Worst & Best Last of the Summer Wine Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: UK Sitcom
Series: 31
Episodes: 294
First Transmission: 1973-2010
Channel: BBC

Last of the Summer Wine is a British sitcom created and written by Roy Clarke.

The sitcom was set and filmed in and around Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, England, and centred on a trio of old men and the many misadventures that they pursue. The membership of the trio changed several times over the years – the main and most popular trio consisting of Bill Owen, Peter Sallis and Brian Wilde.

Last of the Summer Wine is the longest-running comedy programme in Britain and the longest-running sitcom in the world.

Bill Owen: Compo
Peter Sallis: Norman Clegg
Brian Wilde: Foggy


Best Episode [ S21 Ep5 ]

Elegy for Fallen wellies – Nora takes a dare from Ivy to present herself at Compo’s doorstep. He collapses and has to be rushed to hospital. Unfortunately, the doctor’s cannot save him.  That night, Cleggy, Truly, Nora and Ivy, spend the night remembering him and figure out how to give him a proper send-off.
23 April 2000


Worst Episode [ S30 Ep4 ]

Who’s That Looking Sideways at Nelly – Hobbo disguises himself as a German, the villagers are curious about where Nelly goes in the afternoon and Barry and Morton and Toby try jogging. The local constabulary display their usual level of competence.
10 May 2009



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Season One

The Lost Key (1973) –
Compo discovers that he has lost his key in the library.
Inventor Of The 40-Foot Ferret (1973) –
Compo is persuaded to visit church.
Pate And Chips (1973) –
The trio visit a stately home with Compo’s nephew, Chip.
Spring Fever (1973) –
Nora is worried when Compo cleans his house.
The New Mobile Trio (1973) –
Clegg buys a car.
Hail Smiling Morn Or Thereabouts (1973) –
Blamire decides to take up photography.

Season Two

Forked Lightning (1975) –
Clegg has his bike repaired after several embarrassing accidents.
Who’s That Dancing With Nora Batty? (1975) –
Compo’s neighbour is emigrating, so he decides to throw her a farewell party at Sid’s Café.
The Changing Face Of Rural Blamire (1975) –
Blamire decides to get a job.
Some Enchanted Evening (1975) –
Compo’s song request is played on the radio, dedicated to Nora.
A Quiet Drink (1975) –
The trio visit the Clothier’s Arms.
Ballad For Wind Instruments And Canoe (1975) –
The trio buy a canoe but soon lose it.
Northern Flying Circus (1975) –
Compo takes up motorcycling.

Season Three

The Man From Oswestry (1976) –
Blamire’s departs and then a letter is received asking them to help one of their old classmates, Foggy.
Mending Stuart’s Leg (1976) –
The trio go to the café to find that Sid is in trouble with Ivy.
The Great Boarding House Bathroom Caper (1976) –
The trio, Sid and Ivy, crowd in Gordon’s van for a trip to Scarborough for the weekend.
Cheering Up Gordon (1976) –
The trio are kicked out of a church after Compo’s ferrets get loose.
The Kink In Foggy’s Niblick (1976) –
Foggy mentions that he is pretty good at golf.
Going To Gordon’s Wedding (1976) –
The trio go to Gordon’s wedding.
Isometrics And After (1976) –
Foggy gets Compo and Clegg to do isometrics to improve their fitness.

Season Four

Ferret Come Home (1977) –
One of Compo’s ferrets gets into Nora’s house.
Getting On Sidney’s Wire (1977) –
The trio help Sid install a doorbell.
Jubilee (1977) –
Flower Power Cut (1977) –
Clegg opines that flowers have feelings.
Who’s Made A Bit Of A Splash In Wales Then? (1977) –
Foggy visits a lady friend in Wales, but Compo and Clegg intrude.
Greenfingers (1977) –
Foggy searches for some much bigger vegetables.
A Merry Heatwave (1978) –
Nora’s brother won’t see another Christmas, so some Holly is needed – in summer!
The Bandit From Stoke-On-Trent (1978) –
Foggy is suspicious when Amos Hames returns to town.
Small Tune On A Penny Wassail (1978) –
Norman, Foggy and Compo are spending Christmas together and are miserable.

