Worst & Best Joe 90 Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: British Supermarionation
Series: 1
Episodes: 30
First Transmission: 1968-1969
Channel: BBC

Joe 90 was a sci-fi Supermarionation series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

The series follows the adventures of a nine-year-old boy, Joe McClaine.  Joe pursues a double life as a superspy when his scientist father invents a device ( the BIGRAT ) capable of duplicating expert knowledge and experience and transferring it to a human mind. Equipped with the skills of the foremost academic and military minds, Joe is recruited by the World Intelligence Network (WIN).

A live-action film adaptation of Joe 90 has been considered more than once since the 1960s but has never been realised.


Best Episode ( S1 Ep14 )

Business Holiday – Joe is sent in to destroy an Army base that has been taken over by enemy forces.

29 December 1968

Imdb Score [7.9]



Worst Episode ( S1 Ep30 )

The Birthday – It is Joe’s 10th birthday, but Mac has already gone to town before Joe wakes up and won’t be back until late.

20 April 1969

Imdb Score – [5.3]



Full Episode List

Key:-  Blue highlighted episodes rated in the top half, brown highlighted episodes rated in the bottom half.


Season One

The Most Special Agent (1968)

Most Special Astronaut (1968)

Project 90 (1968)

Hi-jacked (1968)

Colonel McClaine (1968)

The Fortress (1968)

King for a Day (1968)

International Concerto (1968)

Splashdown (1968)

Big Fish (1968)

Relative Danger (1968)

Operation McClaine (1968)

The Unorthodox Shepherd (1968)

Business Holiday (1968)

Arctic Adventure  (1969)

Double Agent (1969)

Three’s a Crowd (1969)

The Professional (1969)

The Race (1969)

Talkdown (1969)

Breakout (1969)

Child of the Sun God (1969)

See You Down There (1969)

Lone-Handed 90 (1969)

Attack of the Tiger (1969)

Viva Cordova (1969)

Mission X-41 (1969)

Test Flight (1969)

Trial at Sea (1969)

The Birthday (1969)