About the Series

Genre: UK Sitcom
Series: 7
Episodes: 74
First Transmission: 1969-1973
Channel: ITV

The Time Tunnel is an American colour science-fiction TV series, created by Irwin Allen.

The show follows the adventures of scientists Tony and Doug, who have been inadvertently trapped inside the time tunnel, a top-secret experimental time machine created by the U.S. government. They travel randomly backwards and forwards in time visiting the sites of many important historical events. The tunnel’s operators frantically try to retrieve them.

A pilot for a new series was produced in 2002, but did not proceed to a series.

Reg Varney: Stan Butler
Jack Harper: Bob Grant
Stephen Lewis: Blakey
Doris Hare: Mum
Anna Karen: Olive Rudge
Michael Collins: Arthur Rudge


Best EpisodeĀ 

Merry Christmas Mr Bean – Bean makes a shambles out of a toy section of a department store and manages to get himself a free turkey and Christmas tree after conducting a Salvation Army band. Later, during Christmas dinner, Bean has a surprise in store for his long-suffering girlfriend, Irma.

Imdb Score [9.0]

Worst Episode

Mind the Baby, Mr Bean – Mr Bean spends an odd day at a Funfair attraction with a baby which he accidentally acquired when his car hooked a pram. Bean finds ways to keep the baby occupied while he goes on his rides. Finally, the baby is returned to its mother and all is well.

Imdb Score – [8.5]