Worst & Best Tales from the Darkside Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: US Horror/Fantasy Series
Series: 4
Episodes: 90
First Transmission: 1983-1988
Channel: Tribune

Tales from the Darkside is a 1980s American anthology horror TV series created by George A. Romero.

Each episode, originally aired late at night, was an individual short story that often ended with some kind of plot twist. The series’ episodes spanned the genres of horror, science fiction, and fantasy, and some episodes featured elements of black comedy or more lighthearted themes. Some episodes of the series were written by or adapted from the works of famous authors such as Stephen King,  Frederik Pohl, Harlan Ellison and Clive Barker.


Best Episode [ S3 Ep11 ]

Seasons of Belief – On Christmas Eve, to relieve their boredom, a father tells his two sons the story about a fearsome beast known as the Grither.

29 December 1986

Imdb Score [8.1]


Worst Episode [ S4 Ep19 ]

Barter – Harried housewife Ruthie receives a visit from bizarre salesman Klaatzu, whose mechanical device may help her shut out the sound of her son Nicky’s constant drum-playing in a way that Ruthie never imagined.

17 July 1988

Imdb Score – [3.6]



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Season One

Trick or Treat (1983) –
A town miser gets his comeuppance on Halloween night.
The New Man (1984) –
A reformed alcoholic is visited by his young son.
I’ll Give You a Million (1984) –
Jack is offered one million dollars for his mortal soul.
Pain Killer (1984) –
Harvey Turman suffers back pain caused by his wife.
The Odds (1984) –
Lacy bets that bookie Vale will die of natural causes by 8 am tomorrow.
Mookie and Pookie (1984) –
Mookie and Pookie are connected beyond the grave.
Slippage (1984) –
Rich Hall finds that he is slowly ceasing to exist.
Inside the Closet (1984) –
Something is scurrying around in the upstairs room that Gail Aynsley is renting.
The Word Processor of the Gods (1984) –
A struggling writer gets a computer upgrade.
A Case of the Stubborns (1984) –
Jodie and his mum are grief-stricken by the passing away of Jodie’s grandfather.
Djinn, No Chaser (1985) –
A mental patient tells the story of how a genie came into his life.
All a Clone by the Telephone (1985) –
A Tv screenwriter’s life is taken over by a voice from his answering machine.
In the Cards (1985) –
Catherine makes a living as a tarot card reader.
Anniversary Dinner (1985) –
An elderly couple take in a girl escaping from her boyfriend, just in time for their rather disgusting 25th-anniversary dinner.
Snip, Snip (1985) –
Two hairdressers do battle over a winning lottery ticket.
Answer Me (1985) –
Actress Joan Matlin is constantly annoyed by the sound of a ringing phone coming from the apartment next door.
The Tear Collector (1985) –
A young woman who can’t stop crying meets a mysterious man who collects tears.
Madness Room (1985) –
A Ouija board leads a wealthy couple to an extra room in their house.
If the Shoes Fit… (1985) –
Bo Gumbs believes that politics is nothing more than entertainment.
Levitation (1985) –
Two hecklers goad a magician into performing the levitation act that went horribly wrong years ago.
It All Comes Out in the Wash (1985) –
A real estate developer pays a Chinese man to wash away his sins.
Bigalow’s Last Smoke (1985) –
A chain smoker is forced to give up smoking.
Grandma’s Last Wish (1985) –
A Grandma is given one last wish before she moves into her retirement home.
The False Prophet (1985) –
A young woman depends on an astrology machine to help her make all her decisions.

Season Two

The Impressionist (1985) –
A nightclub impressionist helps the government establish contact with a hostile alien.
Lifebomb (1985) –
A CEO working himself to death gets a special offer.
Ring Around the Redhead (1985) –
A death row inmate tells of Keena who popped out of a time portal and sealed his fate.
Parlour Floor Front (1985) –
Strange things happen when a tenant is asked to move out.
Halloween Candy (1985) –
Mr Killup taunts kids on Halloween. This year he’s about to get a surprise.
The Satanic Piano (1985) –
A composer is contacted by a man with a synthesiser that can read minds.
The Devil’s Advocate (1985) –
A hate-filled host of a radio call-in shows discovers where his anger and cynicism leads.
Distant Signals (1985) –
A cult follower of an old failed TV show wants to recreate it.
The Trouble with Mary Jane (1985) –
A $50,000 reward is offered to whoever can rid young Mary Jane of the demons possessing her.
Ursa Minor (1985) –
Richard and Joan buy their daughter, Susie,  a large stuffed teddy bear for her birthday.
Effect and Cause (1985) –
An artist discovers that she has the power to alter reality.
Monsters in My Room (1985) –
Timmy finds monsters in his bedroom.
Comet Watch (1985) –
An amateur astronomer makes a surprising discovery about Halley’s Comet after a young woman falls out of his telescope.
Dream Girl (1986) –
A theactrical director and her colleagues find themselves trapped in a dreamlike world.
A New Lease On Life (1986) –
Archie Fenton moves into a very strange apartment.
Printer’s Devil (1986) –
A writer uses animal sacrifices to become successful.
The Shrine (1986) –
A woman competes against a little girl for the affections of her own mother.
The Old Soft Shoe (1986) –
A traveling salesman has a ghostly date with an attractive woman in a motel.
The Last Car (1986) –
A young woman rides the last car on a train journey home and discovers some strange passengers.
A Choice of Dreams (1986) –
A mob boss with a terminal illness is offered the chance to experience his dreams after death.
Strange Love (1986) –
A doctor makes a house call and finds that his patients are vampires.
The Unhappy Medium (1986) –
A deceased preacher leaves a video-taped will which informs his family that he will send them a sign.
Fear of Floating (1986) –
A man who levitates whenever he lies tries to enlist in the Army.
The Casavin Curse (1986) –
Gina Casavin seems to be under a curse as everyone with whom she falls in love, dies mysteriously.