Season Five

Full Steam Behind (1979) –
Compo accidentally starts a steam engine during a visit to the railway.
The Flag And Its Snags (1979) –
Foggy wants to erect a huge flag on the top of a hill.
The Flag And Further Snags (1979) –
Foggy achieves his dream – for a small time.
Deep In The Heart Of Yorkshire (1979) –
What are Sid and Wally doing in the woods? The trio investigate.
Earnshaw Strikes (1979) –
Foggy denies the existence of ancient Yorkshire gods.
Here We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder (1979) –
Compo decides to take up hang-gliding to impress Nora.
Here We Go Again Into The Wild Blue Yonder (1979) –
Wally’s hang-glider is ready for use.
And A Dewhurst Up A Fir Tree (1979) –
Foggy decides to start Christmas shopping – in the summer!

Season Six

Whoops (1981) –
The trio decide to look up some old school-friends and recapture the spirit of Christmases past.
In The Service Of Humanity (1982) –
Foggy sets up a rescue service.
Car And Garter (1982)-
Compo decides to test Wesley’s car in order to impress Nora.
The Odd Dog Men (1982) –
Foggy sets up a dog walking service.
A Bicycle Made For Three (1982) –
The trio decide that they need a bike each after crashing Clegg’s.
One Of The Last Few Places Unexplored By Man (1982) –
Compo wants to have his photograph taken in Nora Batty’s bedroom.
Serenade For Tight Jeans And Metal Detector (1982) –
Compo buys a new pair of trousers, and Clegg buys a Metal Detector.
From Wellies To Wetsuit (1982) –
Compo buys Sid’s wet suit, goes snorkeling and then takes up water-skiing.

Season Seven

All Mod Conned (1982) –
Foggy books a caravan for the trio, hoping to avoid the commercial side of Christmas.
The Frozen Turkey Man (1983) –
Compo and Clegg decide that Foggy needs a woman.
The White Man’s Grave (1983) –
The trio decides that Wally needs a break from Nora.
The Waist Land (1983) –
Foggy hits upon a money-making scheme – selling junk food to people from the local health club.
Cheering Up Ludovic (1983) –
Ludovic buys a tatty old van.
The Three Astaires (1983) –
Compo tries on a suit of armour at a church concert party.
The Arts Of Concealment (1983) –
Foggy demonstrates his army camouflage techniques.
Getting Sam Home (1983) –
The trio visits Sam in hospital, and agrees to help him spend one last night with his ‘other woman.’

Season Eight

The Loxley Lozenge (1984) –
Wesley has found an old racing car and wants help to get it home.
The Mysterious Feet Of Nora Batty (1985) –
Foggy and Compo have a disagreement about the size of Nora’s feet.
Keeping Britain Tidy (1985) –
Foggy embarks on a crusade to clean up the countryside.
Enter The Phantom (1985) –
Compo transforms into a ‘daredevil motorcyclist.’
Catching Digby’s Donkey (1985) –
Foggy offers to help Digby catch his Donkey.
The Woollen Mills Of Your Mind (1985) –
Compo decides to enter a marathon to impress Nora.
Who’s Looking After The Cafe Then? (1985) –
Foggy volunteers to mind Ivy’s cafe.

Season Nine

Uncle Of The Bride (1986) –
Glenda is to marry the hapless but kind-hearted Barry.
Merry Christmas, Father Christmas (1986) –
Seymour dresses a reluctant Compo as Father Christmas.
Why Does Norman Clegg Buy Ladies’ Elastic Stockings? (1987) –
Clegg buys Howard some ladies’ stockings for Marina.
The Heavily Reinforced Bottom (1987) –
Compo takes up canoeing.
Dried Dates And Codfanglers (1987) –
Seymour invents a high-security door lock and Compo loses a prized possession.
The Really Masculine Purse (1987) –
Seymour tries to invent a strictly masculine purse.
Who’s Feeling Ejected Then? (1987) –
Seymour builds an ejector seat, and of course, Compo tests it.
The Ice-Cream Man Cometh (1987) –
Seymour decides to promote the old tradition of bicycling ice-cream men.
Set The People Free (1987) –
Howard and Wally are stuck at home, and it’s up to the trio to try to break them free.
Go With The Flow (1987) –
The trio are ensnared in helping the vicar sell tickets to a theatre production.
Jaws (1987) –
Seymour invents a new waste disposal unit.
Edie And The Automobile (1987) –
Edie has driving lessons – oh dear!
Wind Power (1987) –
Seymour invents wind-powered rollerskates.
When You Take A Good Bite Of Yorkshire, It Tastes Terrible (1987) –
Clegg receives word that an old American friend has died.
Big Day At Dream Acres (1987) –
The trio is persuaded by a tramp to rescue his childhood donkey from a field.

