Best EpisodeĀ 

The Rumour – Dr Thorpe tells Gupta that his dog, Victor, is not well but Gupta misunderstands and thinks he is talking about his son. The patients also fall prey to misunderstandings, each of them believing that they are going to die. Dr Thorpe manages to tell Figgis and Norman the truth but by this time Glover has rung up his boss to tell him exactly what he thinks of him.

Imdb Score [8.2]

Worst Episode

Where There’s a Will – Glover does not take kindly to eccentric new patient Joe Perkins, due to his lack of hygiene and use of his drinking tumbler for his false teeth. However, when he discovers that Joe’s tin box contains a fortune and the man is considering changing his will, Glover and Norman both fawn on him to get into his good books.

Imdb Score – [5.4]