Season Three

The Circus (1986) –
A journalist debunks charlatans, and now it’s the turn of Dr Nis.
I Can’t Help Saying Goodbye (1986) –
Karen appears to be able to make people die by touching their faces and saying goodbye.
The Bitterest Pill (1986) –
A man develops a miraculous pill which improves brainpower and memory.
Florence Bravo (1986) –
Emily is visited by the spectre of Florence Bravo who murdered her own husband.
The Geezenstacks (1986) –
What befalls the dolls in a dolls house also befalls the residents of a house.
Black Widows (1986) –
On her wedding night, a young bride learns a secret about the women in her family.
Heretic (1986) –
A wealthy art collector regrets the purchase of a painting when he sees the world it depicts.
A Serpent’s Tooth (1986) –
A controlling mother is given a serpent’s tooth by a friend, causing her warnings to come true.
Baker’s Dozen (1986) –
A voodoo witch opens a bakery and sells magic cookies.
Deliver Us from Goodness (1986) –
A saintly woman tires of her goodness and seeks a fall from grace.
Seasons of Belief (1986) –
On Christmas Eve a man relates the story of a fearsome beast called the Grither.
Miss May Dusa (1987) –
An amnesiac woman befriends a saxophone player and slowly uncovers the truth behind the deaths she’s accidentally caused.
The Milkman Cometh (1987) –
A milkman who can grant wishes sometimes mixes them up, much to the distress of one man.
My Ghostwriter – The Vampire (1987) –
A horror writer discovers a real vampire in the coffin he bought to inspire his work and makes a deal with him to provide material for his novels.
My Own Place (1987) –
A young man gets a great deal on a New York apartment, then discovers he has a mysterious roommate.
Red Leader (1987) –
The Devil offers a corrupt businessman a top position in Hell.
Everybody Needs a Little Love (1987) –
A divorced man dotes upon a mannequin.
Auld Acquaintances (1987) –
Two ancient witches fight over an amulet yet.
The Social Climber (1987) –
A shoemaker’s assistant discovers that he can experience other people’s lives by simply putting on their shoes.
The Swap (1987) –
A woman decides to murder her wealthy husband for his money but her plans go horribly wrong.
Let the Games Begin (1987) –
An angel and a devil to battle each other for possession of a man’s soul.
The Enormous Radio (1987) –
A new radio lets a couple overhear their neighbors’ conversations.

Season Four

Beetles (1988) –
An archaeologist is warned of a curse that befalls those whose touch the artifacts from a museum.
Mary, Mary (1988) –
A lonely single woman hides behind a mannequin.
The Spirit Photographer (1988) –
A man invents a camera that can make spirits disappear.
The Moth (1988) –
Sybil uses her last hours on Earth to curse her enemies and plan for the afterlife.
No Strings (1988) –
Don Paulie, newly murdered by a mobster, becomes a ghoulish puppet.
The Grave Robber (1988) –
Two grave robbers are forced to play strip poker with an angry mummy that protects the tomb they broke into.
The Yattering and Jack (1988) –
Jack Polo receives a yuletide visit from the 3.5-foot-tall Yattering, a snarling horned demon that wants to claim Jack’s soul.
Seymourlama (1988) –
A spoiled young boy is proclaimed the religious leader of a nation, but his parents want to know what the catch is.
Sorry, Right Number (1988) –
A woman is troubled by a mysterious phone call and tries desperately to help the person on the other end of the line.
Payment Overdue (1988) –
A heartless debt collection agent is harassed by a client from beyond the grave.
Love Hungry (1988) –
Desperate to lose weight in order to impress an old boyfriend from high school, Betsy Cowland uses mysterious products that she receives in the mail.
The Deal (1988) –
Screenwriter Tom Dash would give anything to sell a script in Hollywood. His acquaintance Donald helps out.
The Apprentice (1988) –
Sarah McBride accepts a job at Colonial Village, a tourist attraction that recreates Puritan life in 1692 Salem, but things aren’t quite what they seem.
The Cutty Black Sow (1988) –
Young Jamie receives a deathbed warning from his great grandmother to guard against the legendary Cutty Black Sow.
Do Not Open This Box (1988) –
A couple receives a misdirected box saying “Do Not Open This Box”. Then the postman comes looking for it and says there will be Hell to pay if he doesn’t get it back.
Family Reunion (1988) –
Janice Perry claims that her husband Robert has kidnapped their son, but Robert maintains that the boy needs to be cured of an illness.
Going Native (1988) –
An alien on Earth who is studying humans wants to be one.
Hush (1988) –
A boy invents a “noise eater”, which — in reality — sucks the life out of its victims!
Barter (1988) –
A housewife uses a mechanical device to shut out the sound of her son’s drum playing.
Basher Malone (1988) –
Wrestler Basher Malone fights a demon called Trog.