Season Ten

The Experiment (1988) –
Seymour sets up an experiment to show Compo why blood rushes to your head when upside-down.
The Treasure Of The Deep (1988) –
Seymour gets Compo to search a river for stolen valuables in a homemade submarine.
Dancing Feet (1988) –
Compo buys a herbal remedy from a gypsy for the hard skin on his feet.
That Certain Smile (1988) –
The trio attempt to smuggle Smiler’s dog into the hospital.
Downhill Racer (1988) –
Seymour suggests downhill skiing on dinner trays.
The Day Of The Welsh Ferret (1988) –
Compo insists on bringing his ferret to a funeral.
Crums (1988) –
Barry wants to buy Glenda a water bed and the trio dress as Father Christmases.

Season Eleven

Come Back, Jack Harry Teesdale (1989) –
The trio decides to solve Harry Teesdale’s marriage problem.
The Kiss And Mavis Poskitt (1989) –
Clegg goes in hiding from Mavis Poskitt.
Oh Shut Up And Eat Your Choc Ice (1989) –
Seymour, Compo and Clegg accidentally dislodge a large hay bale and attempt to move it back into place.
Who’s That Bloke With Nora Batty Then? (1989) –
Compo is filled with jealousy when he spots Nora with a man.
Happy Anniversary Gough And Jessie (1989) –
The village gathers to celebrate a golden wedding anniversary.
Getting Barry Higher In The World (1989) –
Seymour designs a kite for Compo.
Three Men And A Mangle (1989) –
Nora asks Compo to deliver her mangle to a friend.
What’s Santa Brought For Nora Then? (1989) –
Compo wants to earn some money to buy Nora a Christmas present.

Season Twelve

Return Of The Warrior (1990) –
Compo and Clegg see Seymour off. Foggy returns.
Come In, Sunray Major (1990) –
Foggy has Wesley fix a pair of old WW2 walkie-talkies and he has Clegg and Compo take one out for a test.
The Charity Balls (1990) –
Compo, Clegg, Foggy, and Howard enter a sponsored ‘football dribble’ for charity.
Walking Stiff Can Make You Famous (1990) –
Foggy comes up with another daft idea – bicycle polo!
That’s Not Captain Zero (1990) –
Compo stands in for ‘Captain Zero,’ the human cannonball.
Das Welly Boot (1990) –
Foggy decides to restore an old boat.
The Empire That Foggy Nearly Built (1990) –
Foggy comes to the conclusion that there must be money to be made out of car parking.
The Last Surviving Maurice Chevalier Impression (1990) –
Compo goes on a televised talent show to impress Nora Batty.
Roll On (1990) –
The trio train for a barrel rolling event.
A Landlady For Smiler (1990) –
The trio help Smiler find a new place to live.
Barry’s Christmas (1990) –
Barry needs to be sobered up before Glenda finds out.

Season Thirteen

Quick, Quick, Slow (1991) –
Compo is depressed when Nora takes in Smiler as her lodger.
Give Us A Lift (1991) –
Foggy invents a chair lift.
Was That Nora Batty Singing? (1991) –
Compo is convinced that Nora and Smiler are having an affair.
Cash Flow Problems (1991) –
A skint Compo tries to track down an old schoolfriend who owes him money.
Passing The Earring (1991) –
Howard is desperate to return an earring to Marina.
Pole Star (1991) –
Compo takes up pole-vaulting to impress the ladies.
Situations Vacant (1991) –
Foggy decides to start up a motorbike courier service.

Season Fourteen

By The Magnificent Thighs Of Ernie Burniston (1992) –
Foggy decides that it’s time Compo got fit.
Errol Flynn Used To Have A Pair Like That (1992) –
Compo finds out that Nora likes a man in horse-riding gear.
The Phantom Of The Graveyard (1992) –
Compo is in a new suit as he plans to attend the funeral of a former teacher.
The Self-Propelled Salad Strainer (1992) –
Wesley wants to adapt a lawnmower for cleaning windows.
Ordeal By Trousers (1992) –
Compo and Clegg become suspicious of the truthfulness of Foggy’s war stories.
Happy Birthday, Howard (1992) –
Marina wants Norman to deliver a “cuddly” birthday present to Howard.
Who’s Got Rhythm? (1992) –
Compo is short of money, so he becomes a one-man-band.
Camera Shy (1992) –
Howard goes into a panic when he thinks that Foggy has videotaped him kissing Marina.
Wheelies (1992) –
Compo tests a new form of transport.
Stop That Castle (1992) –
The trio rent a bouncy castle from Auntie Wainwright for the charity Faerie-land Gala Parade. 

