Worst & Best On the Buses Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: UK Sitcom
Series: 7
Episodes: 74
First Transmission: 1969-1973
Channel: ITV


On the Buses is a British television sitcom that was created by Ronald Chesney and Ronald Wolfe, who wrote most of the episodes.

The show about the goings-on at a bus depot with the laddish behaviour of Stan and Jack, two bus drivers, received a poor reception from the critics but was a success with the viewers.

The series spawned three spin-off feature films and a stage version


Reg Varney: Stan Butler
Jack Harper: Bob Grant
Stephen Lewis: Blakey
Doris Hare: Mum
Anna Karen: Olive Rudge
Michael Collins: Arthur Rudge


Best Episode [ S3 Ep9 ]

Foggy Night – On an exceptionally foggy night, Stan refuses to carry on with his journey unless someone walks in front of the bus with a torch. Olive gets caught short and somehow brings a cow onto the bus. Meanwhile, Blakey gets ditch-water in his boots before the fog clears.

27 February 1970

IMdb Score [9.1]


Worst Episode [ S5 Ep1 ]

The Nursery – The bus company opens a creche, run by a formidable elderly nurse. Stan suggests that Olive might be suitable as the nurse’s assistant. Olive is not especially competent and then she breaks her glasses leaving Stan and Jack to look after the babies for her.

19 September 1971

IMdb Score [5.5]




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Season One

The Early Shift (1969) –
During an industrial dispute, Stan lies in front of the bus Blakey is driving and attracts the attention of a news crew.
The New Conductor (1969) –
Stan dates the new conductress, Iris.
Olive Takes a Trip (1969) –
Olive gets a job as a bus conductress much to Stan’s horror.
Bus Driver’s Stomach (1969) –
Stan goes on a diet after getting stomach aches.
The New Inspector (1969) –
Stan applies for the new job as inspector but fears that he might end up like Blakey.
The Canteen (1969) –
Stan becomes the new manager of the canteen and hires Olive as the new cook.
The Darts Match (1969) –
Stan and Jack are challenged to a darts match.

Season Two

Family Flu (1969) –
Everybody in the family comes down with the flu.
Used Combination (1969) –
Arthur buys an old motorbike combination, and Stan borrows some tools to get it working again.
Self Defence (1969) –
After being attacked by drunken yobs, Stan and Jack join self-defence classes.
Aunt Maud (1969) –
Aunt Maud comes to stay with her huge dog.
Late Again (1969) –
Stan is continually late for his early shift after some late nights.
Bon Voyage (1969) –
Stan goes on a holiday to Spain with other crewmates.

Season Three

First Aid (1970) –
The bus company decrees that all staff members should go on a first aid course.
The Cistern (1970) –
The toilet in the Butler household needs replacing as it is making funny noises.
The Inspector’s Niece (1970) –
A new batch of crumpet arrives wanting to be conductresses.
Brew It Yourself (1970) –
Stan makes some homebrew – but it is exceedingly strong!
Busmen’s Perks (1970) –
Stan gets some paint from the depot to redecorate the house but it is very, very, slow drying.
The Snake (1970) –

Jack dates Fatima a girl with a snake in her

Mum’s Last Fling (1970) –
Stan’s mum dates Wilfred from the social club and her behaviour changes drastically,
Radio Control (1970) –
Two-way radio systems are set up in the cabs and  Stan and Jack are not too pleased.
Foggy Night (1970) –
On a very foggy night, Stan refuses to continue with his journey unless someone walks in front of the bus with a torch.
The New Uniforms (1970) –
The bus crews are issued with new streamlined uniforms.
Going Steady (1970) –
Stan is going steady with Blakey’s niece, so the Butler’s lay on a tea for their engagement.
The Squeeze (1970) –
The Butler family are in financial dire straits.
On the Make (1970) –
The Butler’s take in a lodger, Edna, with her big dog, Coco.

Season Four

Nowhere to Go (1970) –
Stan is finally going to get some time alone with his girlfriend, Suzy, as the rest of the family are off to visit Aunt Maud.
The Canteen Girl (1970) –
Blakey falls for an Amazonian canteen worker Molly, but the lads believe that she will two-time him.
Dangerous Driving (1970) –
Stan reads an article that suggests bus drivers are prone to diseases because of their sedentary work.
The Other Woman (1970) –
Olive is offended when Arthur gets too friendly with Wendy, a conductress they meet at the social club,.
Christmas Duty (1970) –

The ‘L’ Bus (1971) –

The Kids’ Outing (1971) –

The Anniversary (1971) –

Cover Up (1971) –

Safety First (1971) –

The Lodger (1971) –

The Injury (1971) –

Not Tonight (1971) –

Season Five

The Nursery (1971) –

Stan’s Room (1971) –

The Best Man (1971) –

The Inspector’s Pets (1971) –

The Epidemic (1971) –

The Busmen’s Ball (1971) –

Canteen Trouble (1971) –

The New Nurse (1971) –

Lost Property (1971) –

Stan’s Uniform (1971) –

The Strain (1971) –

The New Telly (1971) –

Vacancy for Inspector (1971) –

A Thin Time (1971) –

Boxing Day Social (1971) –

Season Six

No Smoke Without Fire (1972) –

Love Is What You Make It (1972) –

Private Hire (1972) –

Stan’s Worst Day (1972) –

Union Trouble (1972) –

Bye Bye Blakey (1972) –

The Prize (1972) –

Season seven

Olive’s Divorce (1973) –

The Perfect Clippie (1973) –

The Ticket Machine (1973) –

The Poster (1973) –

The Football Match (1973) –

On The Omnibuses (1973) –

Goodbye Stan (1973) –

Hot Water (1973) –

The Visit (1973) –

What The Stars Foretell (1973) –

The Allowance (1973) –

Friends In High Places (1973) –

Gardening Time (1973) –