Worst & Best Goodies Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: UK Comedy Series
Series: 9
Episodes: 76
First Transmission: 1970-1982
Channel: BBC/ITV

The Goodies is a British television comedy series shown in the 1970s and early 1980s.

The structure of the series revolves around the trio of Bill, Tim and Eddie, collectively knowns as “The Goodies.”  Always short of money, they offer themselves for hire — with the tagline “We Do Anything, Anytime” — usually performing ridiculous but generally benevolent tasks.  Many episodes parodied current events, such as an episode where the entire black population of South Africa emigrates to Great Britain to escape apartheid.

Bill Oddie: Bill
Graeme Garden: Graeme
Tim Brooke-Taylor: Tim


Best Episode ( S2 Ep7 )

Kitten Kong –  The Goodies’ veterinary clinic takes in a 23-year-year-old kitten named Twinkle, who grows into a giant and attacks the city when he is fed a growth serum.

12 November 1971

Imdb Score [9.2]



Worst Episode ( S2 Ep10 )

Women’s Lib – Bill calls the Women’s Liberation army after hearing sexism from Graeme and Tim. Barbara comes to Goodies HQ and threatens to rough the boys up. She sends them to her father’s home to work as domestics, dressed as women,  so they can get an insight into the life of a woman. Tim and Graeme become very confused.

17 December 1971

Imdb Score – [5.8]


Full Episode List

Key:-  Blue highlighted episodes rated in the top half, brown highlighted episodes rated in the bottom half.


Season One

Tower of London (1970)

Snooze (1970)

Give Police a Chance (1970)

Caught in the Act (1970)

The Greenies (1970)

Cecily (1970)

Radio Goodies (1970)



Season Two

Scotland (1971)

Commonwealth Games (1971)

Pollution (1971)

The Lost Tribe (1971)

The Music Lovers (1971)

Culture for the Masses (1971)

Kitten Kong (1971)

Come Dancing (1971)

Farm Fresh Food (1971)

Women’s Lib (1971)

Gender Education (1971)

Charity Bounce (1972)

The Baddies (1972)


Season Three

The New Office (1973)

Hunting Pink (1973)

Winter Olympics (1973)

That Old Black Magic (1973)

For Those in Peril on the Sea (1973)

Way Outward Bound (1973)

Superstar (1973)


Season Four

Camelot (1973)

Invasion of the Moon Creatures (1973)

Hospital for Hire (1973)

The Goodies and the Beanstalk (1973)

The Stone Age (1973)

Goodies in the Nick (1974)

The Race (1974)


Season Five

The Movies (1975)

Clown Virus (1975)

Chubbie Chumps (1975)

Wacky Wales (1975)

Frankenfido (1975)

Scatty Safari (1975)

Kung Fu Kapers (1975)

Lighthouse Keeping Loonies (1975)

Rome Antics (1975)

Fleet Street Goodies (1975)

South Africa (1975)

Bunfight at the OK Tea Rooms (1975)

The End (1975)


Season Six

Lips, or Almighty Cod (1976)

Hype Pressure (1976)

Daylight Robbery on the Orient Express (1976)

Black and White Beauty (1976)

It Might as Well Be String (1976)

2001 and a Bit (1976)

The Goodies Almost Live (1976)


Season Seven

Alternative Roots (1977)

Dodonuts (1977)

Scoutrageous (1977)

Punky Business (1977)

Royal Command (1977)

Earthanasia (1977)


Season Eight

Goodies and Politics (1980)

Saturday Night Grease (1980)

A Kick in the Arts (1980)

U-Friend or UFO? (1980)

Animals (1980)

War Babies (1980)


Season Nine

Snow White 2 (1981)

Robot (1982)

Football Crazy (1982)

Big Foot (1982)

Change of Life (1982)

Holiday (1982)

Animals Are People Too (1982)