Season Fifteen

How To Clear Your Pipes (1993) –
Foggy puts Compo and Clegg through a tough training course that leaves them trapped inside sewer pipes.
Where There’s Smoke, There’s Barbecue (1993) –
Auntie Wainwright sells Norman a portable barbecue.
The Black Widow (1993) –
Too much homebrew and Clegg falls prey to the Widow Attacliffe.
Have You Got A Light Mate? (1993) –
Howard wants Clegg to purchase a present for Marina from Auntie Wainwright.
Concerto For Solo Bicycle (1993) –
After colliding with Compo, Foggy comes up with the idea of bicycle safety underwear.
Stop That Bath (1993) –
Howard purchases a cast iron bathtub and needs Foggy, Clegg and Compo to help deliver it to Marina.
Springing Smiler (1993) –
Smiler is sick of living in misery with Nora Batty and wants out.
There Are Gypsies At The Bottom Of Our Garden (1993) –
Foggy believes that he has discovered the nesting place of a giant woodpecker.
Aladdin Gets On Your Wick (1993) –
After seeing a man on a sailboard, Foggy has the idea of inventing a three-man version.
Welcome To Earth (1993) –
The trio joins Darren’s friend expecting a visitation from outer space.

Season Sixteen

The Man Who Nearly Knew Pavarotti (1995) –
When Wesley almost runs over Billy Ingleton, Foggy gets to prove his talents as a concert promoter.
The Glory Hole (1995) –
Compo and Clegg get roped into Foggy’s plans to recreate a battle scene.
Adopted By A Stray (1995) –
The trio meet Mr Broadbent who aims to become closer to the wilderness.
The Defeat Of The Stoneworm (1995) –
Howard invents a local pest called a “stoneworm” in one of his lamest efforts yet to fool Pearl.
Once In A Moonlit Junkyard (1995) –
Compo briefly casts Nora aside for a biker.
The Space Ace (1995) –
The latest village idiot tumbles down hills in a trash bin – he wants to become an astronaut.
The Most Powerful Eyeballs In West Yorkshire (1995) –
Foggy and Howard become obsessed with the power of hypnotism.
The Dewhursts Of Ogleby Hall (1995) –
Foggy believes that he could be related to the Dewhursts of Ogleby Hall.
The Sweet Smell Of Excess (1995) –
Compo uses his bed as a trampoline to see through Nora’s window.

Season Seventeen

Leaving Home Forever Or Till Teatime (1995) –
Pearl throws Howard out.
Bicycle Bonanza (1995) –
Foggy thinks that he can start a business renting out off-road bicycles.
The Glamour Of The Uniform (1995) –
When Marina’s affections turn to a traffic policeman, Foggy helps Howard win her back.
The First Human Being To Ride A Hill (1995) –
Pearl has confiscated Howard’s bicycle, so Wesley builds him a new “secret” one.
Captain Clutterbuck’s Treasure (1995) –
The trio learn all about the famous Yorkshire pirate, Captain Clutterbuck.
Desperate For A Duffield (1995) –
Compo tries to find one of his old flames.
The Suit That Turned Left (1995) –
The trio meet a man looking for magnetic emanations with his weird invention.
Beware Of The Elbow (1995) –
The trio encounters a man and his inflatable doll.
The Thing In Wesley’s Shed (1995) –
Just what has Wesley invented in his shed?
Brushes At Dawn (1995) –
Compo challenges a man to a duel after finding him in a closet with Nora.
A Leg Up For Christmas (1995) –
While trying to get himself fit for Christmas, Howard ends up with a broken leg and can’t leave the house.

