Worst & Best Joe 90 Episodes/List

Title: Joe 90
Genre: British Supermarionation
Series: 1
Episodes: 30
Runtime: 25 min
First Transmission: 1968-1969
Channel: BBC

Joe pursues a double life as a superspy when his scientist father invents a device ( the BIGRAT ) capable of duplicating expert knowledge and experience and transferring it to a human mind.

Episode Rankings



Best Episode [ S1 Ep14 ]

Business Holiday – Joe is sent in to destroy an Army base that has been taken over by enemy forces.
29 December 1968


Worst Episode [ S1 Ep30 ]

The Birthday – It is Joe’s 10th birthday, but Mac has already gone to town before Joe wakes up and won’t be back until late.
20 April 1969



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Series One

#1 The Most Special Agent (1968) –
Professor Ian McClaine completes his work on the BIG RAT, to WIN agent Sam Loover.
#2 Hi-jacked (1968) –
Joe attempts to thwart Mario Coletti, a ruthless arms runner who sells weapons to the highest bidders.
#3 Splashdown (1968) –
Joe must stop the organisation responsible for the kidnapping of two electronics experts before time runs out for him and his father.
#4 International Concerto (1968) –
Joe takes on the persona of a famous pianist.
#5 Operation McClaine (1968) –
A neurosurgeon is injured, so Joe must save the life of a novelist.
#6 Big Fish (1968) –
A submarine malfunctions in enemy waters and Joe must remove it to prevent political carnage.
#7 Relative Danger (1968) –
Joe becomes an expert explorer to save three miners.
#8 The Unorthodox Shepherd (1968) –
There are unusual disturbances surrounding a church crypt in the days leading up to Christmas.
#9 King for a Day (1968) –
Joe poses as the heir to a Middle Eastern throne as WIN tries to rescue the real prince from kidnappers.
#10 Business Holiday (1968) –
Joe has to destroy an enemy base taken over by rogue forces.
#11 Most Special Astronaut (1968) –
Joe attempts to neutralise Mario Coletti, a ruthless arms runner who sells weapons to the highest bidder.
#12 Three’s a Crowd (1969) –
Joe intervenes when it seems that there is more to Mac’s new girlfriend than meets the eye.
#13 Double Agent (1969) –
Joe unintentionally receives the brain patterns of a double agent.
#14 Arctic Adventure  (1969) –
A nuclear bomb needs to be removed from the Arctic.
#15 The Fortress (1968) –
Joe has to rescue a fellow WIN agent from an impregnable stronghold.
#16 Project 90 (1968) –
Mac is kidnapped.
#17 Colonel McClaine (1968) –
Joe has to transport a dangerous chemical across Africa.
#18 Lone-Handed 90 (1969) –
With the BIG RAT out of action, Joe dreams of life as a sheriff in the Wild West.
#19 The Race (1969) –
Joe is given his father’s brain pattern and they share a dream,
#20 The Professional (1969) –
Joe infiltrates a castle to retrieve a dictator’s gold bullion.
#21 Talkdown (1969) –
Joe takes the place of an injured test pilot.
#22 Breakout (1969) –
A pair of convicts threaten to kill the country’s prime minister unless they are given a generous ransom.
#23 Child of the Sun God (1969) –
World leaders are left paralysed after being attacked with poison darts.
#24 Trial at Sea (1969) –
Joe is given the brain pattern of a terrorist.
#25 Viva Cordova (1969) –
Joe must act as a bodyguard to a new, democratically elected president.
#26 Attack of the Tiger (1969) –
Joe pilots a new fighter-bomber to destroy a nuclear weapons base before a device is placed in orbit to hold the world to ransom.
#27 Mission X-41 (1969) –
Joe tries to steal the antibody for a deadly virus before it can be used to attack the West.
#28 Test Flight (1969) –
Joe investigates whether the crash of a prototype spaceplane was an accident or sabotage.
#29 See You Down There (1969) –
An exploitative businessman is compelled to change his ways after he is bewildered by Joe 90’s multitude of brain patterns.
#30 The Birthday (1969) –
Joe reaches his tenth birthday and celebrates with his friends as they reminisce over his many adventures.