finds the native inhabitants surprisingly hospitable!!
Execution (1960) –

The Big Tall Wish (1960) –

A Nice Place to Visit (1960) –

Nightmare as a Child (1960) –

A Stop at Willoughby (1960) –

The Chaser (1960) –

A Passage for Trumpet (1960) –

Mr. Bevis (1960) –

The After Hours (1960) –

The Mighty Casey (1960) –

A World of His Own (1960) –

A writer discovers that he can change


Series Two

King Nine Will Not Return (1960)

The Man in the Bottle (1960)

Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room (1960)

A Thing About Machines (1960)

The Howling Man (1960)

The Eye of the Beholder (1960)

Nick of Time (1960)

The Lateness of the Hour (1960)

The Trouble with Templeton (1960)

A Most Unusual Camera (1960)

The Night of the Meek (1960)

Dust (1961)

Back There (1961)

The Whole Truth (1961)

The Invaders (1961)

A Penny for Your Thoughts (1961)

Twenty-Two (1961)

The Odyssey of Flight 33 (1961)

Mr. Dingle, the Strong (1961)

Static (1961)

The Prime Mover (1961)

Long Distance Call (1961)

A Hundred Yards Over the Rim (1961)

The Rip Van Winkle Caper (1961)

The Silence (1961)

Shadow Play (1961)

The Mind and the Matter (1961)

Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up (1961)

The Obsolete Man (1961)


Series Three

Two (1961)

The Arrival (1961)

The Shelter (1961)

The Passersby (1961)

A Game of Pool (1961)

The Mirror (1961)

The Grave (1961)

It’s a Good Life (1961)

Deaths-Head Revisited (1961)

The Midnight Sun (1961)

Still Valley (1961)

The Jungle (1961)

Once Upon a Time (1961)

Five Characters in Search of an Exit (1961)

A Quality of Mercy (1961)

Nothing in the Dark (1962)

One More Pallbearer (1962)

Dead Man’s Shoes (1962)

The Hunt (1962)

Showdown with Rance McGrew (1962)

Kick the Can (1962)

A Piano in the House (1962)

The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank (1962)

To Serve Man (1962)

The Fugitive (1962)

Little Girl Lost (1962)

Person or Persons Unknown (1962)

The Little People (1962)

Four O’Clock (1962)

Hocus-Pocus and Frisby (1962)

The Trade-Ins (1962)

The Gift (1962)

The Dummy (1962)

Young Man’s Fancy (1962)

I Sing the Body Electric (1962)

Cavender is Coming (1962)

The Changing of the Guard (1962)


Series Four

In His Image (1963)

The Thirty-Fathom Grave (1963)

Valley of the Shadow (1963)

He’s Alive (1963)

Mute (1963)

Death Ship (1963)

Jess-Belle (1963)

Miniature (1963)

Printer’s Devil (1963)

No Time Like the Past (1963)

The Parallel (1963)

I Dream of Genie (1963)

The New Exhibit (1963)

Of Late I Think of Cliffordville (1963)

The Incredible World of Horace Ford (1963)

On Thursday We Leave for Home (1963)

Passage on the Lady Anne (1963)

The Bard (1963)


Series Five

In Praise of Pip (1963)

Steel (1963)

Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (1963)

A Kind of a Stopwatch (1963)

The Last Night of a Jockey (1963)

Living Doll (1963)

The Old Man in the Cave (1963)

Uncle Simon (1963)

Probe 7 – Over and Out (1963)

The 7th is Made Up of Phantoms (1963)

A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain (1963)

Ninety Years Without Slumbering (1963)

Ring-a-Ding Girl (1963)

You Drive (1964)

The Long Morrow (1964)

The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross (1964)

Number Twelve Looks Just Like You (1964)

Black Leather Jackets (1964)

Night Call (1964)

From Agnes – With Love (1964)

Spur of the Moment (1964)

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (1964)

Queen of the Nile (1964)

What’s in the Box (1964)

The Masks (1964)

I Am the Night – Color Me Black (1964)

Sounds and Silences (1964)

Caesar and Me (1964)

The Jeopardy Room (1964)

Stopover in a Quiet Town (1964)

The Encounter (1964)

Mr. Garrity and the Graves (1964)

The Brain Center at Whipple’s (1964)

Come Wander with Me (1964)

The Fear (1964)

The Bewitchin’ Pool (1964)