Season Eighteen

Extra! Extra! (1996) –
The trio continuously interrupts a spoof horror film and get enlisted as ‘extras.’
The Love-Mobile (1997) –
A mobile dating agency is in the area.
A Clean Sweep (1997) –
Foggy finds a depressed chimney sweep an old fashioned chimney to sweep.
The Mysterious C. W. Northrop (1997) –
Smiler has a crush on Ivy.
A Double For Howard (1997) –
Howard again attempts to shake Pearl off his adulterous trail.
How To Create A Monster (1997) –
Foggy decides to train Smiler to be more confident.
Deviations With Davenport (1997) –
Foggy claims to know the area like the back of his hand but gets everyone hopelessly lost.
According To The Prophet Bickerdyke (1997) –
The prophet Bickerdyke predicts that the world is coming to an end.
Next Kiss Please (1997) –
Foggy bets that Nora Batty will kiss Compo by the end of the day.
Destiny And Six Bananas (1997) –
A mysterious beast has been spotted in the woods., so the trio and Wesley try to capture it.
A Sidecar Named Desire (1997) –
Compo hires a motorbike and sidecar and takes Nora Batty for a ride.

Season Nineteen

There Goes The Groom (1997) –
Compo, Clegg and Truly try to convince a reluctant groom to go ahead with his wedding.
Beware The Oglethorpe (1998) –
Compo, Clegg and Truly run into a tired, gloomy old school chum, Coggy Duckworth.
Tarzan Of The Towpath (1998) –
Compo wants to prove that he can still do the things that he did as a nine-year-old.
Truly And The Hole Truth (1998) –
Truly wants to get his name in the papers.
Oh Howard, We Should Get One Of Those (1998) –
Wesley’s new creation, a bed on wheels, is a great success.
The Suit That Attracts Blondes (1998) –
Glenda gives one of Barry’s old suits to the jumble sale because she thinks it attracts the blondes.
The Only Diesel Saxophone In Captivity (1998) –
Compo and an old local man start a competition to see which one of them is in better shape.
Perfection – Thy Name Is Ridley (1998) –
Compo is upset when Nora Batty cleans house for a strange man.
Nowhere Particular (1998) –
Howard buys a new van for him and Marina.
From Audrey Nash To The Widow Dilhooley (1998) –
Marina is looking for a stable relationship.
Support Your Local Skydiver (1998) –
Compo discovers that Nora is getting postcards from the Canary Islands.

Season Twenty

The Pony Set (1999) –
Compo takes up horse riding to impress Nora.
How Errol Flynn Discovered The Secret Scar Of Nora Batty (1999) –
The trio come across Billy Hardcastle, a man who believes he is a direct descendant of Robin Hood.
Who’s Thrown Her Tom Cruise Photos Away? (1999) –
Marina has had it with Howard and with men in general.
What’s Happened To Barry’s Nose? (1999) –
Truly tries to help Barry become more confident.
Optimism In The Housing Market (1999) –
Smiler injures his foot.
Will Barry Go Septic Despite Listening To Classical Music? (1999) –
Compo, Clegg and Truly meet a man testing for earthquakes.
Beware The Vanilla Slice (1999) –
Compo tries to revive interest in the childhood game of “thumpy-dub.”
Howard Throws A Wobbler (1999) –
Howard believes that Pearl is having an affair.
The Phantom Number 14 Bus (1999) –
Truly investigates a bus which disappeared between stops.
Ironing Day (1999) –
Smiler gets drunk on some homemade wine.

Season Twenty One

Last Post And Pigeon (2000) –
Compo is selected to travel to France with a group of local WWII veterans, but the offer is declined due to his scruffy appearance.
Lipstick And Other Problems (2000) –
Glenda finds Barry covered in lipstick.
Under The Rug (2000) –
Howard has a wig delivered to Clegg’s, but a suspicious Pearl means that Clegg has to be seen wearing it.
Magic And The Morris Minor (2000) –
The villagers meet a spiritualist nut-case and her fed-up husband.
Elegy For Fallen Wellies (2000) –
Compo meets his end.
Surprise At Throstlenest (2000) –
Clegg and Truly take Compo’s ferrets to their new home.
Just A Small Funeral (2000) –
It’s Compo’s funeral day.
From Here To Paternity (2000) –
Compo receives a personal letter. when Clegg and Truly open it they discover Compo’s biggest secret: he has a son called Tom.
Some Vans Can Make You Deaf (2000) –
Clegg, Truly and Wesley help Tom find a new exhaust for his van.
Waggoner’s Roll (2000) –
Tom and Barry attempt to turn a reluctant Babs into a showbiz star.
I Didn’t Know Barry Could Play (2000) –
Barry ends up with Clegg, Truly and Wesley at the station collecting an organ for Tom.

