Worst & Best Rising Damp Episodes/List

Title: Rising Damp
Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 4
Episodes: 28
First Transmission: 1974-1978
Runtime: 25min
Channel: ITV

Rigsby lords it over his tenants in his seedy bedsit.


Episode Rankings


Best Episode [ S4 Ep2 ]

Pink carnations –  By coincidence Rigsby and Ruth answer the personal ad each has placed in the local paper and meet at the same hotel, both wearing pink carnations for identification purposes. Then a bridal party arrives for a reception and, as both bride and groom are also sporting a pink carnation, this leads to confusion as both get mistaken for the blind date. When the bride’s mother comes to sort things out Rigsby is horrified to think that she might be the person he has arranged to meet and insults her before getting thrown out, still unaware that Ruth was his real blind date.
25 April 1978

Worst Episode [ S4 Ep2 ]

Fire and Brimstone – Gwyn, a fundamentalist Welsh preacher who abstains from everything and spends much of his time praying or hymn-singing, moves in. He talks Ruth out of going on a dirty weekend with Rigsby because it would be immoral and has some success in converting Rigsby to the faith. However, when Ruth gets excited as he explains to her a passionate extract from the bible and throws herself at him, he moves out.
11 April 1978

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Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 The Lodgers (1974) [25m]-
Stingy landlord Rigsby is looking for a new lodger.
#2 Black Magic (1974) [25m]-
Philip shows Rigsby a ritual that he claims attracts women
#3 A Night Out (1974) [25m]-
Rigsby, Alan, Philip and Ruth go out to an upmarket restaurant for Ruth’s birthday.
#4 Charisma (1974) [25m]-
Philip tells Rigsby of the wood of the love tree, the burning of which may attract Miss Jones.
#5 All Our Yesterdays (1974) [25m]-
Spooner is an annoying lodger, but Rigsby is reluctant to confront him.
#6 The Prowler (1974) [25m]-
Miss Jones sees a prowler through her window, and Rigsby suspects everyone.
#7 Stand Up and Be Counted (1974) [25m]-
Election fever grabs hold of the household.

Series Two

#8 Permissive Society (1975) [25m]-
Everybody is obsessed by sex.
#9 Food Glorious Food (1975) [25m]-
Philip wagers Rigsby £5 that he cannot fast for 48 hours.
#10 A Body Like Mine (1975) [25m]-
Rigsby challenges Philip to a boxing match but soon regrets it.
#11 Moonlight and Roses (1975) [25m]-
Miss Jones is dating a librarian and Rigsby is very jealous.
#12 The Perfect Gentlemen (1975) [25m]-
New lodger Seymour cons money out of a gullible Rigsby.
#13 The Last of the Big Spenders (1975) [25m]-
Rigsby buys new furniture to impress new lodger Brenda, but his plan fails when the furniture is repossessed.
#14 Things That Go Bump in the Night (1975) [25m]-
Rigsby tries to scare Alan with a ghost story about “the Grey Lady.”
#15 For the Man Who Has Everything (1975) [25m]-
It’s Christmas and Rigsby is all on his own.

Series Three

#16 That’s My Boy (1977) [25m]-
Rigsby comes home from Spain believing that Miss Jones has a baby.
#17 Stage Struck (1977) [25m]-
A camp playwright wants Rigsby to play the leading man in his play.
#18 Clunk Click (1977) [25m]-
Rigsby takes Miss Jones for a spin in his new car.
#19 The Good Samaritan (1977) [25m]-
Mr Gray, the new lodger, feels suicidal, so goes onto the roof to jump.
#20 Fawcett’s Python (1977) [25m]-
Rigsby’s new lodger is an erotic dancer with a pet snake.
#21 The Cocktail Hour (1977) [25m]-
Alan has a new girlfriend and she is very posh.
#22 Suddenly at Home (1977) [25m]-
The new lodger, Osborne, is a hypochondriac and convinced that he is about to die.

Series Four

#23 Hello Young Lovers (1978) [25m]-
Misunderstandings abound when Rigsby mistakenly assumes a couple are newlyweds.
#24 Fire and Brimstone (1978) [25m]-
A religious Welshman who is a theology student moves into the house and tries to convert Rigsby
#25 Great Expectations (1978) [25m]-
Rigsby has been left some money in a will, but it stipulates that he must be married, so he gets Miss Jones to pose as his wife.
#26 Pink Carnations (1978) [25m]-
By coincidence Rigsby and Ruth answer the personal ad each has placed in the local paper.
#27 Under the Influence (1978) [25m]-
A gypsy man tries to hypnotise Philip but inadvertently hypnotises Rigsby.
#28 Come On In The Water’s Lovely (1978) [25m]-
Miss Jones accepts Rigsby’s marriage proposal, but when the wedding day arrives, she changes her mind.