Best EpisodeĀ 

Divided We Stand – Harold wants to re-decorate but cannot agree on a colour scheme with his father so they agree to put a partition down the living room and have their own space on either side. There is even a coin-operated turnstile put in the hall which each must feed to pass through common ground. Unfortunately when the house catches fire the turnstile severely limits the firemen who do not have change for it.

Imdb Score [9.2]

Worst Episode

A Winter’s Tale – Harold has booked a skiing holiday to Austria and intends to go on his own – his father is much annoyed. He has rigged up a makeshift ski slope in the back yard on which to practice but Harold has an accident and ends up with his leg in plaster. Albert does not want the ticket to be wasted and takes the Austrian holiday himself, leaving Harold to recuperate in Stoke-on-Trent.

Imdb Score – [6.0]