Season Twenty Two

Getting Barry’s Goat (2001) –
Tom Simmonite is bored with village life.
The Art Of The Shorts Story (2001) –
Pearl makes Howard believe that he has mislaid his shorts.
The Missing Bus Of Mrs. Avery (2001) –
Tom has Mrs Avery driving a minibus for the ladies picnic outing
Hey! Big Vendor (2001) –
Wesley invents hot drinks dispenser which causes havoc.
Enter The Hawk (2001) –
Pearl has a plan to keep Howard at home.
Gnome And Away (2001) –
Howard buys a large Gnome for Marina and tries to keep it from Pearl.
A Hair Of The Blonde That Bit You (2001) –
Pearl finds a long blonde hair on Howard’s clothing.
A White Sweater And A Solicitor’s Letter (2001) –
A solicitor’s letter arrives for the deceased Compo.
Why Is Barry At An Angle? (2001) –
The men torment Barry.
Coming Of The Beast (2001) –
Truly starts a rumor that a tiger is loose in the village.

Season Twenty Three

Potts In Pole Position (2001) –
Tom gives Howard a “going fishing” excuse.
A Brief Excursion In The Fast Lane (2002) –
Barry is having a mid-life crisis and craves a more dangerous life.
The Mystical Squeak Of Howard’s Bicycle (2002) –
Howard’s bicycle develops an annoying, loud squeak when Pearl is around.
Mervyn Would Be Proud (2002) –
Billy is being stalked by a Robin Hood fan.
The Incredible Ordeal Of Norman Clegg (2002) –
Howard stores Marina at Clegg’s.
Beware Of The Hot Dog (2002) –
Pearl makes Howard jealous and Wesley attempts to enter the mobile catering trade.
In Search Of Childlike Joy And The Farthest Reaches Of The Lotus Position (2002) –
Barry’s legs may hold the key to the trio’s enlightenment.
A Chaise Longue Too Far (2002) –
Barry wants a gift for Glenda so Auntie Wainwright sells him a large chaise longue.
Exercising Father’s Bicycle (2002) –
Tom learns of the storied past of Compo’s bicycle and wants the legend to live on.
Sadly, Madly, Bradley (2002) –
Billy must spend the day with his brother-in-law Bradley, who can’t stop spreading around his gloomy mood.
It All Began With An Old Volvo Headlamp (2002) –
The trio latches on to the dumped Kevin who wants to become a “Wise Man of the Woods”.

Season Twenty Four

A Musical Passing for a Miserable Muscroft (2002) –
Billy has acquired a mobile pipe organ.
The Lair of the Cat Creature (2003) –
Alvin Smedley para-sails into the villagers’ lives.
Ancient Eastern Wisdom: An Introduction (2003) –
Truly and Clegg meet an inscrutable bearer of ancient Eastern wisdom, Entwhistle, whom they recruit to help Tom deal with the repo man. whom they recruit to help Tom deal with the repo man.
A Pick-Up of the Later Ming Dynasty (2003) –
After helping Entwistle fix his truck, the trio is recruited to lay hands on Smiler’s cart.
The Secret Birthday of Norman Clegg (2003) –
Clegg wants to celebrate his birthday in the quietest way possible.
In Which Gavin Hinchcliffe Loses the Gulf Stream (2003) –
Gavin Hinchcliffe is worried about the impending ice age, so he’s learning to ski by riding atop Miss Davenport’s van.
The Miraculous Curing of Old Goff Helliwell (2003) –
Goff decides to die next Tuesday but changes his mind when Marina flirts with him.
The Frenchies Are Coming (2003) –
Barry is looking for another hobby, so Billy decides to interest him in archery.
The Man Who Invented Yorkshire Funny Stuff (2003) –
Howard gets a present from Marina – a lifesize fake gorilla.
The Second Husband and the Showgirls (2003) –
Truly discovers his ex-wife’s new husband is coming to town, and Tom and Smiler arrange an interesting blind date.
All of a Florrie (2003) –
A pushy blue-haired woman is pursuing Herbert Truelove.

