About the Series

Genre: US Horror/Fantasy Series
Series: 7
Episodes: 93
First Transmission: 1989-1996
Channel: HBO

Tales from the Crypt is a 1980s American anthology horror TV series based on the 1950s EC Comics series of the same name.

Because the series was aired on HBO, a premium cable television channel, the series was allowed to have full freedom from censorship by network standards and practices. Hence, it includes content that had not appeared in most television series up to that time, such as graphic violence, profanity, sexual activity and nudity. Episodes are edited for such content when broadcast in syndication or on basic cable. The final season was filmed in Britain, resulting in episodes which revolved around British characters.


Best Episode ( S3 Ep14 )

Yellow – The year is 1918. During World War I, somewhere in France, it’s the 49th day of continuous battle on the front lines. Lieutenant Martin Kalthrob doesn’t want to be in the army anymore and asks his father, General Kalthrob, for a discharge. His father refuses but says he will transfer him to the rear if he leads a patrol to the German lines and fix the broken communication line. When he proves himself to be a coward, his father orders a court-martial with the penalty of death by firing squad.

28 August 1991

IMdb Score [8.4]



Worst Episode ( S7 Ep7 )

The Kidnapper – A young man takes in a pregnant woman and falls in love with her. He becomes jealous when her baby is born so he sets out to get rid of the kid forever.

7 June 1996

IMdb Score [5.4]