About the Series

Genre: US Sci-fi Series
Series: 2
Episodes: 51
First Transmission: 1968-1970
Channel: 20th Century Fox

Land of the Giants was created and produced by Irwin Allen.

The series is set in 1983 and tells the tale of the crew and passengers of transport ship named Spindrift. En route from Los Angeles to London on an ultra-fast sub-orbital flight,  the Spindrift encounters a magnetic space storm and is dragged through a space warp to a mysterious planet where everything is twelve times larger than on Earth. The Spindrift crash-lands, and the resulting damage renders it inoperable.

Gary Conway: Captain Steve Burton
Don Matheson:  Mark Wilson
Stefan Arngrim: Barry Lockridge
Don Marshall:  Dan Erickson
Deanna Lund: Valerie Scott
Heather Young: Betty Hamilton
Kurt Kasznar: Alexander Fitzhugh

Best Episode ( S2 Ep24 )

Wild Journey – Steve and Dan meet with a pair of time travellers from another planet. They use the time-travelling to go back to the day the Spindrift crashed on the planet of the giants to prevent the accident from happening. However, the two time travelers warn them that if they do change history there is a good chance that this time no one will survive.

8 March 1970

Imdb Score [8.5]



Worst Episode ( S2 Ep25 )

Graveyard of Fools – Two Twin evil brothers plan to use an alien device they have found to gain control of the planet.  They need the little people to perform some critical repairs on the device.

22 March 1970

Imdb Score [6.3]