Season Twenty Five

A Short Burst Of Fred Astaire (2003) –
Various members of the cast perform in the Christmas concert.
Jurassic No Parking (2004) –
Glenda doubts Miss Davenport saw a large dinosaur in their neighbourhood.
The General’s Greatest Battle (2004) –
It is the annual parade to commemorate the Hero of the Battle of Mazurka.
Spores (2004) –
Clegg, Truly, and Billy run into a “damsel in distress”  who has lost her husband.
Happy Birthday Robin Hood (2004) –
Billy and Barry don grass green suits.
Who’s That With Barry And Glenda? – It’s Not Barry And Glenda (2004) –
What is Barry doing in the woods?
An Apple A Day (2004) –
Nora Batty is recruiting for charity.
Barry Becomes A Psychopathic Killer, but Only Part Time (2004) –
Alvin buys equipment to listen for sounds from space, and Barry struggles with his role in a dramatic group.
Things To Do When Your Wife Runs Off With A Turkish Waiter (2004) –
Barry is stuck entertaining a recently divorced man that he and Glenda met on holiday.
Beware of Laughing at Nora’s Hats (2004) –
Truly, Alvin, and Billy try to mend some fences between Nora and her one-time friend, Audrey Craig.
Yours Truly – If You’re Not Careful (2004) –
Someone keeps calling Truly’s new cell phone and he’s worried it might be his ex-wife.

Season Twenty Six

Variations on a Theme of the Widow Winstanley (2004) –
Feeling too old for a bicycle, Howard purchases a “secret” car.
The Swan Man Of Ilkley (2005) –
Alvin teaches Nora Batty to line-dance.
Watching the Clock (2005) –
Clegg gets stuck in a tree trying to see the church clock.
Has Anyone Seen a Peruvian Wart? (2005) –
Truly, Billy and Alvin meet Mr Crowcroft, a womanising flower arranger who is looking for love.
Hermione (The Short Course) (2005) –
Clegg posts a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on his door, piquing the curiosity of the community.
Who’s That Mouse in the Poetry Group? (2005) –
Smiler pretends to be an intellectual in an attempt to delight Marina.
Available for Weddings (2005) –
Clegg ends up with a fractured foot, and Barry and Glenda go camping.
The McDonaghs of Jamieson Street (2005) –
The trio decides to track down the woman who escaped the clutches of Smiler.
The Afterthoughts of a Co-op Manager (2005) –
Truly leads the inquiries into the whereabouts of a tyrannical Co-op Manager.
Lot Number 8 (2005) –
Auntie Wainwright buys something at the auction, but she doesn’t know what it is.
Little Orphan Howard (2005) –
Clegg manages to convince Howard that, contrary to his belief, he was left on a doorstep as a baby.

Season Twenty Seven

Merry Enthwhistle and Jackson Day (2005) –
Truly and Clegg are drawn into Howard’s latest escape plan.
Follow That Bottle (2006) –
Truly and the Boys spot a bottle with a note in it floating down the river.
How to Remove a Cousin (2006) –
Clegg’s cousin Aubrey moves in uninvited, so the Boys help to free him.
Has Anyone Seen Barry’s Midlife Crisis? (2006) –
Barry isn’t having a mid-life crisis, so he goes to see the Vicar about it.
The Genuine Outdoors Robin Hood Barbi (2006) –
Billy takes Clegg, Truly, Alvin and Entwistle into the green wood for a barbecue.
Barry in Danger from Reading and Aunt Jessie (2006) –
Miss Davenport teases Barry, and Alvin is seen with a tall, mysterious blonde.
Who’s That Merry Man With Billy Then (2006) –
Howard wants to learn to fly and Billy is looking for Merry Men.
Who’s That Talking to Lenny (2006) –
Clegg and crew are out for their daily walk when they notice that Lenny is back in town, this time following a strange voice.
Oh Look! Mitzi’s Found Her Mummy (2006) –
Glenda and Barry get dressed up as Cleopatra and an Egyptian Mummy for a fancy dress party.
Plenty of Room in the Back (2006) –
Auntie Wainwright supplies Tom and Smiler with new transport.
A Tale of Two Sweaters (2006) –
Auntie Wainwright gives Tom and Smiler a nice dinner and then empties their pockets in a card game.

