Worst & Best Masters of Horror Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: US Horror Series
Series: 2
Episodes: 26
First Transmission: 2005-2007
Channel: Showtime

Masters of Horror is an American anthology television series created by director Mick Garris.

In 2005, Garris created and produced an original anthology television series of one-hour movies, written and directed by many of the great horror writers and producers.



Best Episode [ S1 Ep8 ]

Cigarette Burns – A movie theatre owner with a torrid past is hired to search for the only existing print of a film so notorious that its single screening caused the viewers to become homicidally insane.

16 December 2005

Imdb Score [7.7]


Worst Episode [ S1 Ep5 ]

Chocolate – Jamie works in the food laboratory of a company developing flavors with his best friend Wally. Jamie is on diet, but after eating some chocolate, he becomes psychically connected to a beautiful woman, seeing through her eyes and feeling her sensations. He falls in love until he witnesses her stabbing and killing her lover. Jamie becomes obsessed with the woman…

25 November 2005

Imdb Score – [5.1]



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Season One

Incident On and Off a Mountain Road (2005) –
A woman is abducted by a deranged monster-like man, but then fights back.
Dreams in the Witch House (2006) –
A student rents an old boarding room in which an evil presence still roams.
Dance of the Dead (2006) –
A seventeen-year-old girl visits the Doom room where the dead are revived.
Jenifer (2006) –
A detective crosses paths with Jenifer, a human beast.
Chocolate (2006) –
Jamie becomes psychically connected to a beautiful woman.
Homecoming (2006) –
A speechwriter contends with soldiers from beyond the grave.
Deer Woman (2006) –
A cop reckons a series of murders is connected to a native folklore legend.
Cigarette Burns (2006) –
A theatre owner searches for a print of a notorious film.
Fair Haired Child (2006) –
A couple search for a teenage girl to sacrifice to an evil entity.
Sick Girl (2006) –
An evil bug has the ability to change people’s behaviours.
Pick Me Up (2006) –
A woman gets caught in a war between serial killers.
Haeckel’s Tale (2006) –
A widower seeks the help of a necromancer.
Imprint (2006) –
An American returning to Japan learns of the horror a prostitute suffered after he left her.

Season Two

The Damned Thing (2006) –
A sheriff battles an evil force hell-bent on decimating the village.
Family (2006) –
Harold is a murderous psycopath and he eyes the couple across the street.
The V Word (2006) –
Two teenage boys are stalked by a vampire.
Sounds Like (2006) –
An office worker develops an uncanny sense of hearing.
Pro-Life (2006) –
A religious fanatic tries to “rescue” his daughter from an abortion clinic.
Pelts (2006) –
A fur trader gets his hands on some cursed pelts.
The Screwfly Solution (2006) –
A virus makes males kill all females – almost!
Valerie on the Stairs (2006) –
A novelist discovers that there are fates worse than literary anonymity.
Right to Die (2007) –
When a man pulls the plug on his comatose wife, her spirit turns vengeful.
We All Scream for Ice Cream (2007) –
A disastrous childhood prank kills a man and years later his bloodthirsty spirit seeks vengeance.
The Black Cat (2007) –
Edgar Allan Poe is tormented by his wife’s black cat.
The Washingtonians (2007) –
A man unearths a letter that suggests George Washington was a cannibal.
Dream Cruise (2007) –
A lawyer goes on a cruise but a grim situation awaits.