Best Episode

Going Home – Fletch is finally released – and on the train home meets Mr Mackay, who tells him he will soon have to retire and is off to London to look for a new job. Oaksey and  Tanner board the train. They have robbed a jewellers and think they can persuade Fletch to mind the bag for them. However, a misunderstanding leaves Mackay believing the bag is  his.

Imdb Score – [8.5]


Worst Episode 

Going Sour – Fletch is still without work. Fletch explains to his probation officer that he was going to work in a cardboard box factory but his wife Isobel ran off with the owner. Fletch plans to dig up some loot he buried in a turnip field before his imprisonment but when he gets to the field he sees a massive housing estate.

Imdb Score [7.9]