Season Twenty Eight

The Second Stag Night of Doggy Wilkinson (2007) –
Doggy is almost 80 and getting married again, so the Boys take him out for his bachelor’s party.
What Happened to the Horse? (2007) –
Truly invents a ghost story that involves a local wooded area.
Variations on a Theme of Road Rage (2007) –
Howard is tired of the bicycle, so he purchases a car.
In Which Howard Gets Double Booked  (2007) –
Howard decides it’s time to take Pearl out for a dinner but Truly invites Marina.
Will The Nearest Alien Please Come In (2007) –
Kevin believes aliens from outer space may have landed.
Elegy for Small Creature and Clandestine Trackbike (2007) –
Howard has purchased a track bike and is desperate to hide it from Pearl.
The Crowcroft Challenge (2007) –
Alvin volunteers to complete the Crowcroft Challenge – a task that has never been completed.
Must Be Good Dancer (2007) –
Smiler answers an ad looking for a dance partner.
In Which Howard Remembers Where He Left His Bicycle Pump (2007) –
The ladies enter a baking contest.
Sinclair And The Wormley Witches (2007) –
Alvin, Truly, and Entwistle are stoned by a stranger and Smiler does some witchcraft.

Season Twenty Nine

Enter the Finger (2008) –
Barry’s fitness-mad neighbour outshines him in all things physical, so how can he even the balance?
Will the Genuine Racer Please Stand Up? (2008) –
Howard disguises himself like a racer to escape Pearl’s eyes.
A Short Introduction to Cooper’s Rules (2008) –
Barry’s is asked to take a retired vicar to lunch with some of the boys.
Is Jeremy Quite Safe? (2008) –
While Tom is cleaning out the back room he discovers a safe, but Auntie can’t remember what’s inside or the combination.
All That Glitters is Not Elvis (2008) –
Alvin and Entwistle conceive a plan to make Elvis appear.
Eva’s Back in Town (2008) –
Eva, a woman from Alvin’s past, finds a way to make Howard’s life even more complicated.
In Which Romance Isn’t Dead – Just Incompetent (2008) –
Howard is given advice on how to romance Pearl again.
The Mischievous Tinkle in Howard’s Eyes (2008) –
Howard wears bells on his legs to restore old traditions.
Of Passion and Pizza (2008) –
Merv has a crush on the pizza lady.
It’s Never Ten Years (2008) –
Clegg and Truly tell Alvin about their old friend Compo and his escapades.
Get Out Of That, Then (2008) –
Lenny is trying out a new show business career as an escapist. 

Season Thirty

I Was A Hitman for Primrose Dairies (2008) –
Clegg hears his new neighbour – ‘Hobbo’ Hobdyke – has strong links to MI5 and the secret service.
Some Adventures of the Inventor of the Mother Stitch (2009) –
Hobbo tries to find a friend for Morton and Barry is depressed when Toby moves next door.
The mother of all mistakes – or is it? (2009) –
Hobbo is determined to trace his natural mother.
Will Howard cross the Atlantic single-handed? (2009) –
Hobbo is sure that Nelly is his natural birth mother.
Who’s that looking sideways at Nelly? (2009) –
Hobbo is the new recipient of Marina’s affections.
Nobody messes with Tony the Throat (2009) –
Where are Pearl and Nelly going every day?
Will Stella find true love with Norris Fairburn? (2009) –
Norris Fairburn is single again.
Will Randolph make a good impression? (2009) –
Hobbo turns up at the river wall with Randolph, who he hopes will bring romance into Stella’s life.
In which romance springs a leak (2009) –
Toby begins to realise the benefits of going back to his ex-wife.
Variations on a theme of Father’s Day (2009) –
Hobbo wants to find out more about Nelly.
Goodnight Sweet Ferret (2009) –
Old Heptonstall is looking for volunteers. Hobbo and his army of volunteers give him a visit.

Season Thirty One

Behind every bush, there is not necessarily a Howard (2010) –
Hobbo enlists the services of his ‘team’ to help Toby win back his ex-wife.
Happy Camping (2010) –
Howard is thrown out of the house, but Clegg shows little sympathy.
The Rights of Man (Except for Howard) (2010) –
Hobbo tells Howard just how to win back Pearl.
Howard and the Great Outdoors (2010) –
Still trying to win back Pearl, Howard pretends that he is a tramp.
Look Whose Wheels Come Off (2010) –
Howard wonders if Pearl still loves him.
How Not to Cry at Weddings (2010) –
Clegg worries that he’s forgotten something important.