Worst & Best Ever Decreasing Circles Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: UK Sitcom
Series: 5
Episodes: 27
First Transmission: 1984-1989
Channel: BBC

Ever Decreasing Circles was written by John Esmonde and Bob Larbey.

Martin Bryce lives in a quiet suburban close with his wife, Anne. He organises the leisure time of all of the other inhabitants of the close, running many societies and doing “good works”. He’s is quite happy with his lot until Paul Ryman moves in next door. Paul is a successful businessman, running his own hairdressing salon and he brings out Martin’s innate inferiority complex to hilarious effect.

Other regular characters are Howard Hughes and his wife Hilda, a rather staid couple who tend to wear identical sweaters.

Richard Briers
: Martin Bryce
Penelope Wilton: Bob Grant
Peter Egan: Paul Ryman
Stanley Lebor: Howard Hughes


Best Episode [ S2 Ep4 ]

Housework – Ann is in hospital, leaving Martin to manage at home by himself. He plans everything down to the finest detail, but the best-laid plans soon turn into disaster.

11 November 1984

Imdb Score [9.1]


Worst Episode [ S3 Ep5 ]

The Campaign – Ann is campaigning for support for OU students. Martin thinks it’s a plot by the Kremlin. Will it affect his attempts to join a local club?

28 September 1986

Imdb Score – [7.8]



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Season One

The New Neighbour (1984) –

Taking Over (1984) –

A Strange Woman (1984) –

Holiday Plans (1984) –

Vicars And Tarts (1984) –

Season Two

The Tea Party (1984) –

The Cricket Match (1984) –

A Married Man (1984) –

Housework (1984) –

Snooker (1984) –

Boredom (1984) –

The Psychiatrist (1984) –

The Party (1984) –

Season Three

Manure (1986) –

One Night Stand (1986) –

House To Let (1986) –

Local Hero (1986) –

The Campaign (1986) –

Cavaliers and Roundheads (1986) –

Season Four

Relaxation (1987) –

Goodbye, Paul? (1987) –

Stuck In A Loft (1987) –

Neighbourhood Watch (1987) –

The Footpath (1987) –

Jumping to Conclusions (1987) –

Half An Office (1987) –

Moving On (1989) –